September 2018 Newsletter

Character Attribute- RESPECT

We all require and want respect, man or woman, black or white. It’s our basic human right.
~~ Aretha Franklin

Principal’s Message

Welcome back to the start of our 2018-2019 school year. As always, the start of school brings about the feeling of new beginnings, setting goals and striving to be the best example of ourselves. We are eager and excited to see all of our students, to meet new challenges, strive for excellence, try our best to succeed and to learn from our failures. We will continue to work on our renewed math strategy, maintaining our literacy strategies and embracing work on wellness and educating the whole child. We are pleased to work in partnership with parents, families and the Seaforth community to support and develop our students as they grow emotionally, physically and academically.

We have had renovations over the summer to our main office and the installation of a new accessible washroom near the gymnasium. We encourage you to come in and check it out. While you are here, enjoy the gleaming floors, the crystal clear windows and the shining table tops. Take a moment to thank our custodians for the tremendous amount of hard work and effort that they put into our school over the summer months to create a bright and clean learning space for all of us.


Seaforth Public School continues to be a nut safe school. Some of our students have allergies and serious reactions to food products including nuts, dairy, eggs and wheat. Please remind your children to not share any foods with other children. Please check all food products before purchase and packing into lunches to keep our children safe and well.

Bus cancellations will be announced on Twitter, and local radio stations.

Safe Arrival – Don’t forget to call the school when your child is going to be absent (sick, vacation, appointment, hockey, etc). The answering machine is available 24 hours a day! (519-527-0790).

Staff Assignments

JK/SK: Mrs. Badley and Mrs. Stackhouse; Mr. Diamond and Mrs. Harris
Grade 1: Mrs. Hewitt
Grade 1/2: Mr. Lobb
Grade 2: Mrs. Durand
Grade 3: Mrs. Rivett
Grade 3/4: Mrs. Regier
Grade 4/5: Ms. Mokos
Grade 5/6: Ms. Nelson; Mrs. McBride
Gr. 7/8: Mr. Dunseith; Mr. Hundey
FSL: Mrs. Zembashi
Music: Mrs. Dawe
SOAR: Ms. Leney
SERT: Ms. DeWinter
EA: Mrs. Douglas; Mrs. Steep; Mr. Richardson: Ms. Mattson; Ms. Grandmaison
TRA: Ms. Troyer
Custodians: Mr. Beuerman, Mrs. Garrow, Mr. Fry
Secretary: Ms. Jewitt
Vice-Principal: Mrs. Jackson
Principal: Mrs. Copeland

Parking at Seaforth P.S.

Please park in the designated parking area at the South side of the school when coming to school or on the west side of Chalk Street. Please do not park in the designated bus zone. It becomes a safety issue for students when unexpected guests park at the front doors in order to enter the building. This is a bus loading zone, and designated fire exit. Drop off and pick up should not take place in the board office parking lot at the west end of the school closest to the Facilities building. Students walking in this area are difficult to see and multiple vehicles are moving at all times of the day. Dropping children off in this area causes significant safety risks to students, staff and parents.

Open House

Open House is scheduled for September 26th, 2018 from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.. We invite you to come to the school to view our office renovations to meet with teachers and learn about blogs, online updates and calendars that teachers will use to keep parents well-informed. School Council, our Principal team and members of the Seaforth Council will BBQ hot dogs. Hot dogs, apples and drinks will be available until 6:30 p.m. Please complete the form at the end of the newsletter and return with your child. You are welcome to browse and purchase from our Scholastic Book Fair during Open House.

Book Fair

We will host a Scholastic Book Fair September 24, 25, and 26th. Please stop in to see our books and make a purchase. All proceeds support new purchases for our school library. If you are able to volunteer to help with sales, please contact Mrs. Troyer in the library.

Technology Reminder

While many students carry personal technology devices such as phones and tablets, the use of technology in the school is strictly for the access to the curriculum. Personal texts, messages, use of social media apps and networks is not an appropriate activity for school. Students are reminded that all personal devices must remain in their lockers or backpacks during the school day, including recess and lunch.

Parents and guardians, please keep in mind that when you text your child, you are interrupting their learning and focus on the tasks before them. You are creating distractors that require their brain to shift, focus and then re-focus. Please support your student during the school day and support the work of the school in maintaining safe school environment. Contact the office when your child needs to be picked up early, if there is a change in plans for child-care or after-school events or you need to share an important message. When your child(ren) is ill during the school day, they should talk with their classroom teacher or the duty teacher and contact will be made through the office to home.
When students are found to have their personal devices out during class or recess, a warning will be issued. Repeat offences will require the device to be held in the office for the remainder of the day. Parent(s) may be contacted to retrieve the device from the school in specific circumstances.

School Cash Online

If you have not had an opportunity to do so, please sign up for school cash online. All trip forms, purchases, food orders and fundraising must be completed through school cash online. If you require assistance in completing your account set-up, please come to the office and we will help you out. New students to the school will receive further information this week on how to sign up.

Student Nutrition Program

Seaforth Public is fortunate to have received funding for our nutrition program. We will begin a Breakfast Club at the end of September. This program will provide breakfast foods for students who may have slept in and missed their regular breakfast, those who need something extra once in awhile or those students who need a little time to get going in the morning before they eat. The Breakfast Club offers a quiet space where students can start their day, additional support with homework questions, time to read before school begins, listening to quiet music or enjoying a snack and friendly company.
Refillable water bottles are encouraged in all classrooms Healthy snacks will be provided each morning, delivered to each classroom for students and additional fresh fruit and vegetables will be available when needed.


If you are able to support our program (preparing fruits/vegetables; baking batches of muffins at the school; serving a snack etc.) we would be happy to see you. If you find that your garden produced more fruits or vegetables than needed, or if you have eggs, cheese or other whole foods available, we would be happy to accept donations. Please give us a call at the school. Volunteers are always needed to sustain our program, please call the office if you are able to help us out.


If your child is required to take medication during the school day on a regular basis or for specific situations, you must complete a medication form at the office. Medication must be received in the original container with up-to-date instructions. Medication is kept in the locked cabinet in the main office.


Agendas are once again provided by parent council to your student (JK-gr5) as a communication tool between home and school. Cost of the agendas are $4.00 a student (using the preferred) school cash online payment. Cost using cash or cheque will be $5.00 an agenda. Sign up for school cash today!

Updating email addresses

We would like share our trip forms, newsletters and other important information with families using email when possible. Please ensure that we have your correct and most up-to-date email address on file.

School Messenger

Sign up to receive notifications from the school on your phone. Text YES to 978338 and receive notice of weather delays/closures, school activities, and more.

September Calendar

September 4 – Food/Milk orders open (JK will see when OEN’s assigned)
September 11 – September Milk closes
September 14 – Seaforth Fair
September 24 – Picture Day
September 25 – Food/Milk for October closes
September 26 – Open House
September 28 – PD Day – no classes

School Council

Come out and join our School Council. As a part of the council, you will have opportunities to join other parents in learning about the programming in our school, support new families in knowing more about our school community, organize and take part in awesome monthly family events at the school. As a member of the council, you do not have to attend every meeting, but may choose to participate by sharing a talent, a skill or being a positive voice at one of our many school functions. Come out and celebrate the academic, arts, athletic and technology skills of all students. Come out and share your voice and contribute to the positive, caring and inclusive culture of Seaforth PS. Nomination forms for School Council representatives are attached to the email.

School Council Nominations

Executive Members- nominate yourself or someone you think would like to make a difference by being part of our School Advisory Council

I would like to nominate ____________________________ for SAC Chair.
I would like to nominate ____________________________ for SAC Secretary
I would like to nominate ____________________________ for SAC Treasurer

SAC Volunteers

We need many volunteers throughout the school year to ensure our student have access to fun events such as fundraising, Movie Nights, family events, concerts, and breakfast/nutrition program. Many volunteer duties can be done from home (such as coordinating special events, fundraising etc.). Sharing a special talent with a group of children or our SAC group would be greatly appreciated (e.g. knitting, woodworking, visual arts, dancing, baking, cooking etc.)
Volunteer information
Parent/guardian Name: _________________________________
Phone: ______________________________________________
Email: _______________________________________________
Volunteer request ______________________________________
Special talent that you wish to share: ___________________________________

______ Prefer an emailed copy to ________________________________________

______ No thanks, I will just refer to the School Webpage for newsletters and calendar updates

______ I don’t have access to technology and would prefer a paper copy.

Open House Attendance

Family Name _______________________ # Hotdogs _______________________


Seaforth Generals Home Opener – Sunday September 23.

St. John Ambulance Babysitting Course

Northern Star Skating Academy

Come Swim with the Huron Hurricanes