June 2019 Newsletter

Mrs. Hoffman’s Message

Warm weather, longer days, class trips, final projects, graduation plans – these are just a few of the signs that our school year is coming to a close. Special events are possible due to the hard work and dedication of staff and volunteers.

After school tutoring has ended for the year. Thank you to the parents who made arrangements for their children to stay, and thank you to the students who worked hard towards their goals. Thank you to the teachers for going the extra mile to pinpoint learning needs. Thank you to all of the staff, community and student volunteers for working one on one with our students every week.

Thank you, parents, for preparing your children for their end-of-year trips. Although our routines are disrupted, trips are school highlights for our students. Thank you to parents who volunteer to assist in supervision during these out-of-classroom learning experiences. Finally, thank you to ALL parents who have taken part in our pizza fundraiser throughout the year; these monies were used to cover all costs for our year-end trips.

As we look to our 2019-2020 school year, staff are meeting about the most effective groupings for students (class placements). Administrators and staff consider a range of factors, including but not limited to, the academic, emotional, and potential social benefits or concerns when placing a child in a given class. Class placements are announced on the first day of school. Next year’s classroom organization, as well as staffing changes, will be announced in our final end-of-June newsletter.

Good luck to staff and students who will be persevering in their work and studies until the end of the month. As always, please feel free to call, email, or stop in the office with questions or concerns.

Grade Eight Graduation

Our Grade Eight graduation will be held on Monday, June 24, 2019 at Clinton Public School. Adanac Images will be here at 7:30 p.m. to take the class graduation picture. The ceremony will begin at 8 p.m.

Thank You Parents

Thank you for supporting the Clinton PS milk and pizza fundraiser throughout the school year. Your generous support has helped to raise the monies to support the following items/events for the 2019-2020 school year. Thank You!

  • All Year End Class trips!
  • Bussing for all class trips
  • Bussing and entry fees to all sporting events
  • Christmas Concert
  • Remembrance Day Wreath
  • Eat and Learn Program
  • Kindergarten Registration
  • Grade 8 Graduation
  • CPS Photo Gallery
  • Lego Club
  • Chess Club
  • Building Club
  • Ice Cream Party for student helpers
  • John Dunn Arctic Presentation
  • Youth Speak Presentation
  • Bach to Beatles Concert

Thank you as well, for supporting the Clinton PS School Council fundraisers throughout the school year. Monies raised supported the Band Club, Eat & Learn Program and class field trips as well as completely covering the costs of new soccer posts, which has been a two year fundraising initiative.

Early Dismissal / Pick Up

Knowing there are times that students need to be picked up early and that after-school arrangement can change, please understand that the secretary requires time to receive messages and inform students. This can not be done when the school is called near the end of the day. Please ensure any same-day early dismissal/pick-up needs or after-school changes are phoned in to the school prior to 1:00 p.m. This ensures your child(ren) will be informed.

Teachers do their best to make sure students are ready for early pick-up, but often class activities interfere with individual reminders. Please be sure your child(ren) are also aware of early pick-up times, so they can be ready on time.

Thank you.

Jump Rope for Heart

Thanks to our community and families for your generous support of our Jump Rope for Heart Fundraising Event. Not only did our students enjoy skipping and fitness activities, but together we were able to raise $496 to support a worthy cause in our community.

News from the CPS Band

The CPS Band represented our school very well at “Loud and Proud 5,” a mass band event in Stratford, involving close to 400 elementary students. Band members are now busy rehearsing for their final performance of the year, at Canada’s Wonderland on June 14. The band and Mrs. Erb are thankful for the continued support of parents, C.P.S. staff, School Council and community members.

News from the Library

Thursday, June 13th will be the last day to check books out of the library. Notices for outstanding books and fines will be sent home the following week. Over the remaining weeks of the school year, all library books must be returned or paid for. Fines paid for books that are later found and returned, will be refunded.

Thanks to all who supported another successful Book Fair. Our library will benefit from this Book Fair with $1275 worth of new product to be added to our school. The winner of the book fair draw for 25 dollars worth of free books was a student from our Grade 5/6 classroom. Her teacher, Mrs. Erb also received 25 dollars worth of product for the classroom.
Kay Johns –TRA

Milk Tickets

Any unused milk tickets left over at the end of this school year will be valid in September 2019.

Scooters and Bicycles

All bicycles and scooters brought to school must be parked in the bicycle stands. Scooters are not stored inside the school building. We strongly recommend that bike locks be used to secure all bicycles and scooters.

How Well Can Your Child See?

Let Eye See…Eye Learn® help you find the answer.
Has your child had a comprehensive eye exam by an optometrist? Your child’s classroom is visually demanding. As much as 80% of their learning is done through their eyes. Don’t assume you will notice something is wrong with your child’s vision as many conditions are not visible to an untrained eye. As many as 1 in 4 children has a vision problem. Young children often have no form of comparison to know what vision should look like. Children assume everyone sees the world like they do. Children’s eye exams and follow ups are covered by your child’s Ontario Health Card so there is no out of pocket cost. Junior Kindergarten children can also participate in Eye See…Eye Learn® and receive a complimentary pair of glasses if they are needed. To find a local optometrist or learn more about Eye See…Eye Learn, visit the EyeSeeEyeLearn website or call 1-855-424-ESEL.

Give us 30 seconds: Take a look at the YouTube video how Ian struggles every day to see his world.

Protect Your Head, Wear a Helmet

Head injuries are the No.1 cause of serious injury and death to kids on bicycles. A properly fitted and correctly worn helmet can make a dramatic difference, cutting the risk of serious head injury by up to 80%. Parents can help by setting an example and using a helmet when they ride.
Keep yourself safe when biking:

  • Ensure bikes are adjusted to rider requirements
  • Get trained in bicycle safety
  • Use designated areas for riding when available
  • Be sure your bike has reflectors and lights

Use Sunsense

Get outdoors and be sun safe.

  1.  Wear a hat!
  2. Play in the shade
  3. Put on sunscreen
  4. Cover up
  5. Wear sunglasses

Outdoor play and learning are essential to children’s health and development. Appropriate sun safety habits maximize health and enjoyment in the outdoors and prevent skin cancer from exposure to ultraviolet radiation ( UVR ).

Schools, families and communities can work together to play a significant role in reducing exposure to UVR and changing behaviour through policy, education and role modeling.