November 2017 Newsletter

Principal’s Message

Two months have quickly gone by in our school year. The Progress Report has come home and interviews are Thursday and Friday, November 2nd and 3rd respectively. Interview times should have come home to you if you did not receive, it ask your child. If they have the form or call the school. With the colder weather coming and students wearing more coats, sweaters etc… please be sure to put your child’s name on items so if they get misplaced they can hopefully be returned when found. As always, school continues to be a very busy place. We thank you, the families, for the time and efforts you have put into helping our students achieve their potential. Please remember to check out our school website and the great information located there. We also have Facebook and Twitter ac- counts and we try to post there regularly. Look for us on both sites and Like us or Follow us to find out more about Eastdale happenings. I am sure that November will be as busy as every other month thus far.

Ross MacSorley

Coming Events

October 31—November 3—Book Fair
November 2—Parent Teacher Interviews
November 3—P.A. Day, Parent Teacher Inter- views
November 7—Pita Pit lunch
November 6—School Council at 6:30 p.m.
November 10—Remembrance Day — school service at 10 a.m.
November 14—Picture Retake Day
November 17—Kindergarten Registration am
November 21—Pita Pit lunch
November 21—JK/SK Lions Vision and Hearing Screening

Virtue for November: Courage

Courage is personal bravery in the face of fear. It is doing what needs to be done even when it is hard or scary.

Courage is going ahead even when you feel like giving up and quitting. It is do- ing what you know is right even if other people laugh at you or call you names. Courage is a quality of the heart.

Safe Dismissal Procedure

We continue to receive concerns about varying dismissal times. In order for us to be most efficient with our time at dismissal, we must ask parents to communicate bus plans to the Office early in the day. We cannot dismiss our walking students until our buses have left and we cannot dismiss buses if we are still trying to account for bus students. It is almost impossible to be consistent with times if we are just finding out end of day plans when students are walking out the door. Please help us to help everyone to en- sure a speedy and prompt dismissal. Also please remember the school day does not end until 3:20 p.m. and we need to keep students in their classes involved in curriculum related activities as long as we possibly can. Every minute of teaching time is precious learning time for our students.

SchoolMessenger—Texting option

Our Board has implemented a new system called SchoolMessenger. With this system we can email, text or phone you to let you know up- dates or cancellations and to send out our News- letter etc. A text went out in September asking you to say YES to receiving text messages. If you did not and would now like to receive texts please text YES from your cellphone to 978338. It may be particularly helpful for you to receive a text on a weather day.

Bus Notes

If you child rides the bus, please send a note to your child’s teacher to let them know if he/she will not be taking the bus home on a certain day. If we do not get a note or a phone call, your child will be taking the bus home.

Please also note that Kindergarten students will not be allowed off the bus at their stop if there is not an adult there to meet them.

Scholastic Book Fair

Listowel Eastdale Library will be hosting a Scholastic Book Fair on
Thursday, November 2—8:30 a.m.. – 7:30 p.m (open during interviews)
Friday, November 3 – 9 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Book fairs not only help our school raise funds for further book purchases, but also encourage your child to become a lifelong reader and learner.
Cash, Cheques, Debit, Visa and Mastercard

Late Students

When students arrive late they are interrupting class instruction by the teacher and the learning of the other students. The instructional day starts at 9:00 a.m. – please ensure your child/ren are here on time. Thank you.

Preventing Head Lice

Please check your child’s head on a regular basis. If your child does have head lice, please let the school know. We know tackling this problem is time consuming, but it is a necessary process and we thank you for your efforts. Notify any person who may have come in close contact with you so that other cases can be found and treated in the same time frame.

Below are some tips to avoid re-infestation: Soak brushes and combs in hot water (about 54 degrees C) or in undiluted shampoo/ conditioner for 5-10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with hot water.

Lost and Found

As our Lost and Found grows, we encourage students to have their items of clothing tagged with their name for easy returns.
Please remember that the Lost and Found is cleaned out during the breaks and will be sent to the Salvation Army. Please check it for your child’s lost items on a regular basis.

Eastdale Clothing

Just in time for Christmas, Eastdale School Council is offering Eaglewear. Watch for the order forms, they will be coming home shortly.


Thank you for your support of the school Agenda program. Families donated $6 to- wards the cost of the agendas, with the School Council paying the balance. The total cost of the agendas this year was approximately $1300. Thank you for your efforts on behalf of our students. Please remember our doors are always open should you re- quire information.

Articles such as clothing, towels and bed linens may harbour lice or nits. To clean: Wash all clothing, towels, bedding, etc. in very hot water and dry in the dryer by using the hot cycle for at least 20 minutes OR seal in a plastic bag for two weeks.

Cross Country

Eastdale had many dedicated cross country runners in September and October running daily around the school yard.

At the regional meet at Northwoods P.S., East- dale had a successful meet.

We had 17 members move on to represent Eastdale at the District meet in Benmiller. Many races often had 80 or more runners.

Congratulations to all cross country team members for their dedication, perseverance and good sportsmanship.

Getting Ready for Winter!

How do I know when buses are can- celled and/or my school is closed?
We all know that winter is just around the corner and with it comes it the occasional winter storm. Huron Perth Student Transportation Services is making it even easier this year to get your school bus delay and cancellation information. Already you can follow the announcements by going to the website or by following your school’s twitter/facebook account. You don’t need to have a twitter account to get this information, as the latest Tweet appears on the main page of our school’s website.
HPSTS has a smart phone App – called HPSTS. This App is available for iPhones, Android Smartphones and Windows OS Smartphones and is absolutely free. This App will bring you all the latest announce- ments regarding school bus or school de- lays and cancellations.

The HPSTS App is available in the Google Play Store for smartphones using the An- droid OS. For iphones and Windows OS phones go to the following link to install the app:

As in the past, you can also monitor local radio stations during inclement weather for the latest announcements on cancellations or delays. For further information please contact Huron Perth Student Transportation Services at 1-888-871-7722 or visit the website at

School Council

The next School Council meeting will be Monday, November 6th from 6:30-7:45 p.m.
Everyone is welcome. Babysitting is provided.


Eastdale’s Junior Mixed Soccer team had excel- lent, summery weather to represent the school in a way you’d expect from a school
team. Teamwork, sportsmanship and heart were on full display at the Mornington Tournament.

Eastdale Gets Techy!

We are purchasing a number of fun, educational hi tech and low tech items that will ultimately create an Eastdale “Makerspace”. A DIY space where people can gather to create, invent, and learn. The first phase is about using tech games/tools for students to play with. When they are playing, they are actually coding without it seeming like cod- ing. All of these students will be growing up and working in a world that will use technology in ways we haven’t even thought of yet. Stay tuned for details about this project. Thanks so much to Makerspace contributors: Eastdale Parent Council and Foundation for Education Small Project Grant.

Allergy Alert!

We have a number of people in the school who have life-threatening allergies. We are asking for your help to keep them safe.
1. Do not send any type of nut or nut product to school – this includes peanut butter, nutella, almond butter etc.

2. Please do not send the product “WOW butter” to school – although it is labelled “nut free” it is very difficult for staff and students to tell the difference between WOW butter and peanut butter.

3. Please do not send shellfish or crusta- ceans – shrimp, crab, lobster, crayfish, oys- ters, mussels, scallops or clams.

4. As well, this year we will ask that pets not be brought into the school for show and tell or as class pets.

Thank you for your understanding and consid- eration.

Yard Supervision

Yard supervision does not begin until 8:45 a.m. It is in place from 8:45-8:55 a.m. and after school from 3:20-3:30. Please do not send or bring your children earlier than 8:45 or have them stay later than 3:30, as there will be no one in the yard to supervise them.


The front of the school has been designated a school bus loading zone. No parking or stopping will be allowed on the street during the school day. Please follow the street signs regarding parking/stopping.

Safe Arrival Telephone Program

If your child is going to be absent from school, please contact us at 519-291-2930 ext 1 and leave a message. The Safe Arrival Telephone Program is used in the event that your child is absent and we have not been contacted. This is to ensure that your child is safe and not home alone (as a result of missing the bus, having an accident at home while waiting for the bus to come, etc.). Please be assured that we will make every effort to contact you in the event that your child is not at school and you have not contacted us. Please advise the office of any changes to phone numbers addresses, names, etc. Also, please remember when you are bringing your children late or picking your children up early, to make your first stop at the office since we must know where your children are at all times during the day.

Please pass the word along that Kindergarten registration is on November 17. It’s important that we have an accurate count of JK/SK numbers early.