Welcome to Bluewater Coast Elementary School, Home of the Huskies

Bluewater Coast Elementary School

Bluewater Coast Elementary School, or BCES, is small community elementary school comprised of about 140 JK—Grade 6 students, their families, and a staff of about 15 adults. We are home to students from the villages of Zurich and Hensall, as well as students from many rural parts of the Municipality of Bluewater. Our school name is representative of our municipality which includes many kilometres of beautiful shoreline along Lake Huron. We take pride in welcoming many parent and community volunteers to our school, and in hosting local groups into our facility.

In the 2015 – 16 learning year, BCES is committed to becoming a more collaborative, 21st century learning environment. We understand that technology, whether iPads, Chromebooks, computers or smartboards, are critical learning tools that can assist us to access information, and transform it into new learning so that it can be communicated to others. We all work together, collaborating together to solve problems as critical thinkers and learners. We are focusing on our creative and innovative ideas.

In every classroom, we accept and celebrate the diverse gifts that each child brings to our learning environment. Each of us feels a sense of belonging, has a social support network, and an academic purpose together with our classmates. In an equitable and inclusive classroom, we all get what we need, not necessarily the same thing, and we work together as learners, friends and classmates. We are Huskies, who practice teamwork and perseverance each day, in both our learning and our play, so that we can accomplish our goals in a culture of respect.

Finally, we are a school that freely shows our appreciations for others. We proudly display our Peace Tree in the front foyer, as a symbol of our commitment to a peaceful school where everyone is valued and respected.

On behalf of all our Huskies, I invite you to experience Bluewater Coast Elementary School!

JoAnne Knechtel