May 2018 Newsletter

Principal’s Message

Save the date! On Thursday, May 10th our Parent Council and school staff will be hosting a Fun Fair for all families to attend. This event will be held from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. Each person will get free popcorn and pizza. You will need to bring your own water to drink. We will have fun events planned for our parents and students, including math-based games, building propeller race cars, and a chance to visit our Book Fair (and win free books). We look forward to seeing everyone there! More information follows later in the newsletter.

On Tuesday, June 5th (rain date is June 6th) we will be hosting our school track and field day. We will need some parent volunteers to help make this day run smoothly for the students, so please feel free to contact Mrs. Schepers or Ms. Van Poucke to let them know of your interest in helping out with this fun event. We have moved the date in order to give our athletes more opportunity to practice prior to the Regional and District Events being held on June 12th and June 19th, respectively.

Just an FYI to parents of students in grades 3 and 6 that EQAO is coming up at the end of May. Grade 3 students will be writing on Wednesday, May 23 until Tuesday, May 29. Grade 6 will commence writing on Friday, May 25 until Friday, June 1. Students will be writing in the morning block, so please avoid booking appointments between 9:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. Teachers will be sending out more specific information on special themed events they are running for students to celebrate their learning.

Have a great month of May and enjoy the sunshine!

Ms. Van Poucke

Remember….our school calendar can be found on the school website calendar page.

Thank You

A big Husky Howl to the South Huron District High School Intermediate and Senior band members and to Mrs. Haines & Mrs. Regier for a wonderful performance. Our staff and students enjoyed all the tunes. You can go back into our Twitter feed to see some of the performance.

Foundation for Enriching Education Workshops

When donations are received through the Foundation for Education Perth-Huron, the Foundation is able to provide a number of things which enhance our student learning. This year, we have taken advantage of a few Foundation workshops. Just last week we hosted a “Colour and Painting Techniques” workshop in grades 2/3 and 4/5 with Vanessa DeGroot. We will also be receiving “First Nations Legends and Stories Across the Curriculum” with Bill Farnell on Friday, May 11 in Grade 2/3 (all grade 2s and 3s attending) and “Emotionally Based Yoga” with Shannon Scott on Thursday, May 17 for students in grades 3-6. Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately for the Yoga workshop (i.e., water bottle, running shoes, ‘stretchier’ clothing that adheres to dress code).

EQAO Assessment Dates

As stated in the Principal’s Message, the assessment dates for EQAO for this year are as follows: The grade 3 students will write May 23, 24, 25, 28 and 29th. Grade 6 students will write May 25, 28, 29, 30, 31, and June 1. Please try to avoid booking appointments on those dates, if possible (particularly in the mornings from 9:00-11:30 a.m.), as it is very important that your child be at school during this time period. We appreciate your encouraging nutritious breakfasts, a good night’s sleep, and lots of exercise to help your child to be rested and prepared for the assessment.

Track and Field

We are hosting our BCES Track and Field meet on Tuesday, June 5 (weather date is June 6). In order for this event to run smoothly for students in Gr 4-6 we will need some parent volunteers. Please contact Ms. Van Poucke or Mrs. Schepers if you are able to assist with this meet. We will also need parent volunteers to attend the Regional Track and Field meet on Tuesday, June 12 (weather date is June 13).

Bluewater Coast Fun Fair

Family Fun Fair Night is set for Thursday, May 10 from 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Parent Council and school staff will be sponsoring the evening, with free pizza, and popcorn being offered to our Husky families. We will have math-based activities to participate in, inflatable games, and our yearly Book Fair. Come on out for some great new games, activities and fun!

Mental Health Awareness Week (May 7-11)

Did you know that 1 in 5 students face various mental health concerns ranging from anxiety, depression, interpersonal relationships and emotional dysregulation? All of us, here, at Bluewater Coast are working towards bringing an awareness and supporting people who are affected. We would ask that on Tuesday, May 8th everyone wear green in support of Mental Health Awareness. Let’s get creative and get that green ready! We will also be having lots of great mental health activities going on throughout the week. So listen to the upcoming announcements and get out there – we will explore different ways we can regulate our bodies through yoga, breathing, colouring and more! Let’s see you participate, Huskies!

Scholastic Book Fair is Coming Soon!

Students have received a Scholastic Book Fair Flyer. Each class will have a Scholastic Book Discovery time during class May 8th – 10th. The book fair will be open at designated times during that week as listed below. Any student, who buys a book, can submit a ballot to win $25 worth of books. The winner must choose the books from the fair at the time of the draw. The ballot is found on the back of the flyer. Please cut it out and bring it to the book fair. Only one entry per student. Also the winning student’s teacher will be able to choose $25 worth of free books for their classroom.

The book fair will be open for students to purchase during the following times:

  • Tuesday, May 8, 2018 after school 3:15 – 3:45
  • Wednesday, May 9, 2018 first recess (Primary students) 11:15 – 11:35
  • Wednesday, May 9, 2018 second recess (Junior Students) 1:35 – 1:55
  • Thursday, May 10, 2018 first recess 11:15 – 11:35
  • Thursday, May 10, 2018 Fun Fair 5:00 p.m. – 6:45 p.m.

Door Prize Draw Thursday, May 10, 2018 6:30 p.m.

The student must be present at the Fun Fair at the time of the draw to win.

The Door Prize Ballot is on the back of the Book Fair flyer.

To maximize our commission, our goal for book fair sales is $1630. All commission is used to purchase books for the library and classrooms.

Wish list – There will be books on display above each of the display cases. Each teacher has displayed a book that they would like for their classroom. Please consider purchasing the wish list book to donate to your son/daughter’s classroom.

Silver Birch Students Have Spoken

Our Silver Birch students read a total of 61 Fiction books, 37 Nonfiction Books, 85 Express books. The following students cast their votes for their favourite book on Monday, April 23:

Ms. MacDonald’s Class Mr. Power’s Class
Naina C. Kiefer C. Sara H. Abbie S.
Adella G. Kamryn G. Verity M.
Alexis W. Hannah Q. Mia M.

Mr. Power’s Class Mrs. Scheper’s Class –
Oliver C., James F., Kadance G., Chance L., Kamryn G., Joe H., Owen M,.

Mr. Power’s Class Mrs. Scheper’s Class –
Natalie T., Liam B., Reagen R., Cheyenne F., Sophia B., Emily S., Kierra C., Kaitlyn T., Lachlan M., Isabelle W.

Congratulations to all our voting students! Great job Kamryn, who qualified to vote in two categories. Wonderful work Adella, who read all ten Silver Birch Express books. Awesome show of perseverance by all the voting students!

The results of our votes are as follows:

Blue Spruce Silver Birch Express
1st Place Shark Lady 1st Place Smiley: A Journey of Love
2nd Place Even Superheroes Have Bad Days 2nd Place A Boy Named Queen

Silver Birch Nonfiction Silver Birch Fiction
Two-way tie for 1st Place From Ant to Eagle
1st Place 2nd Place Brave
Meatless? A Fresh Look at What You Eat and
Monster Science: Could Monsters Survive (and
Thrive!) in the Real World

Thank you to all the students, who participated in the Blue Spruce and Silver Birch reading programs. Check out our June newsletter to see how our school voting compares to the books that received the awards based on the Ontario wide vote.

In celebration of our Silver Birch voters, we are planning a party on Tuesday, May 1, 2018. Please remember to send fruit to the party with your child. Thank you!

Our “Green Tag” Identification Program….and The First Ride Program – June 14, 2018

Each September, new Kindergarten students ride the school bus to school for the first time. The Green Tag Identification Program will help to alleviate potentially confusing experiences for JK/SK students on their first week of riding the bus and throughout the school year.

The use of Green Tag can be an effective way to improve safety and confidence. This method of identification ensures that the school bus drivers and school staff can readily identify Junior and Senior Kindergarten students that are riding school buses and helps them to assist students find their correct school bus at the end of the day. The program assists school bus drivers by indicating which children must sit at the front of the bus and which students must be met by a parent/caregiver at their designated drop-off location.

In order to ensure that this new procedure is successful, we have invited all of our new JK students who will be starting school in September 2018 to a ‘First Ride’ morning on Thursday, June 14 at 9:30 a.m. Information has been sent home to those parents who have registered their child for school for September 2018.

Paper Copy – Food and Milk Orders

This is a reminder that monthly food orders and milk orders must be paid for separately. These items are two separate entities. The monies collected are allocated to different fundraising efforts.

Along with orders arriving combined, there has been an increase in overpayments requiring change to be sent back. We do not keep change on hand in the school, especially since moving to School Cash Online. For manageability and simplicity, exact change is required. Any overpayment will be considered a donation to the school. Thank you to all the families that order. We enjoy providing a break from lunch making!

– Parent Council

Dress Code

As warmer weather approaches, students and parents are reminded of appropriate clothing for school. Our dress code states that students should wear clothing that is suitable for a public learning environment. We encourage children to wear t-shirts to protect them from the sun’s harmful rays. Comfortable, loose-fitting clothing and running shoes for outdoor play are the best choices. Hats, sunscreen and even sunglasses are recommended. Sandals are cool to wear, but can be dangerous when running or playing games on the playground. Occasionally hot weather clothing can be too revealing for school, and is more appropriate as beachwear, so we appreciate your help in upholding the rules for the few months of warm weather that we have. Thanks!


With spring’s arrival, some students are riding their bicycles to school. Parents are reminded that all people under 18 are required by law to wear a bike helmet. Please ensure that if your child is riding his/her bike to school he/she is wearing a properly fitted helmet. For safety reasons, we do have an expectation that bicycles be walked across the street before and after school so that cars can see children who have bicycles. Also, it is highly recommended that valuable bikes be locked in the racks while here at school.

Progressive Agriculture Safety Day  June 8, 2018