October 2018 Newsletter

Principal’s Message

It is hard to believe we are already into our second month of school. We have had a fantastic start up for the 2018-2019 school year. Students have been busy learning, getting to know the classroom expectations and learning how to work collaboratively with their peers. There have been lots of activities going on and many students are eager to attend the Cross Country meets this week. We wish all participants best of luck and look forward to hearing how they work to accomplish some of their personal bests. Thank you so much to the coaches for taking the time to organize, coach and supervise all of these students. Without you we wouldn’t be able to offer such a wonderful opportunity. Sincere thank you goes to Mrs. Ernest, Mrs. Chapman and Mrs. Douglas, and Mrs. Mari your extra time and efforts are greatly appreciated by all of us.
Thank you to Mr. Gough for your work, dedication and commitment to coaching the Junior Soccer team. The students enjoyed their time learning from you, developing their soccer skills and their collaboration.
Mrs. Crummer

Front Driveway- VIP Message

NO ONE is allowed to park at the front of the school during the hours of 8:15 am to 9:00 am and 3:20 pm to 4:00 pm. THIS IS IMPERATIVE as we need room for the bus to drive through during these designate times. There is a sign that states this as well. We will be requiring you to move and we will enforce this with everyone as the bus lane must be kept clear at these times. Please assist us by mentioning to anyone who may be responsible for picking up or dropping off your children. We thank you for co-operation in advance!

We request that no toys and games from home come to school as it increases the chance of it getting lost and/or ruined. If students bring these to school they may be held in the office for the day and student may pick up to take home at the end of the day. Thank you in advance for your support.

Prevalent Medical Conditions

Schools in Avon Maitland District School Board strive to ensure the safest environment for students who have a prevalent medical condition (i.e., epilepsy, diabetes, anaphylaxis, or asthma) or other conditions placing the student Medically-at-Risk. As the parent(s)/guardian(s) of a student within our school system deemed to have a prevalent medical condition or other health condition, you are required to be active participants in supporting the management of your child’s medical condition while at school.

Upon initial registration, all parents are required to file a registration form including medical information. This information is kept on file and updated annually, usually at the beginning of each school year or as information changes.

Once a student has been identified with a prevalent medical condition or other health condition, the principal or designate will clearly communicate the roles and responsibilities, and the relevant AMDSB procedures that are in place to support students with prevalent medical/health conditions. We expect that, as the parent/guardian, you will provide the school with the information required to co-create an Individual Medical Management Plan of Care for your child.

Please be aware of the following guidelines for Hamlet…

  • Due to life threatening allergies, we ask that our families send lunches that are nut free. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
  • In the nice weather, I know many of you walk with your child and the family pet. Unfortunately, we cannot allow dogs on our playground. With all of the noise and confusion on the school yard, we cannot take the chance of having a dog on the yard. This ensures the safety of the children and also protects your dog from an unfortunate incident. Thank you for leaving pets off the school grounds.
  • Yard supervision begins at 8:55 am and ends at 3:35 pm. Children should not be dropped off before or picked up after these times.
  • Our snack bin program accepts donations! If you would like to donate healthy, non-perishable food items, that would be great! Just please remember they must be nut free. You can also donate by sending a cheque to the school, made payable to The Foundation for Education. Please make a note on the cheque the purpose is for the Snack Program at Hamlet Public School and a tax receipt will be issued to you.

Website, Twitter and Facebook

Visit the Hamlet website. Please bookmark the website as there is a lot of valuable information. Also, follow us on Twitter @HamletPS to stay current with some of the happenings and events at Hamlet and surrounding area. Parent Council also have a Facebook Page @HamletPublicSchool.

Monthly Character Attribute: Empathy

Empathy is understanding how someone feels, looking at something through someone else’s eyes or walking in someone else’s shoes. It can be about showing someone you care, showing concern, being kind, sharing, helping, giving, listening to and trying to understand the opinions of others, emotionally putting yourself in someone else’s place, recognizing and accepting the differences in all people, and shaking hands at the end of a game no matter what has happened are all a part of understanding empathy. Understanding, compassion, charity, sensitivity, and concern are all components of empathy.

School Planners and Family Handbook

Students in grades 1-6 will receive a school planner. These planners are at no cost to students, thanks to school funds and fundraising efforts of our School Council. The planner is one tool to communicate with your child’s teacher, and for your child to organize homework, assignments, and special events.

We ask that you please take a some time to review the school handbook with your child. The annual review of our policies and procedures are a great way for all students to understand how they can contribute to making Hamlet a safe and welcoming learning environment for all.

Special thanks to School Council for your contribution!

Parent/Visitor Sign In

All parents/visitors to the school must sign in at the school office. This includes parents dropping or picking up children, dropping off items to the children or to the classroom during school hours. It is important that we provide you with a “Visitor” or “Volunteer” lanyard so all staff and students recognize all adults in the building.

Volunteering at Hamlet Public School

Parents wishing to volunteer/attend a field trip at the school must have a current police check, for the school or school board, to volunteer at Hamlet Public School. Once a police check is on file then you will be asked to complete a declaration the following year. Please call or stop at the office if you wish more information.

Terry Fox Run

Thank you for all for your donations for our Marathon of Hope walk. Hamlet raised $450 towards the continuing research for a cure for cancer. Our school goal was $400, so we are pleased to see the extra money go to the Terry Fox Foundation. Go Hornets!

Hamlet Hornet Soccer

Hamlet Hornets soccer team was victorious in winning our 3rd tournament in a row! We were undefeated over 5 games yesterday and beat Downie 1-0 in the final game. We had 7 different players score over the 5 games for a well balanced attack. Thank you Mr. Gough for coaching and the team for your awesome effort!

Peer Helpers

This year at Hamlet we will have some junior students (grade 5 and 6s) out at lunch as PEER HELPERS. The purpose and intent of peer helpers is to encourage positive relationships on the yard and in the classroom by helping solve conflicts, helping children cooperate, and encouraging every child to show that they care. Not only will they be helping problem solve on the yard they will also help younger children find friends to play with and learn new activities and games that they can play at recess. We are excited to see the positive relationships that this initiative encourages on our school yard!

Book Fair

We sold enough books to earn our library and school $930. Our library will enjoy the addition of more current and new books this year!—thank you to those who participated, it was a successful book fair.

Monthly Food Orders

The monthly food orders will start this week. Food day items are available online. This is a school run fundraiser that goes towards various activities for the students. We will be trying out Chicken Caesar Salad Day on October 23. Proceeds for this go towards our Eat and Learn program!

Calling all Three year olds (CATYO)

Kindergarten registration for the 2019-2020 school year, at Hamlet Public School, is Wednesday, November 7 in the morning. Please call the school, 519-271-2826 to schedule a time for you and your child to come and meet with screeners and a kindergarten teacher and DECE.

Before and After School Program

As part of our ongoing commitment to make the school day as seamless as possible for our families, we ask parents/guardians to share their tentative childcare needs for September of the next school year (2019) by completing an online survey. The survey will be available October 1, 2018 and can be found on the AMDSB website.

Families that are interested in Before and After school programs for their Junior/Senior Kindergarten children and/or grade 1 – 6 children are asked to complete the survey by December 1, 2018.

We appreciate your assistance as we determine the feasibility of offering such programs.

If you require a paper copy, please contact the school.

Upcoming Events

October 2 – Pat Cook Cross Country Run
October 4 – Wildwood Cross Country Run
October 8 – Thanksgiving
October 10 – Ben Mill Cross Country Run
October 12 – MacMillan’s Fundraiser Due to the office
October 15 – Food Online orders open
October 19 – Individual Picture Day
October 22 – Food Online orders close
October 24 – Ontario dress Purple Day (for youth safety and well being)
October 30 – MacMillan’s Fundraiser pick up from 3:30 – 6:00 in the gym
October 31 – Orange and Black Day
November 7 – 2019-2020 Kindergarten Registration in the morning at Hamlet Public School

Dates for 2018-2019 School Year

October 8 – Thanksgiving
November 1st – Interviews in the evening
November 2 – Interviews AM and PD Day
December 7 – PD Day
December 24 – January 4 – Winter Break
February 1 – PD Day
February 18 – Family Day
March 11 – March 15 – March Break
April 5 – PD Day
April 19 – Good Friday
April 22 – Easter Monday
May 20 – Victoria Day
June 7 – PD Day
June 28 – PD Day