November 2018 Newsletter

Principal’s Message

The third week of November is set aside as Bullying Prevention and Awareness Week in Ontario. We currently have a very enthusiastic group of grade 5 and 6 students who are working on plans for this week, and more importantly, ways to make long lasting impact on students at Bedford. There will be a focus on identifying what really is bullying and what students as individuals can do to help. Stay tuned for more detailed information as the week draws closer as this is a very important topic that we hope will prompt dialogue in families at home. (The results from last year’s survey will be shared at this month’s School Council meeting…anyone is welcome to attend.)

Rainy Days

We try very hard to get outside for fresh air, even when it is raining. (You can imagine the cabin fever when we have to keep all 466 of them indoors all day!) Please send children dressed for the weather with a rain coat and boots as we will be out there unless it is raining hard (and not in the case of a thunderstorm of course.) Umbrellas are great for walking to school but not helpful on the yard at recess as it is just too congested.

In the mornings, on very rainy days, students should try hard not to arrive before 8:50 when supervision starts in our halls. If they do get here early, they should come in the front doors and all students and parents should wait in the front lobby until that 8:50 supervision bell when they can proceed to the halls by their classrooms.


It is just a matter of time before this starts flying! Just a reminder that in the case of inclement weather, Bedford almost always stays open. Buses usually run in town but sometimes are cancelled out of town. This year most of our bus routes have both rural and town students riding. In the case where rural routes are cancelled (or delayed for fog), the part of the route that runs in town will still run as usual. If buses do not run in the morning, they never run after school so parents who drive students to school because buses are cancelled need to make arrangements to pick up at 3:25.

We will make announcements about cancellations as early as we know but this does vary depending on the circumstances. The most reliable sources for this information are:

If you are not certain whether your child’s bus stop will be affected by rural cancellations, please feel free to call the school and we can give you this information so you are prepared ahead of time.

Fire Lane

Please remember that our front driveway is a fire lane at all times. Visitors should never be parking in it, but in particular when we have events on at the school, as it compromises the safety of all those attending (concerts, interview nights etc.)

Our front driveway is also our bus loading and drop-off zone. You cannot pass a school bus in this area so if you are behind one and it pulls in, you will need to wait for it to leave.

School Council

School Council meets November 15 at 6:30 p.m. in the staff room. All are welcome to attend!

Remembrance Day

With Remembrance Day falling on the week-end this year, we will hold our school assembly on Friday, November 9 at 10:30 a.m. The grade 2-4 choir and the grade 5/6 choir will be performing.

Mark your calendars

Barbara Coloroso is booked to speak February 11 at the Rotary Complex for free. Barbara is an internationally renowned author and speaker who has written a number of books on discipline, bullying, grieving, to name a few topics. Bedford and five other area schools have joined together to facilitate this exciting event. Parents Reaching Out grant was applied for last spring, but all funds are currently on hold at the ministry level. We are most grateful to the Kiwanis Club who has stepped forward to cover the cost so that we do not have to cancel the event. Stay tuned for more information about this.

Power Outages

If you have been around the building lately you will have noticed there is work going on. We are getting a hydro upgrade. We hope that this work will be completed this Friday, November 2 – hence we are not open on the PA day for interviews or any other business. There will be a significant hydro shut down. During this time our phones will not be able to accept messages either. Please wait until Sunday to leave messages regarding absences for Monday as we hope it will all be back up and running at that time.

Similarly, we have had a number of hydro interruptions in the past few weeks as they do prep work (and over the summer, although that may not be related to this work) and it has come to our attention that many messages that were left on our voice mail were lost in these events. We greatly apologize. If you were expecting a call back and it wasn’t received it may well have been because we did not receive the message. Please accept our apology for this and feel free to connect with us again if you are still awaiting a response.

Poinsettia Orders

These are due November 9th.

The funds raised through this will go to support Outdoor Learning for all students at Bedford. We have allocated money ($10 per student) toward an outdoor field trip for all classes as well as our Outdoor Classroom. The plans for this are now posted in the front hall of the school and digging should start this month!


Thank you to all the parents who made donations through our milk, pita and pizza orders online. This month $114 was donated!

Before and After School Program

As part of our on-going commitment to make the school day as seamless as possible for our families, we ask parents/guardians to share their tentative childcare needs for September of the next school year (2019) by completing an online survey. The survey is now available and can be found on the AMDSB website .

Families that are interested in “Before and After” school programs for their Junior/Senior Kindergarten children and/or grade 1 – 6 children are asked to complete the survey by December 1, 2018.
We appreciate your assistance as we determine the feasibility of offering such programs.

If you require a paper copy, please contact the school.

Dates to Remember

Please note that all dates and details of trips etc. are posted on the Bedford PS website on our Calendar. We work hard to keep this up to date as the month progresses.

Caribou Math Contest

Congratulations to our Grade 3-6 Mathletes who wrote the Caribou Math Contest on October 18th. In first place for the Grade 3/4 contest was Callum in Mme. Capron and Ms. McKee’s Grade 4 class. Hudson in Mme Harrison’s Grade 3 class placed second. Leah in Mme Capron and Ms. McKee’s Grade 4 class placed 3rd. For the 5/6 contest, 1st place goes to Sean in Mlle. Young’s class. Ellis from Mlle. Young’s class placed 2nd and Mika from Mme. Quinn’s class placed 3rd. Our next contest will be November 15th.

Bedford Run Club

Truly a dedicated group of hard working, persistent and encouraging runners! This year’s Run Club was well represented at all three of the off site meets.

Top placements were as follows:

Pat Cook Run

McKenzie P 8th
Jackson G 8th
Amy S 4th
Thomas M 3rd

Regional Meet at Wildwood

Reid M 9th
Ezra K 8th
Mya M 7th
Bridget C 5th
Cai W 5th
Lucy T 5th
Thomas M 4th
Owen M 3rd
Amy S 1st

District Meet at Benmiller

Boys 8 and under team – placed 1st overall
Boys age 10 team – placed 3rd overall
Bridget C 6th
Owen M 3rd
Thomas M 2nd
Amy S 1st

See you in the spring when Run Club starts up again to train for Track & Field!

Spirit Wear

Reminder that Spirit Wear orders are due on Monday, November 5. Purchases can be made through School Cash Online.

Dismissal, Recess and Lates

We have a number of students who are arriving late every day. Please remember to call the office ahead of time to inform us your student will be late so when they arrive we can get them into class as quickly as possible without too much disruption. The first bell is 9:00 a.m. with classes commencing at 9:05 a.m.

We are experiencing a dramatic increase in the number of phone calls late in the day which necessitate interrupting classes to either call students down for an early dismissal or to give them information about a change of plans. While we do recognize that there are times when this is necessary due to unforeseen circumstances, we ask that you try to provide plans at the beginning of the day by writing in the planner. This avoids errors being made and keeps phone lines open for emergencies. We also value the learning time in the classroom, right up until the last bell. Each call down to a classroom is disrupting the learning of the whole class, not just one student. Thank you for understanding.

In addition, many of you have noticed how hard it is for us to find your child if you need to pick them up during lunch/recess. To help you out, the times children are outside or eating lunch are:

  • 11:05 a.m – 11:45 a.m.
  • 1:15 p.m. – 1:55 p.m.

Picking up right before or after these times is much easier than when they are outside playing.

French Immersion Night

Anyone interested in French Immersion for Grade 1 are encouraged to attend an information night on Tuesday, December  4th at 6:00 p.m. at Bedford. Registration forms for Grade 1 French Immersion are due January 31, 2019.

YMCA School Age Program

We are entering our third month of the school year and both groups in the school age programs been very busy. Swimming has started of the school age programs please see the program educators for any clarification you may need. If you are looking for information on future PA days or breaks, you can talk to the Educators in the school age program or feel free to reach me at 519-271-0480 or email

Thank you,
Angela Charbonneau, RECE.