September 2018 Newsletter

Principal’s Message

Welcome back! Another summer break has come and gone and it is exciting to have everyone back at Brookside Public School! As always, staff have been working diligently to prepare for the first day and beyond to ensure the learning needs of all students are met. For more information regarding items found in this newsletter or for questions in general, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Dree Park at 519-529-7900 or


September’s virtue is Respect. Respect is an attitude of caring about people and treating each other with dignity. We show respect by speaking and acting with courtesy. When we are respectful, we treat others as we want to be treated.

2018-2019 School Organization

Kindergarten – Mrs. McDonald
French – Mrs. Switzer
Kindergarten – Mrs. Gillespie
SERT – Mrs. Stennett
DECE – Mrs. Middelkamp
EA – Mrs. Dery
DECE – Mrs. Murray
EA – Mrs. Lynch
1 – Mrs. Robinson
EA – Mrs. Nivins
2 – Mrs. Schumacker
TRA – Mrs. deBoer/Mrs. Reinink
3/4 – Mrs. Cook
Secretary – Mrs. Lammerant
4/5 – Miss Liddle
Custodian – Mrs. Campbell
5/6 – Mr. Grail/Mrs. Clark
Custodian – Mrs. MacLeod
6/7 – Mrs. Switzer/Mrs. Clark
Principal – Mr. Park
8 –Mr. Beddow

Parent Council

There will be a Parent Council meeting on Thursday, September 13 starting at 6:45 p.m. We will meet in the Staff Room. All are welcome.

Open House

Brookside will hold its annual Open House on Thursday, September 20 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. Open House is a great opportunity to visit classrooms and meet the staff. This is a casual “meet and greet” style of event, not an update on the progress of your children.

Safe Arrival Program

For the safety of all students, it is the policy of the Avon Maitland District School Board that all schools participate in the Safe Arrival attendance program. Parents are asked to contact the school when their child(ren) are going to be late or absent for any reason. The school does have an answering system for calls made outside of school hours and notes from home, delivered to the office by a sibling, are acceptable as well. Once attendance has been taken and no known reason for an absence has been identified, calls to parents and emergency contacts will be made. It is extremely important that parents provide home, work, emergency and other alternative numbers to the school for the reason of Safe Arrival and potential medical emergencies. Please contact the school if your numbers change at any time.

Reporting to the Office

All parents and guests are asked to enter the school via the front doors and report to the office upon arrival. This helps make us aware of who is in the building at any given time and allows us to keep the building safe from strangers.

Signing In and Out of School

Students entering or leaving the school for any reason during the day require an adult to sign them in or out of the building. Elementary aged students are not legally able to dismiss themselves.


Supervision of students is not available prior to the 8:40 a.m. entrance bell or after 3:15 p.m. Though school personnel are in the building outside of these times, they are preparing for classes and other activities within the school. Thanks for your understanding.


Volunteers are always welcome at Brookside Public School. If you are interested in being a volunteer, please contact the school. If you are going to volunteer in a classroom, on a field trip or at any other school event, you must complete a Vulnerable Sector Check. If you have already done so, you still need to complete an Offense Declaration form. Both forms are available at the school and need to be completed by the end of September for this school year. Please contact us for more information.

Bus Notes

This is just a reminder that bus notes are only supposed to be written for students going on another bus or getting off at a different stop for the purpose of childcare. We have been receiving an increased number of requests for reasons beyond that of childcare. Travel to parties, sleepovers and other such events are to be arranged outside of busing to and from school. Requests for transportation changes, other than for the purpose of childcare, will not be granted.

YMCA Before/After School Program

The YMCA is now providing before and after school care for students between the ages of 3 and 12. Students may be dropped off at 7:00 a.m. and are to be picked up by 6:00 p.m. To register, go to the FindchildCare page on the YMCA website.

Student Forms

We appreciate how difficult it can be to find the time to respond to all of the information that is sent home to you as a parent/guardian, however, because of concerns for student safety and the protection of personal privacy, this information is essential. Your cooperation in reading and returning the necessary forms as quickly as possible is appreciated. In many cases, one form per student is required and although this may appear on the surface to be unnecessary, it is actually more effective for us to administer.

Clothing and Footwear

We remind families that we expect all students to display respect for their educational working environment through appropriate dress. This includes language on clothing that is not offensive and that does not promote the use of products such as tobacco, alcohol and drugs. Likewise, students are expected to wear clothing that is modest and does not become distracting due to its “beachwear” style. Clothing of an inappropriate length, garments exposing bare shoulders, cleavage, midriffs or backs are also not appropriate in a school environment. Students will be given the option to change into Physical Education clothing or to call home for a change of clothes should there be a concern.

We also appreciate indoor and outdoor footwear for all students. This saves an incredible amount of mud and dirt being brought into the school and makes the school environment much more pleasant. Outdoor footwear includes whatever the students wear to school each day (i.e. boots and shoes). Sandals and flip flops are not appropriate outdoor footwear when it comes to playing games and using the equipment. Indoor footwear should be kept at school as often as possible.

Medical Concerns and Medically-at-Risk

It is very important that parents/guardians keep the school informed and updated of any medical information pertaining to their child(ren). This includes such concerns as allergies, EPI-Pen procedures and other forms of medication. A confidential list of medical concerns is circulated and necessary training is given to all staff to ensure prompt treatment in the case of medical emergencies. For students with severe medical concerns, a school emergency plan is mandated.

Administration of Medication

Forms are available in the school office to allow essential prescription and non-prescription medications to be administered from the school office when the documentation is complete. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the school office. Medication will not be administered without written permission.

Sabrina’s Law

In accordance with Sabrina’s Law, all schools have been provided with two generic EPI-Pens. These EPI-Pens are being provided to support schools in responding to a medical emergency for an anaphylactic student for whom the school has an Individual Medical Management Plan and an emergency procedure in place. Also in accordance with Sabrina’s Law, schools must administer an EPI-Pen when a student is suspected of suffering from an anaphylactic reaction even when an Individual Medical Management Plan does not exist. If you are aware that your child is allergic to epinephrine, or if you have any concerns, it is suggested that you contact the school as soon as possible.

Ryan’s Law

As you may be aware, Ryan’s Law, 2015, was recently passed by the Ontario Legislature. This piece of legislation is an important step to support the well-being of students with asthma in Ontario schools. If your child has asthma, we ask that you immediately contact the main office at your school to provide information about your child’s asthma medication. With your permission, your child will be allowed to carry his/her asthma medication while at school. The Ministry of Education website has resources on asthma.

As a best practice, and to support your child, please inform the school if your child has a medical condition so that the school can keep this information on file. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school directly.

Students and Accidents

Our school board is offering you the opportunity to voluntarily purchase student accident insurance through the Kids Plus™ Accident Insurance program, underwritten by Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc. Kids Plus™ Accident Insurance provides protection against unexpected costs arising from accidental injuries. The program is especially valuable for families who:

• do not have medical or dental plans,

• have limited plans, as it may help supplement health and dental benefits, or

• have active children who enjoy sports and outdoor activities.

Kids Plus™ Accident Insurance has a selection of plans to suit most budgets. Benefits include coverage for:

• The full school year (September to September), 24 hours a day, while at home and in school;

• Expenses that are often limited or not covered by private or group insurance plans, or Provincial Health Insurance Plans, such as ambulance, physiotherapy, private tutoring, counselling, and much more;

• Injury-related dental treatment (including future dental treatment up to age 26);

• Out-of- province or country emergency medical expenses.

If your address changes during the school year, your Kids Plus™ Accident Insurance plan is transferable from school to school, anywhere in Canada. Insurance premiums for children are $14.50 or $33.50 per year, depending on the plan selected. A discount is available for families with 3 or more children. Adults age 20 to 64 can also be insured for $32.00 per year.

For more information or to apply online, please visit, or speak with a Kids Plus™ Client Service Administrator at 1-800- 556-7411.

Newsletter and Monthly Calendars

School newsletters will be on our school website along with a listing of calendar events. They will also be emailed out via SchoolMessenger.

If you require a paper copy, please call the office or send an email to