March 2019 Newsletter

Principal’s Message

Thank you for all of the responses to the Fun Family Question from last month!

February’s newsletter question was: If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

Thank you for the great responses, which included:

  • “A giraffe, because I could look over people.”
  • “A sloth, because I’m lazy, cute and love to sleep”
  • “A sea turtle so I can go around the world and see other types of animals like whales, fish and seals.”

This month’s question is: If you had to live inside a TV show for a whole week what show would you choose and why?

Behind the monthly Family Fun question is that everyone can participate in a question and have a conversation that allows everyone to connect, while walking to school, eating dinner or going to a sports event.

Please record your answer on the last page and send your answers back to school. Each month two students win free Domino’s Pizza!

I’m so excited to share that on Monday March 18th, Romeo will have it’s first Rheo Thompson Easter Chocolate fundraiser. Let us help make your shopping easier!

Outdoor Clothing

Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather, be it cold or wet. Students are outside for 20 minutes, twice a day.

Extra socks and mittens –should be in ALL students’ backpacks—they get wet!

It is also so helpful to put your child’s name on all of their belongings. We have a Lost and Found bin full of items without names.

Please come see the lost and found box, if anything belongs to your child.

March Break – Things to do…

There are several flyers in the front lobby of our school, with ideas for you and the kids to do over the break. Please come in and see what’s going on around Stratford.

Spirit Day in March is on Friday, March 22 – Dr. Seuss dress up day! Pick a Dr. Seuss character and wear what they would wear.

Important Dates:

Monday, March 11 to Friday, March 15 – March Break, no school
Friday, April 5 – Professional Activity Day – no school
Friday April 19 and Monday April 22 – Easter weekend

Active School Travel / School Travel Plan

Walking and wheeling to and from school is fun every day. We encourage you to journey outside throughout the entire school year.

Ontario Active School Travel is an Ontario-wide program dedicated to children’s mobility, health and happiness. It is delivered by Green Communities Canada.
A survey was sent to all of our Romeo Families asking opinions about how their children get to and from school. We appreciate your time and responses from those who answered the questions, we got a 50% response rate. The answers given will help us locate problems, consider solutions and implement a school travel program with help from the City of Stratford, the Perth District Health Unit, the Avon Maitland District School Board and the Stratford Police.

AMDSB Foundation for Education

We are excited to receive two fully-funded Foundation ART | LIFE Workshops!

Colour & Techniques of Painting with Vanessa DeGroot will be presented to Ms. Lobb’s and Ms. Hoonaard’s classes in April. Children will be engaged in colour mixing and basic techniques of painting as they implement these skills by creating a painting. Students will learn how shapes can be used to build an image, while receiving step by step instruction to create their own masterpiece

The Foundation receives financial support from community members and that generates opportunities which supports this type of programming for our students. Thank you for all the support.

Foundation for Enriching Education Perth Huron
Facebook: foundationforeducation
Twitter: @Found4Education


All school fees can be paid online on the SchoolCashOnline website.
Go to the site and click “Get Started Today”. Fast, safe and convenient.  Call the school if you have any questions.


Please label all of your children’s items. Each year we end up with an array of items with no names. Please help us avoid this by clearly labeling items so they can be returned safely!

School Council

Please consider joining this dedicated group and become involved in school related activities that impact your child – your help is needed, your participation is appreciated! The next meeting will be announced.

Student Safety

We ask for your co-operation in reminding your child to please cross at the crosswalk to ensure safety of everyone.

Before School & After School Supervision

Supervision in the school yard before school begins at 8:35 a.m. It is strongly encouraged that students should not be entering the property prior to this time. As well, after school, students should proceed promptly off the property after dismissal and head home. If students return to the school after dismissal it is with the understanding that is it under parental supervision. The yards are not supervised after 3:20 p.m.

AMDSB SchoolMessenger

The Avon Maitland District School Board uses School Messenger for communication to allow us to deliver important information to you via e-mail, phone and text messaging.

SchoolMessenger is intended to enhance our existing methods of communication – not replace them.

To receive text messages you must opt in by texting Yes to 978338 from your mobile device.  Please note – although AMDSB does not charge you for this service, it does not pay for text message charges that may be incurred by you for sending or receiving text messages. Check with your wireless carrier for possible charges.

Types of messages you may receive –


• School activities and events
• School Council and other school-related groups/agencies messages


• School/District related emergency impacting school district
• Weather-related school delays and closures
• Power outage or other issues during the school day which causes school to end early
• Community emergency impacting families

If you have any questions please contact the school office.


All parents, caregivers, friends, relatives, and guests are to come to the office to sign in before going to visit a class or person in the school. This is for safety reasons and if the school needs to be evacuated, we can account for everyone. Thanks for your cooperation with this routine.

Family Fun Question for March

Please share with us your answer to the monthly question: If you had to live inside a TV show for a whole week what show would you choose and why?

Student’s Name:

Thank you for your answer! We will draw a Domino’s Gift Card!

We have read this newsletter together and we would like to be entered in the draw for a free pizza.

Student’s Name: