Home of the Bulldogs

Home of the Bulldogs

Welcome to Ecole Bedford Public School! We are a JK to grade 6, dual-track, French Immersion/English school located on the north side of the Avon River in Stratford. We are a caring and connected community of learners comprised of 440 students and 44 staff who aspire to BE the best we can BE!

At Bedford, we continue our focus on the environment, outdoor learning and the greening of Bedford’s schoolyard. It has been a delight to see students running around the growing Bed-forest, wandering through the wildflowers gardens and leaping over the learning logs. Much appreciation goes out to our staff and community partners who have supported the development of these spectacular destinations. Over the past year, relaxed recess play and intentional learning lessons have begun to occur in these spaces daily. A number of our classes participate in regular offsite Outdoor School days.

This year, a new vision to further Bedford’s positive school climate, is unfolding. Our plan, inspired by our Bulldog mascot, and the AMDSB Strategic Plan, is to create multi-grade PACKs where different aged students learn together.

  • P- Problem solving
  • A- Active participation
  • C- Collaboration, Communication, creativity and critical thinking
  • K- Kindness

Packs will participate monthly in activities, focusing on learning skills, positive character traits and creating a safe and caring school. In addition, there will be many opportunities for students to grow as leaders. We encourage everyone to get involved in this or the many other extra-curricular events throughout the year.

The role of parents and volunteers is very important at Bedford.   We have a large dedicated group who actively participate in our School Council, tutoring programs and field trips just to name a few. We greatly appreciate and value the contributions of our parents and community members and hope everyone will continue to find their special way to BE-long. Thank you in advance for joining in, and enriching our community as we aspire to BE the best we can BE!

Ruth Lovell, Principal.