Home of the Triumph!

Home of the Triumph!

Principal’s Summer 2018 Message

I am writing this message on July 4th. Our halls are unusually quiet. While this has its benefits, especially because we can get so much done in the office without students in the building, it sure does remind us how important the students are to us. They give us the deeper reasons we come to work each day. I could not imagine a job where there are no children; they are my passion.

After this week there will be no one in the office, officially, until August 23rd (I will drop in every now and then throughout the summer). After this date we will be ready to provide good customer service once again.

If you are a new family to Maitland River please note that we have set some time aside just for you. Our registration date for new families is Tuesday, August 28th beginning at 9:00 a.m. Please email me at angela.cowley@ed.amdsb.ca if you need to register your child on this date. I will email you back with a registration time.

To all our students and families at Maitland River Elementary School I wish you the happiest and safest of summers.


Angela Cowley, Principal.