Home of the Roadrunners

Huron Centennial Public School

Huron Centennial Public School is located on 30 plus acres of property in rural Ontario and is a wonderfully kind, caring, and compassionate school community with a dedicated, supportive, and professional staff. We have grown to 15 classrooms, including two full day learning classrooms with Teacher/Early Childhood educator teams, new in our school this year. We welcome our new students from the former Holmesville school and look forward to having them as part of our community.

Numerous opportunities for student engagement both in and outside of the classroom are consistently provided in order to address the strengths, needs and interests of all our students. Our focus remains on student achievement with a focus on math in all three divisions. We will continue our peace tree initiative, Roots of Empathy programs and character education in the coming year to maintain the atmosphere of respect and inclusion we value at our school.

As has been the practice, our newsletter will be sent home once a month, usually on the last Thursday of the month. It will also be posted on our website if for some reason it has been misplaced. Please follow us on Twitter:http://twitter.com/huroncentps. Bus information can be found at Huron Perth transportation services: http://ourschoolbuses.ca/ I look forward to another year as part of the Huron Centennial community. Please contact me if I can be of assistance carol.rauser@ed.amdsb.ca.