June 2018 Newsletter

Principal’s Message

During my many years as a classroom teacher, I loved June – not because July was around the corner (well maybe a little bit) but because it is the time when we reflect on the incredible growth in students throughout the year. We set individual and class goals in September and often again in the new year and for Term 2. Ultimately we want each child to make at least one year’s academic growth in the school year. Day to day progress is exciting but tends to be in smaller increments. The end of the school year is when we evaluate how the year went. It is the equivalent of the ritual we have as parents of marking our children’s height on the wall!

Now as Principal, I miss that privilege of seeing this academic growth up close. I realize more than ever however that it is important not only to celebrate the academic success and growth but also the efforts our students put forth every day to make this happen and the growth they also show in their learning skills and interpersonal skills. I love to celebrate with children how they are more able to control their emotions, or arrive on time daily, or cooperate with their peers, or lose the soccer game gracefully. By naming and noticing these skills, as well as their reading, writing and math, we validate their importance to overall student growth. “Keep up the good work” is so important, but especially if we are clear about what that good work is so children are proud of what they have accomplished. Each and every one of our students has areas of growth to be proud of and this we celebrate as we head into the last few weeks of the year.

Ruth Lovell

Staff Departures

We have a couple teachers who are leaving us for the fall.

Mme. Ilowski will be transferring to Anne Hathaway PS.

Mr. Powers is transferring to Bluewater Coast Elementary for September. He is taking a parental leave for the month of June so his actual last day of work at Bedford is May 31.

We wish both of them the best in their next adventures.

School Council

My name is Shellie Buckley; I am the outgoing chair of the Bedford Parent Council. My son, Jack, started at Bedford in grade 1 in the French Immersion program six years ago and will graduate next month. When he first came to Bedford it was a big change for us.

Bedford is a large school, the largest elementary school in Stratford. I was used to a very small school where we knew everyone and always felt welcome. In an effort to feel that sense of community again I started volunteering in Jack’s class. As students age they need less class volunteers but I wanted to maintain my school involvement so I started attending Parent Council meetings.  Parent Council, and its various committees, does so much great work. Parent Council funds the fun stuff of a school! Meetings are held once a month in the evening and much of the volunteering time is in the evening which was easier for me with my work schedule.

Parent Council has one big fundraiser per year – Family Fun Night. The proceeds from that event fund the work of the council for the following year. Council has purchased in my time: a class set of guitars, paid for the yearly electives program for the juniors, paid bussing for sports and other trips, purchased a new piano and sound system for the gym and so much more!

My husband and I believe it takes a village to raise a child and that is why we volunteer at the school and various teams. Many of the things I do has no direct impact on my son but I believe that if the school experience is better for everyone it will have a positive impact for Jack.  Please consider getting involved with Bedford Parent Council, on the main council or perhaps one of the committees (Outdoor Learning or Family Fun Night) and help keep Bedford  Public School the best school in Stratford! The Council meetings are noted in the monthly Bedford newsletter so keep an eye there and come out. If you have any questions please email at shelbuckley@rogers.com.

Kind Regards, Shellie Buckley.

Our first council meeting in September will be September 11th and will be a more informal opportunity to find out what council does and get to know each other. We will also have a tour of the school itself. Formal elections for executive positions will be held October 2nd. A number of our key executive positions, (including Chair) are open at the moment. Please consider volunteering in some capacity on Council in the fall.**

The following are the roles of members from AP 113. The full Administrative Procedure related to School Councils, and the nomination forms are in the AP 113.

Members and their Duties

10.1 Chair

The chair of the School Council shall:

  1. a) Call School Council meetings;
  2. b) Prepare the agenda for School Council meetings, in consultation with the principal;
  3. c) Chair School Council meetings;
  4. d) Ensure that the minutes of School Council meetings are recorded, maintained and distributed;
  5. e) Participate in information and training programs;
  6. f) Communicate with the principal;
  7. g) Ensure that there is regular communication with the school community; and
  8. h) Consult with senior board staff and trustees, as required. 1

10.2 Vice-Chair

The vice-chair will assume the duties of the chair as appropriate.

10.3 Council Members The members of the School Council shall:

  1. a) Participate in School Council meetings; AMDSB Administrative Procedure Page 6 of 19 No. 113: School Councils Revised August 2012
  2. b) Participate in information and training programs;
  3. c) Act as a link between the School Council and the community; and
  4. d) Encourage the participation of all parents and of other people within the school community.


Bicycling to school is excellent exercise. Just a reminder that the law says all children under the age of 16 must wear a helmet, and we expect them to when riding to and from school. We also strongly encourage students to lock up their bikes here at school.


Thank you to all the parents who made donations through our milk and pizza orders online. This month $168 was donated!

Book Fair

I would like to thank everyone who came to the book fair, we had $2100.00 in profit and I selected that in books to put into the library!! Mrs. L


This is a reminder to please check your library books before returning to them to the Stratford Public Library.  We receive frequent calls from them informing us that Bedford’s books have been dropped off there.


For upcoming events, please see the school website calendar.

Grade 4, 5 and 6 Health

Students in Grades 4, 5 and 6 classes will complete the Human Development and Sexual Health portion of the curriculum on June 5th and 6th. Students will be divided up by grade and gender for these lessons (ie. All grade 4 girls together, all grade 4 boys together etc.). By providing you with the dates, it gives families the chance to dialogue about lessons after school. Curriculum information for parents will be sent home with each grade. If you have any questions, please contact the homeroom teacher.

Grade 6 Celebration

Grade 6 parents, mark Wednesday June 27 at 1:00 p.m. on your calendars. The celebration will occur in the Bedford gym at 1, with a dress rehearsal in the morning.

Bedford 50

Bedford Public School opened in September 1967, making this our 50th year! In light of this we have an “Open House” for former staff and students Saturday, June 2 from 1-4 p.m. Please spread the news and come to join us!

Caribou Math

Congratulations to our Grade 3-6 Mathletes who wrote the final Caribou Math Contest on May 3rd.  In first place for the Grade 3/4 contest was Noah in Mme Capron and Mrs. McKee’s Grade 3/4 class. Piers in Mme Harrison’s Grade 3 class placed second. Ben in Mme Capron’s Grade 4 class placed 3rd.   For the 5/6 contest, 1st place goes to Sohan in Mrs. Johnson’s class.  Sean from Mme Quinn’s class placed 2nd and Saleh from Mme Ilowski’s class placed 3rd.

The Caribou Cup results are comprised of an average of 6 contests. For the grade 3/4 Caribou Cup, Ben in Mme Capron’s grade 4 class was first overall, Noah in Mme Capron and Mrs. McKee’s class was second overall, and Piers in Mme Harrison’s grade 3 class placed 3rd overall.  For the grade 5/6 Caribou Cup, Sohan in Mrs. Johnson’s class was 1st overall, Sean from Mme Quinn’s class placed 2nd overall, and Saleh from Mme Ilowski’s class placed 3rd overall for the school.

Stratford Central – Stratford Northwestern Renovations/Updates

Just a friendly reminder that if you would like to provide input regarding the changes coming to Stratford Central and Stratford Northwestern, there is an opportunity on the Avon Maitland District School Board website. There is also a form on the site for anyone who would like to register to join a sub-committee that will provide further input. We understand the disruption for families will be significant for the 2019/2020 school year, but the positive outcome will be integrated programming with enhanced options for students.

Marker Recycling

Mrs. McKee’s class is collecting dried out markers to recycle. They will be sending them away to be turned in to sustainable fuel.  If you have any old markers at home send them in or deposit them in the bin in the front hall.

Family Fun Night

Thanks to everyone who came out for Family Fun Night—loads of fun was had by all! I want to thank the event coordinators and helpers who put in a tremendous amount of time and effort to make this evening as amazing as it is – Amy H, Samantha V, Cheryl M, Kim G, Nancy O, Rebecca C, Shellie B, Carolyn D, Janis A, Joan G and Mandy V! Thanks for all that you do!  Thank you to all the volunteers, teachers, students, parents and graduates, who are needed to run this event, as well as Mrs. Lovell who was Council’s event contact and helped wherever needed.  Thanks to all the families and businesses who donated items. Thank you to our generous sponsor Belfour Restorations for the sponsorship and volunteers to run the BBQ—much appreciated!!  I hope all the kids and families enjoyed the evening!

Looking ahead to next year – We have a number of coordinator/helper positions that will need filling due to students graduating. The more people that help, the less work there is for everyone! If you are interested in helping out you can contact Mandy Voyce through Facebook or e-mail  MandyVoyce@hotmail.com.

Jump Rope for Heart

On May 16th, all the students at Bedford participated in our annual Jump Rope for Heart event. The Jump Rope for Heart program teaches children how to keep fit and healthy, all while having fun and raising funds for heart and stroke research.  Students skipped in their packs outside. It was a beautiful day to be outdoors. Thank you to everyone who donated by sending in money or by donating online. Thanks to the generosity of our school community, the Bedford Bulldogs raised  $10,600 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation!

Wildflower Garden

We are working to extend our current wildflower garden in the back field at Bedford as part of our outdoor learning space. We are looking for host and nectar plants for butterflies and bees such as  Pearly Everlasting, Milkweed, Black-Eyed Susan, Beebalm, Coneflower, Columbine, Goldenrod, Phlox, Daisies, Blazing Star, Aster, Lavender, and Yarrow.

If you have any of these perennials you are willing to divide and donate to be transplanted or if you have seeds, please send a note to school with your child for Mrs. McKee, listing what you are willing to donate, contact number or your e-mail address.

Arrival and Dismissal

We realize this is a busy time of year as classes are winding down however our school day starts at 9:05am and finishes at 3:25 pm. We have many students arriving late and leaving early and this is very disruptive to classes.  We ask in this last month especially with so many yearend trips happening that students arrive on time and leave at dismissal.  If your student is going to be late or picked up early please remember to call the office to let us know.