October 2018 Newsletter

Principal’s Message

As we launch into fall, it is exciting to have so many new experiences to explore. We want all Bedford students to find their place at school, and this includes going beyond academics. Teachers strive every day to reach each child where they are at in their academic achievement, providing challenges just beyond their current performance to stretch while providing support. Outside the classroom walls we try to offer a wide variety of opportunities. Starting up this fall are athletics (running club, cross country, volleyball, soccer), arts (Bedford Broadway Bunch, choir, rock band), service (Me to We, Healthy Schools, Safe Schools, Green Team) and even Caribou math contest. More activities will unfold as the year unfolds. I would encourage all our students to sign up for something that feels comfortable but also to try something new!

Snack Program

As a part of our ongoing effort to build a healthy school community, Bedford Public School is pleased to announce its participation with The Ontario Student Nutrition Program and The Grocery Foundation, in offering all of our primary Bedford students with a daily Nutritional Snack Program.

This initiative would not be possible without the compassion and dedication of YOU … our school community volunteers!
We are currently needing volunteers who would each contribute 1 – 2 hours at the school one morning each week in the preparation and distribution of fresh fruits, vegetables, etc. for our extremely grateful primary Bulldogs.

If you would be interested in assisting us, please contact:
Jody at jeremyandjody@live.com or Mrs. Dietz in the office


Thank you to all the parents who made donations through our milk, pita and pizza orders online. This month $211 was donated! These funds help provide milk and food for students who cannot afford to purchase it.

Safety First!

Congestion at drop off and pick up times at Bedford is part of our reality. Please help us reinforce the following safety practices with our students by modelling and encouraging the same:

  • Students should cross the street at the cross walks and not elsewhere along the road. This is equally valid in front of the school as it is on Mornington, McCarthy and Romeo.
  • No one should be walking between the buses. Drivers cannot always see you and are not expecting pedestrians there.
  • Students should walk up the sidewalks and walkways, not cut across the traffic circle which is our bus lane.
  • Vehicles should never pass a bus in the bus driveway, nor back up out of the driveway. Wait and follow the bus out.
  • Bikes and scooters need to be parked in one of the three racks as soon as they arrive on the property and not ridden around the yard (before or after school.)
  • Dogs on the property must be in the control of the adult owner. That means they must be on a leash and children should not be holding onto them. We have a lot of people on the yard, who may not all be comfortable around animals or respond in a predictable manner.

School Council

Please join us on Tuesday, October 2 at 6:30 p.m. for our annual election and first formal meeting.  This is a great way to be informed and involved in your child’s education. At this meeting we will be electing our executive (looking for a Chair – if interested, we can provide more information!), setting direction for the coming year and reviewing the budget. Even if you are not interested in taking on a formal role, you are still more than welcome. We enjoy having many voices represented at the table and look forward to many new faces.

Before and After School Program

As part of our on-going commitment to make the school day as seamless as possible for our families, we ask parents/guardians to share their tentative childcare needs for September of the next school year (2019) by completing an online survey. The survey will be available October 1, 2018 and can be found on the AMDSB website.

Families that are interested in Before and After school programs for their Junior/Senior Kindergarten children and/or grade 1 – 6 children are asked to complete the survey by December 1, 2018.

We appreciate your assistance as we determine the feasibility of offering such programs.

If you require a paper copy, please contact the school.

Volleyball Tryouts – Mixed Junior Team

Dear Grade 5 and 6 Bedford Families,

Volleyball tournament is fast approaching. With that in mind, volleyball tryouts will start on Monday October 1st.  All Grade 5 and 6 interested in participating are more than welcome to join us.  We will practise twice weekly on Mondays and Wednesdays, in the gym from 3:30 to 4:30.  Parents should arrange for pickup after school if necessary.

Decisions regarding the final team will be announced on Monday October 22nd.

Thanks for your interest,

Mrs. Pauli and Mme Capron

Attention Singers

Attention singers! Bedford choir for grades 2-6 will be starting up in October. Due to growing interest, this year we will be running two choirs (primary and junior). In October, the choirs will be rehearsing at recess to prepare for a performance at our School’s Remembrance Day assembly. Listen to morning announcements for details or contact Madame Harrison.

Primary Choir

Students in Grades 2-4 are invited to join the choir which will first start practising to perform at the Remembrance Day assembly.
A sign up sheet will be circulated through grade 2-4 classes on Tuesday, Oct 2.

Practices will be on day 1, day 3, day 5 at second recess (1:35) in Mrs. McKee’s room. First practice will be at 1:35 on Wednesday, October 3.

Caribou Math Contests

We are once again offering the Caribou Mathematics Competition at Bedford. Caribou is a worldwide mathematics competition held six times throughout the school year. The goal of the Caribou Mathematics Competition is to provide challenging math activities for interested grade 3-6 students and show that mathematical puzzles can be fun. Visit the Caribou Contests website to find out more.

Grade 3 and 4 students are free to participate. For Grade 5 and 6 students the cost for the year is $17.00 ($15 plus GST). A payment can be made online or with cash or a cheque made out to Bedford Public School. (Students in the SOAR program at Hamlet will be writing the contest as part of the program). Students must complete the test from a school on the dates specified. If you would like your child to participate in the contests, please return the consent form with $17.00 (if applicable). If you require a form send a note to your child’s teacher or send in a note indicating your child’s name, grade and teacher with your payment. Please return the form and payment no later than Friday October 12th.

Terry Fox

Thursday was a beautiful day to “Be Like Terry” and show determination and strength as we did our annual Terry Fox Run! As a school, we ran 4836 laps around the backfield and raised almost $1000. What a great day to celebrate a true Canadian hero!
Thank you to chrisberg.ca for these amazing photos!

Halloween Dance

Once again this year, the Outdoor Learning Committee is organizing a dance for Grades 3-6 students.  We are looking for volunteers to make this a successful event. Volunteers must have a criminal record check on file. You do not have to wear a costume but adults are encouraged to join in on the dress up fun too (but please leave your face visible if you are helping out). If you are able to help out please go to the SignUp website to sign up.