June 2019 Newsletter

Principal’s Message

June is upon us! I have truly enjoyed working with our wonderful students, talented and dedicated staff and supportive parents. Thank You!

Avonfest – June 5

Avonfest is here! It will be Wednesday, June 5 from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. The Avonfest committee has been hard at work getting everything ready for Wednesday night. Thank you for your support with items for the Ring Toss, Silent Auction, and your participation on Wednesday!

Congratulations Mr. McIntosh

Mr. McIntosh was recently awarded with the first Education Music Award from the Stratford Summer Music Festival! Mr. McIntosh was recognized for his ongoing excellence in teaching Avon students through music classes, annual operetta, school choirs, and the Kiwanis Music Festival. A great recognition for a very talented and dedicated educator!

Music & Art 4 Mental Health

On May 9 Avon hosted a second annual Music & Art 4 Mental Health, sponsored by the Huron Perth Centre. The evening consisted of students displaying art work and performing their special talents like singing and dancing. Thank you to Ms. Rose for organizing this special event!

Junior Techno Challenge

In May, six of our junior students took part in a Board wide Technology Challenge, in Seaforth. Students were given a variety of science and technology tasks to complete and were judged against students from other schools. Avon students finished in third place!

September 2019 Class Organization

At this time of year, the principal, in consultation with the staff, considers the most effective groupings of students (class placements) for instruction, for all students, for the upcoming school year. Principals and staff consider a range of factors, including, but not limited to, the academic, emotional and potential social benefits or concerns when placing a child in a given class. Due to the transition of students in and out of the community, during the summer months, student placements will be announced the first day of school in September. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Please note for the first day of school in September teachers will be on the yard and class lists will be posted on the back wall of the school. At the entry bell students will line up outside, in their classes, and then proceed to their homerooms. If it is raining that morning students will proceed to the gym where they will be organized in their classes. A welcome back assembly for students will be held later in the morning.
There will be one more short newsletter coming home the last week of school with information about next year’s school organization.

Thank You to Our Wonderful Volunteers!

An enormous ‘Thank You’ from students and staff to our wonderful volunteers! You have made such a positive impact with your dedicated time and energy. You are truly appreciated! If you volunteered at Avon you are invited to attend the volunteer appreciation Thank You assembly on Wednesday, June 19 at 2:30. We look forward to thanking you!

Character Education

The character virtue for June is Integrity. Integrity is standing up for what you believe is right, and living by your highest values. Integrity is also: cooperation, helpfulness, justice, creativity and modesty.

Last Day of School and Report Cards

The last instructional day for this school year will be Thursday, June 27. Report cards will go home on Wednesday, June 26 and page 3 must be returned to the school by Thursday, June 27.

Avon School Council

Thank you to our School Council members. Their dedication in providing support and input on school matters is greatly appreciated! Please find the time to join Council, next year. We need more members. Council members give valuable input into school operations and fundraise to support students’ learning.

This year, School Council was responsible for:

  • Along with a donation from the Stratford Rotary Club the purchase of the new kindergarten mini log-jam play structure.
  • Purchasing paint for the re-painting of the school yard blacktop games
  • Purchasing a new bike rack
  • Subsidized childcare for parent council meetings
  • Subsidized police checks for our school volunteers
  • Assisted in bringing speaker/author Barbara Coloroso to Stratford to present
  • Organizing the annual Glow-Dance
  • Organizing Avonfest

The next Council meeting will be Monday, September 16 at 6:30 p.m.

PA Day – No School for Students

The next P.A. Day is Friday, June 7. There will be no school for students.

Foundation for Education

I would like to thank the Foundation for Education. The Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides enrichment opportunities for our students and compliments what is taught in classes. The Foundation has provided several free workshops for our students this year.

Health Unit – Sun Safe Tips for Children

The most harmful effects of sun exposure occur during childhood. Cloudy days are no exception! Up to 80% of the sun’s rays can penetrate light clouds, mist and fog. Remember sun protection is needed whenever the UV Index is 3 or greater. Here are ways to protect your child’s skin:

  • Swimmers should use waterproof sunscreens, formulated to stay on in water for up to 80 minutes.
  • For children allergic or intolerant to the chemicals in sunscreens, use products labelled “chemical free”. These usually contain ingredients such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide and are much less likely to cause a reaction.
    Information source: Canadian Dermatology Association

Grade 6 Graduation

Grade 6 Graduation will be on Wednesday, June 26, from 5:00 – 6:00 p.m.

Track and Field Day

Track and Field Day for our grade 3 – 6 students was Thursday, May 16. Over 200 students had a terrific day and it was wonderful to hear them cheering each other on and displaying great sportsmanship. As well, it was terrific to see parents and grandparents supporting our students throughout the day. Best of luck to those students who will represent Avon at the Regional Track and Field Day on June 11.

A huge thank-you to Ms. Taylor, for organizing the track and field day for our students. Thank you to Avon staff and volunteers for running events and thank you to recent Avon graduates for helping out with events as well.

Kindergarten Registration – It’s Not Too Late

We are still taking registrations for September for kindergarten students. If you have a child who is eligible for kindergarten, or know of any in your neighbourhood, please call the school at 519-271-2905 to set up a time that you can come in and pick up a registration package.

Are You Moving out of Avon School Area Next Year or Wanting to Register a Student?

In order for the school to effectively organize classes for next year we need to know if students are not returning to Avon for the 2019-2020 school year. Please contact the office if you are moving over the summer and your child(ren) will be attending a different school.

If you are registering a student for next year please contact the office as soon as possible.

Food Allergy Reminder

Remember to only send food within our allergy guidelines. No peanuts, tree nuts, kiwi fruit, fish, seafood, raw or undercooked eggs or anything made from these products.
Thanks for your help keeping everyone safe and healthy!

2019-2020 Bussing

Letter from Huron Perth Student Transportation Services