December 2018 Newsletter

Principal’s Message

Wishing you and yours a happy holiday, and all the best in 2019! School ends Friday, December 21. School resumes on Monday, January 7, 2019.

The Operetta is upon us! Beginning in September Mr. Mac began planning, running auditions, and shortly thereafter the set started to take shape. Junior students have been arriving early, using recesses, and staying after school learning lines and songs and dances for Madagascar. Many staff and community members have been heavily involved helping the process along the way.

The culmination of all this work is Operetta Week, with performances from December 11-14. Even if your child is not a part of Madagascar this year because they are not yet in Grades 4-6, we encourage you to buy tickets and enjoy this event together. Our younger students’ eyes are opened to possibilities when they see their schoolmates achieving so much—these performances can awaken lofty aspirations!

Avon School Council

School Council is a great way to get to know other parents, provide input on school decisions, and work together to support students’ learning. Our next meeting is: Monday, January 28, 2019 at 6:30 p.m.

We invite all Avon parents who wish to get involved to attend. We also have child care available at the school during our meetings.

Parents as Partners

Self-regulation is a very important skill for everyone to develop. It is also one of the Learning Skills teachers comment on in progress reports. Self-regulation helps students stay focused at school and throughout the day. Here are some strategies to work on at home:

• Make sure your child gets enough sleep at night.
• Always encourage healthy eating and make sure your child gets exercise outside of school hours.
• Limit video games and watching T.V., especially close to bedtime.
• De-stress homework time. Let your child chew sugarless gum or sugarless treats while working.
• Spend time with your child and model for them self-regulation when situations come up.
• Learn the triggers that may cause your child to become upset and teach them strategies on how to deal with the issues. – Today’s Parent

Remember, read with your child every day. Talk about what they are reading at home, and at school. Be a role model and let your child see you enjoy reading.

Food Allergy Reminder

Remember to only send food within our allergy guidelines. No peanuts, tree nuts, kiwi fruit, fish, seafood, raw or undercooked eggs or anything made from these products. Thanks for your help keeping everyone safe and healthy!

Character Virtue for December

The character virtue for December is compassion: showing care and consideration, having kind feelings towards someone who is hurt or troubled. It is helping others.

Cold Weather is Coming and Students Need to Wear Warmer Clothes

The weather is changing and temperatures are dropping. Please make sure your child comes to school dressed for the weather. Students need to wear snowpants or splashpants to go on the field. Please put your child’s name on their clothes so if items are lost we can find who they belong to. We also currently have many, many items in our lost and found. If you are missing any clothing items please come check the lost and found.

January Food Order Reminder

The January 2019 food order will be available on SchoolCash from December 10 through 17.

Avon on the Internet

You can “follow” Avon on Twitter. Learn about events that are happening at Avon and get weather delay and cancellation updates:

Visit our school website. Our school calendar is located on our school website under the Calendar tab.

The Flu Shot

Influenza (or the flu) is a respiratory illness that can spread quickly from person to person, especially children. The flu shot is free and is recommended for everyone over six months of age. The flu shot is available at community flu shot clinics, your family doctor’s office and at select pharmacies (for people over 5 years and older).

Fundraising Efforts and the Foundation for Education

Thank you for your support of our school and the ongoing Natural Learning Projects at Avon.
Some families may feel they want to support the school but don’t find the fundraisers the best vehicle to do so. For this purpose, you can also make donations through the Foundation for Education, and for any amounts more than $20 you will receive a tax receipt. Please indicate that your donation goes back to Avon PS. Please call the office for more details.

French Immersion Information Night and Registration 2019

Registration forms for Grade 1 French Immersion are now available in Stratford and area elementary school offices. Parents interested in obtaining information regarding French Immersion may attend an information session on Tuesday, December 4th, 2018 – 6pm at Bedford Public School, 59 Bedford Drive, Stratford, Ontario.

Registration forms are available at schools in the Stratford area during school hours or from the Bedford/Anne Hathaway School offices. Registration forms are due to the Bedford or Anne Hathaway office by January 31, 2019.

Grade 1 is the only entry point for French immersion unless you have attended a French Immersion program elsewhere. For more information call Bedford PS at 519-273-1190 or Anne Hathaway PS at 519-271-8576.