December 2018 Newsletter

Principal and Vice Principal’s Message

I would like to take this opportunity in the last newsletter of 2018 to thank all of you for another great start to the school year. The first four months flew by and so much has been accomplished. As always, staff presented many opportunities for your children to grow as individuals. I take enormous pride in the staff and the number of things they do outside of regular classroom instruction to create an environment that allows your children to thrive. Indeed, I look forward to continuing to work alongside staff to cultivate the outstanding learning environment that has become a hallmark of tradition at École Anne Hathaway School. In addition, I look forward to continuing to work in partnership with all of you and the community as we strive to educate the whole child. For all of our students, there is no doubt in my mind that over the next six months of the school year, they will continue to be immersed in a rich program that challenges them to reach their fullest potential. It is always our hope to have students realize that success in reaching their potential ultimately lies within each one of them if they chose to take advantage of all the school has to offer. Finally, I would like to wish all of you and yours a very safe and joyous Holiday Season!

Christmas Concert

This year, École Anne Hathaway School will be presenting, Holiday Hoedown, for our annual holiday concert. All students in Kindergarten through Grade 6 will be participating in this spectacle on Tuesday, Dec. 11 and Wednesday, Dec. 12 at 12 noon. The performance should not be more than an hour long.

For families who are coming over their lunch breaks, food is welcome to be consumed in the gym. We will be selling bagged lunches for $5 for your convenience. An order form was sent home last week for those who wish to take advantage of this opportunity. For those bringing their own lunch, please remember that we are a nut free facility.

Should you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Pearson, Music Teacher (

Christmas Break

Please note our last day of classes before the Christmas Break is Friday, December 21st and classes resume on Monday, January 7th. The staff at Anne Hathaway would like to wish all of our families an excellent break.

Inclement Weather

There is no doubt we will see snow in the near future. As such, it is important to review procedures on how to get the latest inclement weather updates. Simply visit the HPSTS website (, and follow the HPSTS Twitter feed and Facebook page for cancellations and/or updates.          Account:  @HPSTS

French Immersion Registration

Registration forms for Grade 1 French Immersion are now available in Stratford and area elementary school offices. Forms are due to the office by January 31st, 2019.

Grade 1 is the only entry point for French immersion unless you have attended a French immersion program elsewhere. For more information call Bedford PS at 519-273-1190 Anne Hathaway PS at 519-271-8576.

Outdoor Clothing

Winter weather has arrived which brings with it cold temperatures, snow and often wet conditions on the yard. Students are highly encouraged to dress appropriately in warmer outerwear, including snow pants. Please note that due to the busyness in the office and the need to keep phone lines open, students will not be permitted to call home for a change of clothing. Instead, all students are reminded to dress appropriately for the weather and, if necessary, keep a change of clothes at school.

 Message to Parents from the Foundation

For Education

We know that some of you like to give gifts of appreciation at this time of year. Perhaps you’re wondering what gift to give to that special teacher, custodian, bus driver, principal or secretary?

The Foundation for Education has a unique answer for you, A Gift To Honour.

With a Gift to Honour you can choose to make a donation in someone’s honour and 100% of that donation will be designated for a project within your own school.

Here is the process:

  1. Fill out the Gift to Honour & Tax Receipt Information. This can be found at your school or online at
  1. Attach a cheque for your chosen amount. The cheque must be made payable to the Foundation For Education who will issue a charitable tax receipt for the full amount.
  1. Return this Form and cheque to your school to be forwarded to the Foundation.
  1. Pick up a Gift to Honour card at the school and fill out for the child to hand to the person receiving the card.

Communicating with Children

Using Math Language

Talking about mathematics with your child – whatever his or her age – helps strengthen his or her mathematical reasoning and understanding.  Some ways to keep the talk engaged and focused while you support your child include:

  1. Revoice– Repeat what you heard your child say, then ask for clarification (e.g., “So you are saying it’s an odd number?”).
  2. Repeat/Restate – Ask your child to restate your reasoning (e.g., “Can you repeat what I said in your own words?”).
  3. Reason– Ask your child to apply his or her own reasoning to someone else’s reasoning (e.g., “Do you agree or disagree? Tell me why.”).
  4. Adding On– Prompt your child to participate further (e.g., “What more would you add to that?”).
  5. Think Time– Wait several seconds (try five) to give your child time to think (e.g., “Take some time to think.”). You may be surprised by how hard it is to stay silent in that time!

How to Prevent Holiday Stress and Anxiety in Children

Holidays are great but they can be stressful for everybody, including children. Here are some tips to help manage the stress of the busy season.

  1. Adults can set a calm example for children.
  2. Set up conditions for good behaviour. Avoid heading out to places if your child is hungry or overtired.
  3. Remember the importance of routines. If you are out late one night, try to have a calm day the next and get to bed at a normal time.
  4. Watch what they are eating. As difficult as it can be during the holiday season, try to balance out a child’s holiday diet with some healthy snacks and meals.
  5. Get your child moving. Exercise is essential for all of us as we manage stress. Encourage your child to get outside for some fresh air and run around playing.
  6. Try to avoid overscheduling. Kids especially appreciate some down time at home, particularly time to play with their new things they received for Christmas.
  7. Schedule some quiet time. After busy days, it is nice to give your child some time to lay low at home.
  8. Most importantly, enjoy the holidays!