March 2018 Newsletter

Principal’s Message

We wish everyone a happy March. Let’s hope that the spring weather will come early and stay!

Please remember that March Break will be from March 12th to 16th this year. We wish everyone a safe and pleasant break.

I encourage everyone to participate in the upcoming School Council fundraiser. The well-known Elmira Poultry/JD Sweid Foods chicken products will be on sale starting March 21st. All orders are due April 4th. Please keep an eye out for a letter and order form coming home soon. Thank you for your participation!

Library News

Attention Friends and Families of Mornington,
There are many discarded library books that will be available for free in the front hallway of the school from March 5th to March 8th. These include both fiction and non-fiction books. Feel free to stop in and take some books.  Students will also be able to view them with their class.

Mint Smoothies

We have more mint smoothie chocolates for sale for $2.00 each. They will be available during first nutrition break. They can be bought at the office.

Lost & Found
We have quite a few articles of clothing in our Lost and Found box in the front hall. If your child(ren) are missing anything, please take a look next time you are at the school. Thank you.

Indoor Shoes

It is important that all students have indoor shoes to keep at school and wear in the building. These shoes need to fit your child properly and should have a good tread on the bottom (if the tread is too worn down, they can become quite slippery on our gym floors).

Please talk to your children about their indoor shoes periodically, as their feet grow, their shoes may need replacing as well. Ask your child to bring them home so you can check them over properly. Thank you!

Attendance Reminder

Just a reminder to call the school office at 519-595-8995 if your child(ren) will not be attending school, either because they are ill, have a medical appointment, will be late or maybe going away on vacation. All calls need to be placed before 9:00 a.m. by a parent. You are also welcome to leave a message on our school answering machine as to why your child is not attending school. Thank you!

Health Unit News

Water Does Wonders – Drink More!
By Natalee Ridgeway, Public Health Dietitian
Water is the natural, healthy, and free choice to quench thirst! Drinking water, especially in place of sugary beverages, will help children feel and learn their best throughout the day.

There are so many reasons to drink water!
” Children who drink plenty of water will be less likely to drink sugary beverages which are a health concern. Too much sugar is linked with heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, dental cavities and some cancers
” Water contains no sugar, calories, additives, preservatives, or caffeine.

Make water the normal drink in your home by:
1. Drinking water yourself and let your children see you doing it.
2. Keeping pitchers of water on the kitchen counter or in the fridge for everyone to grab a drink from throughout the day.
3. Putting water or milk on the table at mealtimes.
4. Keeping sugary drinks out of the house.
5. Sending your children to school and other activities with re-usable water bottles. Did you know that Mornington School has a water bottle filling station, where children can easily re-fill their bottles?
6. Skipping the sugary drinks in school lunches.
Let’s encourage children and families to make water their first choice when they’re thirsty!