June 2018 Newsletter

It is hard to believe that we are in the last month of this school year. There have been many firsts for me this year, and I’m sure that while most of our students have been here over the years, they will also have experienced some new things, and other exciting firsts. I want to take this opportunity to extend a huge thank-you to all of our staff, parents, and community volunteers who have given so much over the course of this school year to support our students, and help to make Milverton Public School such an amazing spot to work and learn. I also want to say how much I appreciate the work of all of our students who do the very best they can every day, to extend their academic skills, develop positive character attributes, and involve themselves in our positive, inclusive learning environment.

At this point, it is important to recognize the contributions of all students who are leaving our school at the end of the month to pursue other interests, whether it be in the secondary panel, or at another school within or outside of AMDSB. No matter where people are headed, I am confident that their experiences here at MPS will help to ensure ongoing success for these students, next year and beyond.

Mr. J. Brock

Playground Update

The final design and plans have been submitted for our playground and we are very confident that we will have raised the amount necessary to fully fund our primary playground by the end of the school year! This is a huge undertaking, and we can’t thank our generous donors enough. Thanks also to all of the parents and staff who have been working behind the scenes to ensure that this project comes to pass, especially in such a short amount of time. As a result of our very successful fundraising campaign, we anticipate being able to use the playground on the first day of school in September.

Placements for September

At this time of year, the principal, in consultation with the staff, considers the most effective groupings of students (class placements) for instruction, for all students, for the upcoming year. Principals and staff consider a range of factors, including, but not limited to, the academic, emotional and potential social benefits or concerns when placing a child in a given class. If you have a concern you wish considered regarding your child’s placement for next year, please submit it in writing by Wednesday June 8th to the principal, Mr. Brock. Due to the transition of students in and out of the community during the summer months, student placements will be announced the first day of school in September. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Movement in/out of the School

If you are planning on moving out of the school community, or know someone who is planning to move into our school community, please let us know at the school as early as you can. Each student we have in our school is important to us, and each one influences our staffing complement for the upcoming school year. The sooner we know about changes, the sooner we can relay these to the Board. Some of our classes are projected to be quite full, and movement in one direction or another can have a significant impact on our staffing, as well as class arrangements going forward. Thanks for your support with this request.

Dress Code

As the weather gets warmer, we encourage families to revisit the expectations for appropriate clothing and footwear while students are at school. Please ensure all clothing is suitable for active participation in school activities, and also that shorts, skirts, and tops provide suitable coverage. Footwear is of particular concern, and students are reminded that sandals and flip-flops may not provide adequate support or protection for activities at recess. Running shoes are still expected for all students for Physical Education classes, unless otherwise noted.

Social Media

Over the course of this school year, there have been many situations where parents or members of the greater school community may have had questions or concerns, and they reached out to classroom teachers first, and then to the office, for clarification. It is strongly encouraged that parents continue to do this, to provide an opportunity to dialogue with school staff, share information, and communicate solutions, where possible. It is often quite counterproductive to share concerns about school situations on social media, such as Facebook, without contacting the school first. We will not acknowledge posts on social media, and unfortunately sometimes information that is shared is inaccurate, or inflammatory. Please work with us to help us address situations, and respond in an appropriate and productive manner.

Update from AMDSB re: Stratford Central/Northwestern SS

Just a friendly reminder that if you would like to provide input regarding the changes coming to Stratford Central and Stratford Northwestern, there is an opportunity on the Avon Maitland District School Board website, yourschools.ca. There is also a form on the site for anyone who would like to register to join a sub-committee that will provide further input. We understand the disruption for families will be significant for the 2019/2020 school year, but the positive outcome will be integrated programming with enhanced options for students.

Food Days

Given the number of classroom trips and other special events happening in the school during the month of June, we want to remind families that there are no special food days scheduled for this month. There will also be no milk available for purchase, so we encourage families to consider other healthy options that kids may prefer. Going forward, we usually start up our food and milk orders at the beginning of October. For the upcoming school year, we will be adjusting the frequency of our order times, and the first order that will be sent home in September, will cover 3 months – October, November, and December (instead of the current monthly orders). By adjusting to a longer time frame, we hope to minimize the amount of upfront work, as well as the errors and omissions that sometimes occur as a result of more frequent orders.

Office Hours for the Summer

During the summer months, the school is generally closed to allow for renovations, repairs, and other updates. The office area will be open for the first week (July 2nd to July 5th) and last week (August 28th to August 31st) of the summer, to allow for any new registrations, etc. Specific office hours will be posted on the office doors during this time. Please feel free to call or drop into the school during these times to connect with office staff.


Next week, the School Council are hosting their annual Family BBQ, from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m., to say thanks to all of the families in our community for their support over the past year. Order forms went home on green and red paper, and were also shared through SchoolMessenger. For anyone wishing to purchase a hamburger or hotdog, it must be done as a part of the pre-order. The original forms that were shared had a deadline of May 31st, but we are able to extend the deadline to Monday, June 4th. We cannot guarantee any extra hamburgers or hotdogs for families who have not pre-ordered.

In other BBQ news, if you are interested in supporting our school playground, the Scotiabank branch in Milverton on Friday, June 15th, from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm on the sidewalk to the North of the branch.

AMDSB Parent Involvement Committee Event

The AMDSB Parent Involvement Committee is hosting an event on June 6th at Seaforth Public School, from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. The “Let’s Talk Tech and Math” evening will show parents how technology intersects with math in the classroom; give parents hands-on opportunities to use technology; a demonstration of the “Homework help” website.
A variety of stations will be set up that will focus on the four grade segments of learning; Primary K-3, Junior 4-6, Intermediate 7-10 and Senior 11-12.
Parents can drop in throughout the evening similar to an Open House. Children are welcome too.

Upcoming Dates in June

June 1 – 1500 m race – Track and Field (Grade 4-8)
June 4 – Track and Field –morning only – (Grade 4-8)
June 5 – Track and Field –morning only – (Grade 4-8)
June 6 – Family Math Night at Seaforth Public School – 6:30 p.m.
June 7 – Grade 3 & 3/4 trip to Wildwood
June 7 – Family BBQ – 4:30 to 6:30 (please pre-order burgers & hotdogs)
June 8 – PA Day – No school for students
June 11 – AMDSB Recognition Event – congrats to S. Roth, award winner!
June 12 – Kindergarten trip to Wildwood
June 12 – North Region Track and Field Meet (Grade 4-8 qualifiers)
June 13 – Grade 3 & 3/4 trip to Agriplex/Stratford
June 14 – Grade 5 Water Safety Day – St.Pauls
June 16 – Deep End Swim Test for students at the PERC pool – 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.
June 17 – Father’s Day
June 19 – Grade 1, 1/2 & 2 trip to Art Gallery Stratford
June 20 – Volunteer Recognition Event
June 21 to 22 – Grade 6/7/8 trip to Niagara Falls
June 22 – Wacky Hair Day – Student council spirit day
June 25 – Grade 8 Graduation – Photos 6:15 pm , Ceremony 6:45 p.m.
June 26 – Swimming – Grades 1 & 1/2 – 12:15 pm
June 26 – Grades 4 & 5 trip to the ROM, Toronto
June 27 – Swimming – Grades 2 & 3 – 12:15 pm, Grades ¾ & 4 – 1:30 p.m.
June 28 – Swimming – Grades 5 & 6 – 12:15 pm, Grades 7 & 8 – 1:30 p.m.
June 28 – Last Day of Classes before the Summer holiday!
June 29 – PA Day – No School for Students

July 2 to 5 – Office open – check with school for hours
July 9 to August 27 – School Office will be closed
August 28 to 31 – Office re-opens – check with school for hours
September 4, 2018 – First day back to school!