Welcome to Central Perth Elementary

Central Perth Elementary School
Principal A. Paetkau



Welcome to Central Perth Elementary School. We are a rural K to 8 school of approximately 220 students in the region of Perth East just outside the town of Wartburg in Ellice Township. Central Perth rests in the middle of a pastoral landscape surrounded by farms and rolling hills. The school yard is a picture perfect mix of green space dotted with colourful playground equipment, an asphalt play area and a treed nature area. The students recently planted 240 spruce trees around the periphery of the yard as part of a greening project.

Central Perth opened in 1967 and has served several generations of families in the area over the years. The school culture is marked by strong and enduring academic performance, close staff-student relationships, a supportive family community, and exceptional civic responsibility by students. Family support for Central Perth is also significant; community members volunteer their time for our Reading Assistance Program and our School Council financially supports student excursions, special events, and instructional tools via a myriad of fundraising initiatives. Our students demonstrate positive interpersonal skills and a concern for the environment; CPES has been designated an Eco-Silver school in May 2014.

This is the third year that Central Perth ES is running the Full Day Kindergarten Program (FDK). Students in FDK use an inquiry based program to facilitate learning; students use play based learning to generate questions that are used by teachers and ECE’s to develop curriculum planning. Documentation of student learning in the form of photographs and narrative is used as a tool for reflection and further learning as well as to form the basis for communication between home and school. If you are interested in registering for Junior Kindergarten, please note that our Calling All Three Year Old’s program is set for Wednesday, November 9, 2015 in the morning. All interested parents are asked to pre-register by calling our secretary, Judi Allen in advance.

Central Perth is a very Technology focused school. We are proud to carry not only the Next Generation Learning program for grade 7 and 8 students where these students receive an AMDSB Board owned iPad, but we also run a junior one-to-one iPad program that is sponsored through school funds for all junior students. Our junior students have access to a school purchased iPad that can be used throughout the day for any subjects. Central Perth has also been a participant in the Robotics program through D & D Automation where they have learned software programs to develop strategies to program robots for competitions.  This is tech-savvy school with knowledgeable staff that can meet the tech needs of today’s students for tomorrow’s world.

With the labour situation that commenced at the end of the 2014-15 school year, our board did not administer the EQAO tests to our Grade 3 and 6 students. Our 2014 EQAO scores can be found at http://www.eqao.com/results/?Lang=E

I enjoy serving the school community and I invite parents to join me as partners in their child’s education. My door is always open, so please feel free to drop by.

Andrea Paetkau
Principal, Central Perth E.E.