Natural Learning

At Avon, we know that our playground space is a community space, one that is used and loved by people who live throughout Stratford. With a long history of educating the whole student, we understand how important connections to the environment are to our own health and the health of our planet. We want all our students to have opportunities to explore nature and appreciate this delicate balance that we need to respect and protect.

The spring was an exciting time for our natural learning project, with the wildflower labyrinth going in, planting of new flowers to attract all kinds of fauna to our space, and the long grasses beginning to take hold once again. Every single child in our school contributed in some way to this space this year, be it through watering, planting flowers and trees, digging, moving rocks, planning and preparing, picking up litter, and so much more. Our aim is to keep working to diversify this space as much as possible, creating a truly naturalized space for children and families to enjoy during the school day and after school hours.

Avonfest once again moved our community one step closer to the log jam climber and play apparatus that we are raising funds to build. Built into the landscape, surrounded by trees, with small hills and bridges connecting it to the rest of the playground, this climber will be unlike anything we have seen in our community.

We invite participation from the entire Stratford community in creating this wonderful  environment for all to enjoy! Please visit the link below to see Earthscape’s design video, and visit the Earthscape website to see other projects with similar goals.

Please contact the school at 519 271 2905 at any time to ask questions, become a part of the planning committee, or to donate towards this long-term venture.