October 2018 Newsletter

Principal’s Message

Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings. — William Arthur Ward

Thankfulness is celebrated this year with our families on Monday, October 8th, but at Romeo, we have wonderful things to be thankful for each day.  Most of all, we are part of a truly special community that supports each other is such special ways.

One of the items we added to last year’s newsletters was information that reflected things we were focusing on at school such as the Zones of Regulation or Growth Mindset. We received great feedback about this and we will continue it this year.

Something else that we have had questions on are fun questions to ask at the dinner table (or car on the way to a game) that everyone can participate in and can be a conversation that allows everyone to connect.

This month the question is “If you could have lunch with anyone in the world, who would it be and what would you ask them?”

Please send in any funny responses on the last page of this newsletter that we draw for a free pizza each month.

“Calling All Three Year Olds” New Kindergarten Registration

Our “New to Kindergarten” (Calling All Three Year Olds) Registration Day is Monday November 5th, in the morning. Please call Mrs. Kane for your Registration package and appointment time.

Before and After School Program

As part of our on-going commitment to make the school day as seamless as possible for our families, we ask parents/guardians to share their tentative childcare needs for September of the next school year (2019) by completing an online survey. The survey will be available October 1, 2018 and can be found on the AMDSB website.

Families that are interested in Before and After school programs for their Junior/Senior Kindergarten children and/or grade 1 – 6 children are asked to complete the survey by December 1, 2018.

We appreciate your assistance as we determine the feasibility of offering such programs.
If you require a paper copy, please contact the school.


All school fees can be paid online!
Go to the SchoolCashOnline website and click “Get Started Today”.

Fast, Safe and Convenient!

Call the school if you have any questions.

Lantern Making Workshop

Thank you to the Foundation for Education, for funding the Lantern Making Workshop in Ms. Lobb’s and Ms. Eicher’s classes on Tuesday, October 9.

Lions Vision/Hearing Screening for JK and SK Students

In partnership with local Lions Club organizations, we are pleased to offer hearing and vision screening for JK and SK students. We understand the impact of having healthy eyes and good hearing on your child’s overall health, well-being and education. JK/SK Vision and Hearing Screening will take place at Romeo on Thursday, November 8. We will send a more detailed letter shortly.

Office Reminders

Please include your child’s name on all forms that come back to school, ensure all the information on that form is accurate and call the school to confirm the updated information is recorded in your child’s data.

Please remember to call the school office if your child will be absent for any reason and check in if they arrive late.

Spirit Day in October

Friday, October 5 – Hat Day, wear your favourite hat!

Important Dates

Friday, October 5 – Hat Day- Spirit Day
Monday, October 8 – Thanksgiving Holiday – No School
Thursday October 18 – Big Crunch Day
Monday, October 22 – Stratford Municipal Elections/Voting
Monday, October 29 – SK to Gr.6 Report cards go home
Wednesday, October 31 – Halloween, wear orange and black
Thursday, November 1 – Evening Interviews
Friday, November 2 – Morning Interviews, P.A. Day
Monday, November 5 – Calling All Three Year Olds Registration


Please label all of your children’s items. Each year we end up with an array of items with no names. Please help us avoid this by clearly labeling items so they can be returned safely!

Volunteers Needed!

There are so many ways to volunteers at Romeo to keep the great opportunities rolling and perhaps add some more! All Volunteers are required to have a Criminal Reference check and a Vulnerable Sector check completed. Romeo’s School Council is able to reimburse this expense when you provide a receipt.

Terry Fox Walk

Romeo hosted a Terry Fox walk on Friday September 21st. Thank you for your support, we raised $197.00!

School Council

Please consider joining this dedicated group and become involved in school related activities that impact your child – your help is needed, your participation is appreciated!

The next meeting will be announced.

Junior Soccer Team

Our team participated in a tournament on Monday, September 24th. We played some excellent soccer and demonstrated wonderful sportsmanship. Our team included: Justin, James, Kirsten, Ellie, Chloe, Austin, Aiden, Brodie, Carter, Sienna, Amber, Ella, Alaina, Max, Xavier, David and special recognition to Darius, Brinley, Jonathan and Kairan for all their hard work at practices. Thank you to Mrs. Sharen for coaching.

School Messenger

The Avon Maitland District School Board is excited to have a service that will enhance communication by allowing us to deliver important information to you via text messaging. SchoolMessenger is intended to enhance our existing methods of communication – not replace them. AMDSB will only use SchoolMessenger to provide information to you that is timely, relevant and important. Sign up to receive Text Messages. From your mobile device text Yes to 978338.

Student Safety

We ask for your co-operation in reminding your child to please cross at the crosswalk to ensure safety of everyone.

Before School and After School Supervision

Supervision in the school yard before school begins at 8:35 a.m. It is strongly encouraged that students should not be entering the property prior to this time. As well, after school, students should proceed promptly off the property after dismissal and head home. If students return to the school after dismissal it is with the understanding that is it under parental supervision. The yards are not supervised after 3:20 p.m.


All parents, caregivers, friends, relatives, and guests are to come to the office to sign in before going to visit a class or person in the school. This is for safety reasons and if the school needs to be evacuated, we can account for everyone. Thanks for your cooperation with this routine.

Zones of Regulation Refresher

The four zones: Our feelings and states determine our zone.

The Red Zone is used to describe extremely heightened states of alertness and intense emotions. A person may be elated or experiencing anger, rage, explosive behaviour, devastation, or terror when in the Red Zone.

The Yellow Zone is also used to describe a heightened state of alertness and elevated emotions, however one has more control when they are in the Yellow Zone. A person may be experiencing stress, frustration, anxiety, excitement, silliness, the wiggles, or nervousness when in the Yellow Zone.

The Green Zone is used to describe a calm state of alertness. A person may be described as happy, focused, content, or ready to learn when in the Green Zone. This is the zone where optimal learning occurs.

The Blue Zone is used to describe low states of alertness and down feelings such as when one feels sad, tired, sick, or bored.

The Zones can be compared to traffic signs.

When given a green light or in the Green Zone, one is “good to go”.

A yellow sign means be aware or take caution, which applies to the Yellow Zone.

A red light or stop sign means stop, and when one is the Red Zone this often is the case.

The Blue Zone can be compared to the rest area signs where one goes to rest or re-energize.

All of the zones are natural to experience, but the framework focuses on teaching students how to recognize and manage their Zone based on the environment and its demands and the people around them.

For example, when playing on the playground or in an active/competitive game, students are often experiencing a heightened internal state such as silliness or excitement and are in the Yellow Zone, but it may not need to be managed.

However, if the environment is changed to the library where there are different expectations than the playground, students may still be in the Yellow Zone but have to manage it differently so their behaviour meets the expectations of the library setting.

My answer to the question from the Principal’s Message section of the newsletter is:

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We have read this newsletter together and we would like to be entered in the draw for a free pizza!

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