April 2019 Newsletter

A Message from the Principal

I’d like welcome our new secretary, Mrs. Patty Case, to BCES! Mrs. Case was the secretary at BCES a few years ago and is returning to us from her current position at Stephen Central PS. Many of you already know her; please stop by the office, introduce yourself, and help welcome Mrs. Case to the BCES family. Further, we have two staff members who have returned to BCES from medical leaves. Welcome back Mrs. Schepers and Ms. MacDonald! We’ve missed you and are glad to have you back. With Mrs. Schepers and Ms. MacDonald having returned, we say goodbye to two excellent additions to our staff, Ms. Clark and Mrs. Dodds. We wish them all the best and hope to see them back at our school in the near future!

With the weather warming up, we want to remind parents/guardians that kids love mud puddles! Please send your children to school with outdoor and indoor footwear, splash pants, and perhaps an extra change of clothes. We will be opening up our playground structures once the ground is thawed, so please make sure that running shoes or a shoe that fastens to the foot (with good grip) is worn. Flip flops are not permitted on the climbing equipment.

Just a reminder that there is a Boardwide PA Day on April 5th and is centered around our school’s math focus. We have been digging into the works of Dr. Alex Lawson and the continuum of math learning skills. We have also been focusing on Math Talks, which teaches us how to really dig into the different ways that numbers can be made and give students a good foundation for knowing what a number means, how it is composed/decomposed, and addition and subtraction strategies.

Good Friday and Easter Monday fall on April 19th and April 22nd respectively, so there will be no school on either of those days. We hope you have a lovely few extra days to spend with your friends and family.

Ms. Van Poucke

Parent Council News

Save the Date! Thursday, May 2nd is our annual BCES Fun Fair at the school (our inclement weather site will be the Hensall Arena). This year, we are looking at a slightly different format in order to help us raise funds toward new playground equipment. There will be inflatables, glitter/regular face painting, our book fair, games and an obstacle for young children, giant games that are free and suitable for older students and adults, carnival games, bake sale, penny auction, food booth (hotdogs, hamburgers, chips, drinks), the Huron County Smokehouse, and Emergency Services vehicles.

This event will be open to the community, so please encourage your friends, relatives, and neighbours to attend. The event runs from 4:30-7:30 p.m.

We want to send out a huge thank you to those businesses who have donated items to our Fun Fair, to the Kinsmen for paying for inflatables, and to the Hensall Arena for being so accommodating and holding the arena location for us! We are so blessed to be part of such a generous community!

And, as always, we need lots of volunteers to help us run events, sell tickets/food, and some library help. Please contact the Husky Hub Facebook Page or Ms. Van Poucke if you are available.

Request for Volunteers – Student Nutrition Program

Our student nutrition program provides an amazing variety of healthy snack options, such as smoothies, fresh fruits and vegetables, cheese and crackers, cereal with milk, and fresh baked healthy muffins (made on site by our volunteers) to our students. We are truly fortunate to have such an awesome program and are always looking for any help we can get. All of the shopping, preparation, and clean up takes time and many hands make light work.

If you have a few moments to spare once a week, we’d appreciate having volunteers come to the school and prep fresh fruit/veg, bake muffins on site, put together food trays with already prepped fruit/veg, or even wash dishes at the end of the day. For those people who are interested in volunteering but may have questions, we encourage you to reach out to Annie McBryde at amcbryde90@gmail.com or visit us at School Council’s Facebook page called The Husky Hub.

No amount of time you can donate is too small; we welcome all volunteers in whatever capacity you can help out. If you wish to donate money toward the program, you are able to donate any amount of your choosing through School Cash Online! Tax receipts are available for amounts over $20; just let us know in the office if you wish to initiate a tax receipt. The option to donate online will become active sometime in the first week of April.

School Cash Online

We hope many of you are enjoying the convenience and benefits of paying online for school purchases such as lunches, milk, field trips, etc. Many items will become available in the next few months as we prepare for spring field trips and a few classroom fundraisers that our classes will be organizing. Be on the lookout for the Elmira Chicken Fundraiser.

The Season of Mud

Traditionally this time of year is referred to as Spring, but at school it could also be called the season of mud! Please ensure that your son or daughter is wearing rubber boots or outdoor running shoes to school in order to keep as much mud outside the classroom as possible. If they have splash pants, we encourage you to send them for your child(ren) to wear, as they are helpful in keeping the students clean while enjoying recess. An extra set of clothes tucked into the backpack is helpful as well. This will reduce the need to call parents if a student slips and falls in the mud while playing a game at recess.

Student Leadership Team

We celebrated some great awareness events in March; World Down Syndrome (Rock Your Socks) Day and Epilepsy Awareness Day (Purple Day). We want to thank everyone for their support and participation in these events.

April is Autism Awareness Month and Tuesday, April 2nd everyone is encouraged to wear light blue. Students will be encouraged to complete a colouring sheet to display on our Peace Tree. We will also be hosting a Jersey Day to raise funds for our Me to We International Goal. The cost is 50 cents to wear a Jersey. We are also proud to be holding a community clean up challenge on April 23 in the last block of the day. Our Kindergarten students will clean up the school yard and our older students will clean up the neighbourhood around the school. If you would like to volunteer that day to help us ensure student safety, we would appreciate it!

Our April Events will be:

  • April 2 – Autism Awareness (wear blue)
  • April 12 – SHDHS Concert Band Performance at 9:15 a.m.
  • April 17 – Jersey day (50 cents)
  • April 23 – Earth Day (we will conduct a school and community clean up, K-6, after 2:15 p.m.)

EQAO Assessment Dates

The grade three and six assessment dates for EQAO will fall between Tuesday, May 21 and Friday, May 31, 2019, with a make up date on June 1st. More specific information will be coming home soon. It is very important that your child be at school during this time period. Please avoid booking appointments for your child or taking family vacations during this time period. We use this assessment data to help us forward plan our teaching and learning needs.

Permission Forms

Over the next several months students will have the opportunity to take part in excursions away from school. Permission forms must be signed and handed in before the day of the trip in order to ensure for proper planning. We ask that you keep the forms in a safe place before sending them back to school as we are not able to reprint multiple copies for students and do require written parental permission (not verbal).

No Dogs on the Yard

Parents and community members are reminded it is school policy that dogs are not allowed on school property. The intent of this policy is to avoid potentially harmful situations for students, staff, family members and pets. We have been noticing pet waste on the yard and would appreciate your help in keeping our yard clean and safe. Thank you for your cooperation.


With spring’s arrival, students will be riding their bicycles to school. Parents are reminded that all people under 18 are required by law to wear a bike helmet. Parents of children under 16 can be fined if they let their child go out on the roads without the proper coverage. Cycling mishaps are the leading cause of hospital admissions for head injury in children. Head injuries account for 75% of all deaths from bike injuries. Wearing a bike helmet reduces the risk of head injury by 85%. Please ensure that if your child is riding his/her bike to school he/she is wearing a properly fitted helmet. Also, it is highly recommended that bikes be locked in the racks while here at school.

BCES Library News

Silver Birch

Voting Day is fast approaching! Silver Birch voting day will be Tuesday, April 23, 2019. Students must read five or more books in one category in order to vote. From the two Silver Birch categories, the students have read 113 Express books, and 79 Fiction books. Congratulations to Naina C., Eden J., Gibson I., Abby M., Keaton B., Brody T., Alexis, W., Rayven H., Owen M., and Mason T., who have qualified to vote in Silver Birch Express. High five to you! Verity M., Hannah Q., Sophia B., Oliver C., Kiefer C., Kamryn G., Rayven H., Reagan, R., Isabelle W., and Kadance G. have qualified to vote in the Fiction category. Awesome! That makes 24 students who are now eligible to cast a vote. Of those students, Mason T., Verity M., Kamryn G., and Rayven H. have qualified to vote in both categories. What a great example of perseverance to reach a tough goal!

There are several other students that have read three or four books thus far. With about three weeks left until voting, I am sure there will be more that will be voting on April 23rd. Please actively encourage your child(ren) to keep reading to obtain their goal(s) to vote. Discussing the books attentively with your son or daughter is great encouragement for them to continue reading in these programs.

On Monday, May 13, 2019, there will be a celebration of voting students at second break in the library. The voting students will bring home a note on April 23rd with regard to our celebration.

The winning authors are honoured at a ceremony in May. In next month’s newsletter, Ms. Wondergem will post the results of our school wide vote. In June’s newsletter, she will post the results of the winning books and authors that were honoured in Toronto.

Blue Spruce News

Ms. MacDonald’s classes have been reading the Blue Spruce books. The students in her class will be voting individually for their favourite book in during the first week of April. The other Primary and Kindergarten classes in our school have already voted. Please be aware that the students in each class are encouraged not to share their votes with their siblings and friends until all classes in our school have had an opportunity to vote. They may share their votes with their parents, if their siblings are not present. When voting for their favourite book, we want each student to make their own choice without the influence of family and friends. Students’ votes will be totalled and submitted to the Ontario Library Association in Toronto in April. All classes will have completed their Blue Spruce voting by April 5th.

Scholastic Book Fair is Coming Soon

Students have received a Scholastic Book Fair Flyer. Each class will have a Scholastic Book Discovery time during class once the Book Fair arrives. The book fair will be open at designated times during the week (as listed below). Any student who buys a book can submit a ballot to win $25 worth of books. The winner must choose the books from the fair at the time of the draw. The ballot is found on the back of the flyer. Please cut it out and bring it to the book fair. Only one entry per student. Also the winning student’s teacher will be able to choose $25 worth of free books for their classroom.

The book fair will be open for students to purchase during the following times:

  • Tuesday Apr. 30, 2019 after school 3:15 – 3:45 p.m.
  • Wednesday May 1, 2019 first recess (Primary students) 11:15 – 11:35 a.m.
  • Wednesday May 1, 2019 second recess (Junior Students) 1:35 – 1:55 p.m.
  • Thursday May 2, 2019 first recess 11:15 – 11:35 a.m.
  • Thursday May 2, 2019 Fun Fair 4:30 p.m. – 6:45 p.m.

Door Prize Draw Thursday May 2, 2018 6:30 p.m.  The BCES student must be present at the Fun Fair at the time of the draw to win.

  • The Door Prize Ballot is on the back of the Book Fair flyer.
  • To maximize our commission, our goal for book fair sales is $1630. All commission is used to purchase books for the library and classrooms.
  • Wish list – There will be books on display above each of the display cases. Each teacher has displayed a book that they would like for their classroom. Please consider purchasing the wish list book to donate to your son/daughter’s classroom.
  • Book fair flyers will be sent home near the end of April for our May Book Fair. Be on the lookout for your flyer.

MusiCounts Grants

We are super excited to announce that our school put in an application for ukuleles and guitars through the MusiCounts grant. Mr. Powers and the students in grades 4, 5, and 6 put together a video to persuade the judges that we would be worthy recipients for musical instruments. MusiCounts has granted us over $5000 to our school to make the necessary purchases! We want to thank MusiCounts for their support and also all the families, students, and service clubs who have previously donated to our music program.

MusiCounts gave out $1,000,000 worth of musical instruments and equipment to 96 schools across Canada via the MusiCounts Band Aid Program! This is an exciting milestone for MusiCounts and it couldn’t have been achieved without the generous support of various donors. Some schools that MusiCounts was able to support is a direct result of a donation from an individual or organization. For more information about MusiCounts and other schools who received donations, please check out the musicounts website.

FunTECH Workshop for Grade 6 students

The AMDSB Pathways team facilitated a FunTECH day for our grade 6 students at SHDHS on Wednesday, March 27th. Mark Roth (Pathways Coordinator for AMDSB) provided funding for this opportunity through the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP). Additional support came from the Technical Training Group (TTG), who have been doing FunTECH for over 20 years in the Stratford area. The AMDSB FunTECH model provides students an opportunity to participate in a 3 hour workshop related to the skilled trades. One of the goals is for students to be exposed to various career paths at a younger age so that they start to learn about their interests, learn more about themselves and their future secondary schools and to help them navigate some of the choices they’ll have to make once they reach secondary school.

Our Grade 6 students had a blast! We want to thank Mark Roth, Meghan Aarts, Jodi Froud, and SHDHS for such a wonderful learning opportunity and hope we get to do it again next year!

Elmira Chicken Fundraiser – Grades 5 and 6 Year-End Trip

The Grades 5 and 6 students are fundraising for their year-end trip to Camp Kintail. They are selling Elmira Chicken. Deadline for ordering is Wednesday, April 10th and orders can be picked up in the gym on Tuesday, April 30th between 3:25 and 5:30 p.m. If you would like to place an order, please fill out the form that was sent home and return it to the school with your payment. Cheques can be made payable to Bluewater Coast Elementary School. Orders can also be placed on-line through SchoolCashOnline. If you place an order online, please do not return the order form to school. Thanks for your support!

Extracurricular Science Club Opportunity at BCES, Grades 1-6

Mad Science, the world’s leading provider of educational and entertaining science programs for children is coming to Bluewater Coast Public School! They will be getting kids excited about science with fun, entertaining and exciting activities and demonstrations.

Students will receive Club registration forms on April 25, 2019 when Mad Science visits the school. The Club is a 6-week science enrichment program offered to the students. Students who join the Science Club will go on a voyage of discovery designed to support the Ontario Science and Technology curriculum. The Club will take place on Tuesday, May 7, 14, 21, 28, June 4, 11 from 10:55 a.m. – 11:35 a.m. The cost is $68 per student to participate over the 6 weeks at the school and is designed for Grades 1 to 6 students to participate in. Registration is done online and more details will be sent home with students on April 25th.

Mad Science also performs Birthday Parties, Camps and Special Events. Give them a call at 519-472-8002 and watch out for them in Malls, at Fairs, Festivals and Scouts and Guides.

School Calendar

For upcoming events, please see the calendar page on our school website.

PA Day

No school on Friday April 5, 2019.