April 2018 Newsletter

Principal’s Message

Thank you to everyone for the warm welcome you have given me on my return to EES. It is wonderful to once again work with such incredible kids and a wonderful community.
EQAO testing begins in May. Teachers of both the Grade 3 and 6 classes have been preparing for EQAO testing by working on practice reading, writing and math tests. You can also help by not making doctor, dental appointments etc. during the weeks of May 22 – June 4.

Helping Children with EQAO Assessment

Studies confirm that parents who take an active interest in their children’s schooling help their children achieve success. Teachers and parents must work together to help students see assessment as a natural and necessary part of learning. Here is what parents can do to help ensure that students have a positive experience in the EQAO assessments.


• Keep up-to-date with school activities before the assessment period. Many informative materials are available through your child’s school. Materials include copies of EQAO’s newsletters, sample assessment units and other resources designed for parents. EQAO also has a web site (www.eqao.com).
• Discuss the assessments with your child. Students tend to be comfortable and confident during an assessment when their parents and teachers have a strong sense of what it is supposed to achieve.


  • Support your child by discussing the daily assessment activities.
  • Try to avoid interruptions in your child’s attendance during the assessment. The school can identify the exact days on which the assessment will be taking place.
  • Remember: this is only one assessment of what your child has learned. The teacher’s regular classroom assessments remain crucial to the learning process.

Help Your Child Learn to Set and Achieve Goals

1. At the beginning of the week, help your child identify one challenging–but attainable–goal. It might be turning in a book report on time. It might be getting 90% correct on a math test.
2. Have your child write the goal on a piece of paper. Post it on the refrigerator or a bulletin board.
3. Talk about how to accomplish the goal. Help your child break the goal down into smaller steps. For example, “You could read two chapters every day. Then you can spend a day writing your report and another day revising it”.
4. As the week progresses, ask how things are going. If problems come up, talk about possible solutions. If your child falls behind in reading, for example, a ten-minute extension of bedtime might encourage him to catch up.
5. At the end of the week, help your child evaluate how well he/she did. Did he/she achieve his/her goal? Why or why not? Most important, praise your child for trying. Then set a new goal for next week.
Source: The Parent Institute

Continuing to lead a healthy and active lifestyle will also help students achieve. It is especially important that students involved in EQAO have time to be active. This will help ‘burn off’ energy. Eating properly and getting plenty of sleep will ensure that students are able to concentrate and have more success in school and on the test.

Thank you

Rick van Maanen

School Council

School Council is excited to announce their support of new playground equipment in the primary yard. The replacement is expected to be in place for Fall 2018. Watch for more details! Our spring fundraising orders will be going home soon. The order includes local products from Luvu Naturally and Huron Ridge Greenhouses with delivery to the school in time for Mother’s Day. The school Spirit Wear order has been placed. Order arrival date still to be confirmed. Save the Date: Our annual Spaghetti Dinner is on Monday June 11th and we’re looking for volunteer cupcake bakers. If interested in helping to contribute please email eeschoolcouncil@gmail.com. Our next council meeting is scheduled for Monday April 16, 2018. Meetings are open to anyone interested in coming to learn more about what activities we support in the school. We’d love to have you join us!

Me to We Treat Thursdays

For the months of April and May, Me to We will be having “Treat Thursdays” where students can purchase a variety of different chips or popcorn for $1. All money raised will go towards a Me to We charity.

Spirit Days

On Friday April 13, EES will be having a talent show. All students are encouraged to wear EES spirit wear or the school colours to show our support for the talent show participants.

On Friday April 20, students can have fun dressing up as their future job/career. What do you want to be a doctor? A teacher? A race car driver? A surfer? Have fun and show everyone your future goals.

Talent Show

Students are excited to show off their talents and will be having a talent show on Friday April 13, beginning at 11:30am. We have gymnasts, singers, dancers, athletes and many more, who are excited to perform for us! Parents of participants are welcome to join us and cheer on your child. Every student at the school is asked to bring in $1 for a local charity. See you there!

Green News

Earth Month is April 2018.  “Treat the earth well. It was not given to us by our parents… It was lent to us by our children.” Kenyan Proverb

Thank you to all the EES families who participated in this year’s Earth Hour on March 24. 187 countries worldwide participated in this important event to shine a light on climate action. Earth Hour is a fun way for families to spend time together and think about ways to help care for our planet.

Wastefree Wednesday Litterless Lunch Days on April 4, 11, 18, 25

The purpose of our litterless lunch days is to heighten awareness of students, parents and educators regarding the part we play in contributing to the waste stream everyday. Although the trash you produce may go out of your thoughts as soon as you put it in the garbage can, it does not magically go away.

Much of our school garbage comes from snacks and lunches. We are trying hard to reduce the amount of garbage we produce. On Wastefree Wednesdays, any garbage that is brought to school will be returned home with students. Items that are being recycled, reused or composted are not counted as garbage. Students that bring a litterless lunch will be entered into our weekly ECO draws.

Community Clean up on April 26

Our school will be participating in a clean up of our parks, paths, streets, playground, and sports fields. Students are asked to bring washable gloves and a plastic grocery bag for this activity. Rain date will be Monday April 30. Let’s help to make Exeter clean and green!

AMDSB Hosts: Pathways Night

This event takes place at CHSS in the cafeteria on Thursday, April 5th from 7 to 8:30 p,m.  For more information visit the AMDSB website.  Special Guest Speaker Jamie Mcmillan. For Parents and Students from K-12

Cancer & Rural Connections

You are not alone in this… Join us for a one-day symposium. Including breakout sessions.Saturday, April 14, 2018. 9 a.m – 4 p.m. Exeter United Church.
Prepaid Registration: Only $ 20,00
Lunch included with registration.
Deadline: Friday, March 30.00
Late Registration: $ 30.00

About the Day

Have you or are you facing a diagnosis of Cancer? Perhaps a family member or friend? Or are you a caregiver?
We believe there has been disconnect of resources and workshops for the rural population in our own backyard

Here is a program to help you find your way.
• Mickey Gurbin, Social Worker, BA,BSW,MA,RSW will talk about Self-Care & Advocate for Yourself
• Kim Winbow, Coordinator of Hospice & Bereavement Services will touch on “Do not fear the unknown…” VON & Jessica House
• Breakout Sessions will include options like Art & Music (drum) Therapy, Mindful Meditation Financial. Support.
For more information please : Contact: Patti Down 519-495-9120 or Carol Coleman 519-851-2342