February 2019 Newsletter

Administrator’s Message

Happy February! This month, our character attribute is perseverance. Our staff and students will have multiple opportunities to build perseverance as we enter into our final weeks of Term 1 with reviews and assessments of materials in all subject areas. Report cards will go home for all students on February 19th.

We have a number of teams, clubs and activities that are running this month. Students have the opportunity to be involved in Coding Club, Basketball, Bridge Club, Primary and Junior Choir, Lunch Bunch, Student Voice Team and Peer and Kindergarten Helpers. This month, we invite students to listen for announcements for intramurals and Chess Club. Getting involved in the activities in the school is a great way to find a sense of belonging at school that is so important for all.

As always, if you have any questions, concerns or celebrations, please feel free to contact the school at anytime.


Mrs. Cassone and Mr. Holland

Our Mission

Learners Today Leaders Tomorrow
We strive to ensure that all students achieve their potential, academically and socially.


Compromised Immune System Information

We have children at our school with compromised immune systems. We request that you please let the office know immediately if your child breaks out with chickenpox, fifths disease, strep, or any other communicable disease (as identified by Perth District Health Unit). Attendance for your child will remain the same as per the Health Unit guidelines. However, we will inform the families of our at risk students that it is in the school so they may make an informed decision for their child’s health.

Wintery Weather – Is Little Falls Closed?

Get the Latest on School or School Bus Delays or Cancellations

Please note: If buses are cancelled, but the school is still open, you must advise the school if your child will be absent even if they are a bus student! As part of our Safe Arrival Program, we must confirm the whereabouts of all children if the school is open.
Also, if buses are not running in the morning, they will not be running in the afternoon.

Help Stop the Spread

If they are sick, please keep them home.  We have had a number of staff and students home sick with a variety of symptoms this year. If your child has vomited or had diarrhea, we ask that they remain home for 24 hours from the time of the last incident. This helps prevent other children in the school from becoming ill. If your child is unable to go outside at recess due to illness, please do not send them to school with a request to stay indoors during recess. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate these requests.

Bridge Club

The card game Bridge is fundamentally grounded in Math. From simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to complex functions – calculating odds and percentages. The Bridge Club is continuing to play Bridge and improve their skills. Our Bridge Club members are looking forward to their next tournament. We would like to thank Mr. Symons for volunteering every Monday to teach this complex game to our Bridge Club members.

Let’s Talk About Math

As part of our school wide learning goal, we are encouraging kids and families to talk about math! Math is part of our everyday life, but we have to make sure we seize those opportunities to name and notice it in the world around us. When math is relevant to our students, there is a much greater likelihood that they will grasp the particular concept. As a family, we encourage you to support your kids in naming and noticing the math in their world. Cooking with a favourite recipe, determining how much time it will take to get to a favourite destination, enjoying family game night, and setting goals to save for something special are all ways in which we can have fun with math in our everyday lives. Have fun!

Up and Coming Events

PA Day

Our PA Day in February is on Friday, February 1st.

Report Cards

Report cards will be coming home on Tuesday, February 19, 2019.

Family Day

Monday, February 18th is Family Day. There is no school for staff and students. Enjoy the day!

School Council/PIA News

The next School Council/ PIA meeting will be held on Monday, February 4th at 6:00 p.m. in the Little Falls library. All are welcome.

Welcome to Barbara Coloroso: February 11

Save the Date!! In coordination with Parent Councils at Avon PS, Bedford PS, Romeo PS and Shakespeare PS, we are thrilled to welcome Barbara Coloroso to Stratford on Monday, February 11th at 6pm. Please see the flyer attached. All parents are welcome! We hope you can join us:)

Little Falls Library News

Getting Kids Excited About Reading!

The Forest of Reading is Canada’s largest recreational
reading program where readers select the winners!
The Ontario Library Association (OLA) offers seven reading
programs to encourage a love of reading in people of
all ages. The Forest helps celebrate Canadian books,
publishers, authors and illustrators.

Little Falls P.S. Library is offering 4 of the reading programs for students.  Book Clubs are running now until May when voting on the student’s favourite book will take place.

1. Blue Spruce – Kindergarten – Grade 2
2. Silver Birch Express – Grades 3 – 4
3. Silver Birch Fiction – Grades 5 – 6
4. Silver Birch Non-Fiction – Grade 5 – 6

Thank You!

Ice Packs

Anyone who has visited the Little Falls Office will be aware of how many times in a day an icepack is requested by a student. It is amazing the power of an ice pack for all of those bumps and bruises! We would like to say a sincere thank you to Lorianne Schmidt, Ms. McPhail’s Grandma all the way in Arizona who made playful covers for them. The kids love them and they are a happy distraction from unfortunate bumps!

Upcoming Events in March

Pancake Day

On Tuesday, March 5th (First Break) School Council and PIA will once again be cooking up pancakes for all the students. Thank you to our volunteers who will be present to flip pancakes for all! Bon appetit!