February 2019 Newsletter

After a few unsettled days of weather at the end of January, hopefully February brings a little more predictability and fewer interruptions to our busing and school events. Wherever possible, all Avon Maitland DSB schools will remain open, even if buses are not running to the school. Staff will also endeavour to maintain their regular schedule, so the myth that “nothing happens on a weather day” is simply not true. Over the past week or so, there has been tons of learning happening in all classes, many of which were actually missing very few students. We encourage all students to join us on those days, if they can safely travel to the school. Speaking of learning, there are lots of great things happening again this month, and later in February, students will be bringing home report cards that provide an overview of their progress to this point in the school year. At this point, if there are any significant concerns about progress, learning skills, or any other items, hopefully there has been a conversation between classroom teachers and parents. Once reports land at home, the option for an interview or meeting is provided, and I would encourage families to connect with the classroom or subject teachers to clarify any concerns. As always, if you require additional assistance, or have questions that are best directed to the office, please feel free to contact me at the school.

Wishing everyone a safe and enjoyable February.

Mr. J. Brock

Staff Updates

As a new month begins, we have some staffing adjustments to share with our families. We wish to welcome Mrs. Gregiore back to the Grade 6/7 classroom, as she returns from her parental leave. We want to thank Ms. Riddell for all of the great things she has accomplished during her time at MPS. We also want to welcome Mr. Marchanton to the Grade 3 classroom. We wish Mrs. Ransberry well, as she enjoys a leave for the remainder of the school year. Additionally, we want to thank Mrs. Taplay for her assistance, filling a support staff vacancy while Mrs. Shine-Dufton is on a medical leave. We appreciate all of our staff, and know that each of them provide a safe, supportive learning environment for all students in their care.

Weather Information

With the foul weather lately, we have revisited a number of our weather policies and procedures, to ensure that we respond properly, providing a safe and comfortable experience for students and staff.  Busing decisions during inclement weather are made by the bus company, and we will generally know by 6:30 a.m. if there will be buses servicing the school for the day. If the buses are cancelled but the school remains open, we will post this information promptly to the Huron Perth Transportation Services website, and our school Twitter  site. We will also communicate this information through email using the School Messenger service.

If there are no buses, and staff are unable to safely travel to the school, there may be a need to close the school for the day. We will try to make this decision as early as possible, as doing so has significant impact on families in our school community. This will be a rare occurrence, but in these situations, people can expect to find the information in the same locations (listed above) as they would for a bus cancellation.

We have had some extremely cold temperatures lately, and we keep a close eye on the weather (temperature and winds) to determine the length of time we will have students outdoors during the school day. When the temperatures fall below -20 degrees Celsius, we consult the wind-chill charts provided for us, and consider limiting outdoor activities for students. Students are reminded that they will most often be outdoors on winter days, so they should ensure they have proper protective clothing to allow for comfortable participation in outdoor activities.

Electronic Sign

We are pleased to announce that Milverton Public School is in the process of installing an electronic sign at the front of the school. The sign will help us to communicate better with our school community, sharing information about special events and important dates. Thanks to the incredible generosity of the MPS school community, we are able to cover most of the cost of the sign from funds raised to support yard improvements such as our primary playground structure that was installed last summer. We may still require some funds to help with landscaping around the new sign, as well as the installation of new gardens in the front, to help finish off the overall yard improvements. Please consider partaking in School Council fundraising efforts as the year progresses to lend your support to these projects.

Tubing Trip Adjustment – Grades 3-8

As a result of the extremely cold temperatures this past week, we were required to change the date of our tubing excursion to River Valley. The rescheduled date for our trip is Monday, March 4th. For any students or parents who were planning to join us in January, and are now unable to go, please call the school office to arrange for a refund. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but we hope that our new date will provide a more comfortable, enjoyable day on the slopes.

Food Orders

Our volunteers need your assistance to ensure that all food orders are accurate. A reminder that each student requires an individual order form for their food order. Please make sure names are clearly marked on orders.

Please also be reminded that going forward we will not be able to accept late orders. Online ordering closes on a set date, and the system will not accept orders after the deadline, and we need all paper orders in by the due date as well.
Please assist those who process the orders to ensure that they are completed accurately, and submitted by the deadlines to avoid any disappointment.

Upcoming Dates in February

  • February 1 – PA Day – no classes for students – staff professional learning
  • February 4 – Mr. Marchanton starts in Grade 3
  • February 5 – Open House for Grade 8 students at Northwestern SS – 6:00 p.m.
  • February 6 – Mrs. Gregoire returns to Grade 6/7
  • February 7 – Eco Team Sweater Day – wear a toque & sweater today
  • February 11 – Bus Safety presentation for all students
  • February 14 – Valentines Day – wear red, white and pink today
  • February 18 – Family Day – holiday for all staff and students – no school
  • February 19 – Report cards go home
  • February 22 – Hydro One presentations to students
  • February 28 – Pink Shirt Day for Anti-Bullying Efforts – wear pink today