Home of the Mustangs

Home of the Mustangs

Welcome to a new year of learning at! I am so excited to welcome everyone back to Milverton Public School.

Milverton Public School staff is very dedicated to the new school year ahead. Staff have been very busy throughout the summer, attending courses, reading professional books and collaborating with colleagues, to enhance their learning in order to create the best learning environment possible for your child(ren). I am excited to share that we as the Avon Maitland District School Board are supporting and focusing on the following student outcomes; Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving. We have a lot to accomplish and at Milverton PS, we are looking forward to a year of LEARNING with students.

Every student has a planner again this year, and we have been given special permission to use the Leader in Me- 7 Habits tree for the cover. All students from JK to Grade 8 have the same cover but the inside layout is different for each of the three Divisions. Please feel free to use this communication tool, and please ask your child(ren) about what is going on at school with the 7 Habits- we are sure they will be more then happy to share their work and learning.

As you maybe aware as a lead learner I continually try and have a personal goal every year and this year is no exception. I have two personal goals this year! One is to continue supporting and deepening the 7 habits through our beLEADers mission. My second goal is to support and engage students and staff alike in our LEARNING. We now have a data projector, and white board in every classroom from Grade 1-8 and we know that many students have access to LEARNING, basically 24/7. With the continued networking opportunities that abound for everyone in our 21 century work and play world, we want to support one another in providing a multitude of LEARNING skills and strategies that can be built upon for success. Through the use of a variety of strategies it is my intent to help deepen our understanding of each other, and the world around us, in a collaborative, respectful manner by supporting and celebrating differences, listening to one another, providing a safe and inclusive environment for all.

As I have shared with staff, my plan is to be more actively involved and engaged in classrooms on a daily basis, talking to students and staff and sharing the incredible LEARNING that is going on, with the community at large. Things like the expanded use of Twitter as one way of sharing our LEARNING AND WORK with you!

As always I am so proud to be a part of this great Milverton Public School community, where staff, students and the community is so welcoming, friendly and caring.


Jeremy Brock, Principal.