September 2018 Newsletter

Principal’s Message

Welcome back to Milverton Public School! We hope that students have had a safe and enjoyable summer, and return to school refreshed, and ready to learn. This is an exciting time for students, staff and parents. Moving into my second year here at Milverton PS, I look forward to building on the relationships developed and celebrating ongoing successes.

Our custodial, teaching, and support staff have been busy over the summer, preparing the school for the return of our students, and the building is in great shape. You’ll notice some changes on our yard, and I can’t say enough about the generosity of our school community, for supporting enhancements such as new playground equipment, benches, picnic tables, and jumping/sand pits.

My experiences last year helped me understand just how much support we have from our school community. We once again extend a warm welcome to all parents, community members and others interested in supporting our school through a variety of volunteer efforts and initiatives, all of which help to enrich the school experiences of our students.

If questions or concerns arise at any point in the school year, I encourage you to contact your child’s classroom teacher first. They’re the person at school who usually knows your child best. If your questions or concerns require administrative support, please feel free to call the school or drop in to visit me. We look forward to developing strong partnerships with families to support all students.

All of us at Milverton Public School look forward to another fabulous school year.

Jeremy Brock, Principal, MPS

Staff changes over the summer

Please welcome the following new staff members to our school community:

  • Ms. Erika Riddell joins the Grade 6/7 class for the first part of the year.
  • Welcome to Ms. Tammy Nauta, who joins Ms. Mary Frances Lambert-Hill, and Mrs. Brenda Shine-Dufton as part of our EA support staff.

School Organization

Mrs. K. Roth and Ms. K. Taylor – KA
Mrs. J. Schultz and Mrs. D. Hyde – KB
Mrs. P. Bingham – Grade 1
Mrs. C. Mathieson – Grade 1/2
Mrs. L. Smith – Grade 2
Mrs. C. Ransberry – Grade 3
Ms. C. Eastwood – Grade 3/4
Ms. C. Heenan – Grade 4/5
Mrs. J. Brockman – Grade 5
Ms. E. Riddell – Grade 6/7
Mr. S. Rueffer – Grade 7/8
Mr. M. Wagler – Grade 7/8
Mrs. S. Hombach – Music
Mr. R. Bracken & Mr. R. Daigle- Prep Coverage/French
Mr. M. Monteith – Special Education Resource Teacher
Ms. T. Nauta, Mrs. B. Shine-Dufton, Ms. MF Lambert-Hill – Support Staff (EA)
Mr. D. Brown – Support Staff (TRA)
Mrs. J. Smith & Ms. S. Soepber – Custodial Staff
Mrs. L. Zyta – Office Staff
Mr. J. Brock – Principal

Milverton Public School Schedule 2017-2018

8:35 am – Supervision begins on school yard
8:40 – Entry Bell
8:45-10:45 – First Instructional Block
10:45- 11:05- First Recess Break
11:05-11:25 – First Nutritional Break
11:25 – 1:05 – Second Instructional Block
1:05 – 1:25 – Second Nutrition Break
1:25 – 1:45 – Second Recess Break
1:45 – 3:05 – Third Instructional Block
3:05 – Dismissal for all students
3:10 – Bus students depart

*Please note: Parents/Guardians that are dropping students off late and/or picking up students early need to sign in/out at the office.

Drop Off /Pick Up of students at MPS

The beginning and end of the school day is the busiest time on the streets and in the parking areas near our school. Please use caution near the school area during these times, and be reminded of the following:
– Please DO NOT use the bus zone in the morning and at the end of the day for dropping off/picking up.
– Students should not arrive before 8:35 am as no staff members are on duty.
– Equipment (climbers) is closed before and after school.
– Please DO NOT park in the parking lot to drop off or pick up your child(ren)
– Please DO NOT drop your child(ren) off on the north side of Mill St.
– Please DO NOT do a u-turn on Mill St.
– Please DO NOT park in front of the fire hydrants, or in the bus entry or exit areas.

Bussing Considerations

All students will be provided with training at some point early in the school year to ensure they are made aware of how to load and unload the bus, under normal and emergency circumstances. Even if students do not ride a bus regularly, there will be times (field trips, etc.) where they will find themselves on a bus.

For those students who regularly ride the bus, the expectation is that they will ride their regular bus each day, unless an “Alternative Transportation” form has been approved in the office.

Students will not be allowed to ride different busses without the necessary permissions, and non-bus students are not able to ride home with friends or classmates who travel to school on a regular bus route.

School Cash Online

Avon Maitland DSB and Milverton Public School have been successfully using SchoolCash Online for the past several years. This service provides parents/guardians with the opportunity to purchase items that previously required cash/cheque be sent in the school back-pack anytime, anywhere.

With SchoolCash Online:

  • avoid the hassle of having cash on-hand to pay for school fees;
  • get automatic email notifications about new school fees; and
  •  help us reduce the amount of cash in our schools.

Visit SchoolCash Online and click “Get Started Today” or if you have already set up an account click “Sign Into Your Account”. You will be prompted to enter your child’s OEN number, which can be found at the top of any previous report card, or by calling the office.

Storage of Medications

Students requiring medications at school, either on a short term basis, or more regularly throughout the year, need to have a completed “Administration of Medication” form, from the office.

Prescription and non-prescription medications will be stored in a locked cabinet in the office, and students can access them there.  Epi-pens, asthma puffers, and any other medications that may need to be administered immediately in an urgent situation will be kept by students either on their person (see section below).

Together, we can all work to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for our students.

Sabrina’s Law and Anaphylaxis

In January 2006, Sabrina’s Law came into effect. This Law requires school boards to have emergency procedures in place to deal with incidents of anaphylaxis and to provide training for all staff. With support from the Perth District Health Unit and the Huron County Health Unit, school principals provide to their staff, annual training in the administration of EPI-Pens to treat anaphylactic reactions. In cases where a student is anaphylactic, parents/guardians are expected to provide an EPI-Pen(s) for their child to carry with them at all times during the school day. Parents/Guardians must also work with the school to develop an Individual Medical Management Plan that outlines emergency procedures for their child. In accordance with Sabrina’s Law, all schools have been provided with two generic EPI-Pens. These EPI-Pens are being provided to support schools in responding to a medical emergency for an anaphylactic student for whom the school has an Individual Medical Management Plan and Emergency Procedure in place. Also, in accordance with Sabrina’s Law, schools must administer an EPI-Pen when a student is suspected of suffering an anaphylactic reaction even if no Individual Medical Management Plan exists. If you are aware that your child is allergic to epinephrine or if you have any concerns, it is suggested that you contact the school principal.

Ryan’s Law

As you may be aware, Ryan’s Law, 2015, was recently passed by the Ontario Legislature. This piece of legislation is an important step to support the well-being of students with asthma in Ontario schools.

If your child has asthma, we ask that you immediately contact the main office at your school to provide information about your child’s asthma medication. With your permission, your child will be allowed to carry his/her asthma medication while at school.
The Ministry of Education website has resources on asthma that can be found at:

*** PLEASE NOTE *** As per AMDSB’s procedure, students must carry their epi-pens with them at all times. Parents may not sign a waiver to allow their child to opt out of carrying an epi-pen.

Additionally, AMDSB has developed an updated Administrative Procedure, that recognizes and develops comprehensive school plans for students with prevalent medical conditions (which includes, but is not limited to: asthma, anaphylaxis, epilepsy, and diabetes). All families who have a child with a prevalent medical condition will consulted as we develop Medical Management Plans to meet the specific needs of individual students.

Electronic Devices and Communicating with Parents

Many students in our school may have personal electronic devices such as cellular telephones or tablets that they use regularly for communication and entertainment purposes. While there are many times when technology is used in classrooms to enhance student learning, the tools required are generally provided by the school or the Board.

We are asking that all personal electronic devices be stored in a safe place, such as a backpack or locker. These devices are not permitted in classrooms at any time, unless invited in by the supervising teacher. The school is not responsible for any personal devices brought to the school, with regards to loss, damage, etc.

Additionally, students are not permitted to use these devices to communicate with parents/guardians during the school day. Should students need to contact parents during the school day, or vice versa, all contact should take place through the office, to help ensure all parties are aware of the situation, and any additional instructions or actions that may be required. We appreciate your support in this matter.

Coming home this week

A lot of information has come or will be coming home. Please take the time to go through it carefully, as there are some things that need to be returned. You will have the following come home:

  1. Student Emergency Information Form – Every student receives their own) – please look this over carefully, make any changes and return to the school by Tuesday, September 11, 2018.
    *** Please note that all sections, especially the bottom sections, require a signature, even if your response last year was “yes”. Please ensure all sections of the form are fully completed or they may be returned home.
  2. Student Insurance Information – optional, but please read the information over carefully.
  3. Community Walking Form – allows all students permission to walk with classmates during curricular activities taking place off of school property, within our community.

Upcoming Dates

Tuesday, September 4th – Welcome back
Wednesday, September 12th – Courtney, PDHU School Nurse returns to MPS
Tuesday, September 18th – Perth Huron Family English School gets underway 6:30 to 8:15 pm at the school (see flyer for more information)
Wednesday, September 19th – 5:30-7:00 – School Open House. Please join us for an opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher, as well as other school staff.
Wednesday, September 20th – QSP Fundraising Kickoff Assembly
Wednesday, September 20th – Me to We group to attend We Day in Toronto
Tuesday, September 25th – Grade 7 immunizations (forms and info to follow)
Tuesday, September 25th – Teen Esteem (Grade 5&6 girls) gets underway
Tuesday, September 25th – School Council Meeting – elections and other business – 6:00 pm in the school library – all are welcome!
Thursday, September 27th – Terry Fox Run – last block of the day – all students
Friday, September 28th – PA Day – No school for students. Staff will be participating in professional learning to support School and Board improvement efforts.

Please complete the following, detach, and return to the school

Electronic Newsletters
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Please add the following email address(es) to the database in order that we will receive electronic communications (monthly newsletters, updates, other information) from Milverton Public School. (NOTE: Email addresses will be kept confidential.)

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Thanks for joining our electronic newsletter group! For those families not interested in receiving information electronically, we are still able to provide paper copies of all communications.