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December 2019 Newsletter

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Dear Parents/Guardians,
Please enjoy the pictures of our newly installed sensory walk located on the south side of the building in between the primary and jr/int cubby areas.  We are excited to say many primary students and yes, even grade 8’s have given this new addition a try!

Sensory walks are the latest idea to add physical activity into the day for students who need it.  Research shows that, “Active bodies = active brains.  When we are learning, our brains need glucose and oxygen.  Spontaneous and intuitive movement increases blood flow, and thus the supply of these essential chemicals.” (Move Your Body Grow Your Brain, A 21st Century Spaces for 21st Century Learners Initiative)  Our students are encouraged to use this as a quick brain break from class, in groups (ie. last Thursday’s indoor recess!) and as a whole class on their way transitioning from a classroom to another location in the school.  It only takes a few minutes but you will find it is a workout!  Credit goes to our primary division who designed it using high, low, left, right, and cross-body movements in addition to hops, jumps and of course the grapevine.

Hopefully, those of you with children in gr. 4-8 noticed the new standup desks added to those classrooms this fall.  Understanding how to meet the needs of all learners means thinking differently about how we work and move in classrooms and throughout the school each day.

We encourage you to visit and try the path with your child!

Enjoy a wonderful holiday and see you in the new year.


Character Education
The virtue for December is compassion: showing care and consideration, having kind feelings towards someone who is hurt or troubled; and helping them.

Grade 7-8 Christmas Bake Sale
The grade 7 and 8 students at Central Perth will be holding their annual Christmas Bake Sale on Tuesday, December 18th, during the nutrition breaks.  Students will go to each classroom selling the treats.  Prices will range from $0.25 – $1.00.  Donations are needed to make this sale a success.  Please see the attached flyer.   Although we have encouraged the items to be nut free, we cannot ensure this.

Just a reminder that all visitors and students must be signed in at the office!
Please use the Front Door to enter our school.

If you are signing in your child as “LATE”, please say your goodbyes in the office and let your child go to their classroom on his/her own (JK/SK exception).

If you are dropping off their snowpants, projects, lunches, forgotten items, etc., or meeting with a teacher, please come to the office.  Please do not proceed to your child’s classroom.

When leaving the building, you can use the front door or the door off the parking lot.

When picking up your child at the end of the day, please come to the office and your child will meet you there.

All students being dropped off and/or picked up must be signed in or out using the book outside the main office. These procedures are to ensure the safety of our students.

Monthly Calendar
The Central Perth monthly calendar is available on line on the   Central Perth website.  Please log onto and save it to your favourites.  The calendar gets updated as items are added.  You are able to see the full year.

In the Spirit of Christmas
In the spirit of giving at Christmas time, we are organizing a Food Drive.

Monday, Dec 2nd
Pasta Day – have students bring anything associated with pasta.  Eg. spaghetti, spaghetti sauce, KD, Sidekicks or any other side dish.

Tuesday, December 3rd
Can Day – any kind of soup, beans, tuna, fruit or vegetables.

Thursday, December 5th
Breakfast Day – boxes of cereal, packages of breakfast and/or granola bars and peanut butter.

Show our school spirit and see how many boxes of food we can collect for the less fortunate in the area. All food will be given to the House of Blessing In Stratford.

Christmas Concert
This year, the students in grades JK-4 will be presenting a Christmas Concert on the evening of Thursday, December 5th  at 6:00 p.m.  The snowdate is Monday, December 9th.  The dress rehearsal will be on Thursday, December 5th  at 12:00 p.m.   Donations will be accepted aty the door and will go towards the music program and equipment.

Eco Club
Eco club is continuing to reduce single use plastics in our school. We have created a display and slideshows to promote this idea. We have talked about using reusable water bottles instead of single use plastic bottles, using metal cutlery instead of plastic and using reusable lunch containers instead of ziploc bags. It is our hope that we can reduce ziplock bags, plastic straws, and single use water bottles in our lunches at school.

CP – Twitter
You can “follow” Central Perth on Twitter. Receive updates on day to day school events and information about school bus or school delays and weather cancellations. You can receive these updates by going to or

Emergency School Closing
If schools are to be closed for the entire day and/or if buses are not operating or operating on a two hour bus delay due to fog or snow, the information will be broadcast as early as possible. IF THE BUSES ARE CANCELLED FOR THE FULL DAY, THE SCHOOL IS CLOSED TO STUDENTS FOR THE DAY.  IF THE BUSES ARE ON A 2 HOURS DELAY, THE SCHOOL IS OPEN TO STUDENTS. You can find out about delays and cancellations on radio stations CJCS 1240 AM, CKNX 107.7 and CKNX 920 AM Radio. This information is also available from the Board website and on the school twitter account On the left side of the home page, click on “Transportation delays or cancellations”.

Upcoming Events 

December 5
Dress Rehearsal – 12:00 p.m.
Holiday Concert – 6:00p.m.

December 6
P.A. Day

December 9
Holiday Concert Snow date
6:00 p.m.

December 16
Concert Band 9:15 a.m.

December 17
Green Day

December 18
Red Day
Carol Sing 10:20 a.m.

December 19
Carol Sing 9:30 a.m.
Jr. & Int. Bowling

December 20
Christmas Accessory Day

December 21
Christmas Hat Day
Volleyball game – Staff vs students

December 23 – January 5
Christmas Break

Cold Weather and Outside Activities
Please make sure your child comes to school dressed for the appropriate weather. In the case of extreme cold weather, students will be kept inside if the temperature or the temperature plus the windchill goes below -25 C. When the temperature outside is nearing this we shorten outside recess times, or have an indoor recess, we monitor students for signs of discomfort and we have additional clothing that students are able to use.

Families interested in Before or After School Childcare programs, should complete the on-line survey no later than Friday December 15th. The survey is available on The Avon Maitland DSB website: and Community/Before and After School Program Survey

Should you require a paper copy, please contact the school.
We appreciate your assistance, as we determine the feasibility of offering such programs.