April 2019 Newsletter

Principal’s Message

Hello South Perth Families! I am happy to be back at work again; it is really nice to see the children, staff and families! I’d like to sincerely thank everyone who helped in any way to make the electives day such a success. As you know, this was my first electives day at our school. It was so well organized and the students had such a nice time. I wish everyone a happy spring; let’s hope that the warm weather stays with us!

The character attribute for the month of April is Honesty. Honesty is defined as the quality of truthfulness, sincerity, or frankness. It is freedom from deceit or fraud. Students can demonstrate honesty at school in the following ways:

  • tell it like it is rather than sugarcoating it
  • think before you speak
  • say what you mean and mean what you say

Mr. Robert Parkinson

Dates to Remember

April 3rd – Little Caesars & Jerry Rader pick-up 3 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.
April 4th – Grade 7 Immunizations
April 5th – PD Day
April 8-17th – Food & Battery Drive
April 18th – Easter Egg Hunt
April 19th – Good Friday
April 22nd – Easter Monday
April 23rd – Mindful Kids (Parent Night)
April 24th- Wacky Hair & Socks Day
April 24th – Pizza, Milk and Sub orders due
April 26th – Jump Rope for Heart Kick-Off
April 30th – Operetta 2 p.m. &  7 p.m.

Power of We Update

The Power of We is pleased to announce that they have raised over $888.00 for our water for Haiti campaign! Thank you to this generous community for sending in donations during Jersey Day. We have a few more events planned for this school year. We would like you to send in used batteries the can be used for the Zinc Saves Lives battery recycling campaign. Also please consider sending in nonperishable food items for our spring food drive. All food items will be donated to the St. Marys Salvation Army’s food bank. The food drive and battery drive are both taking place from April 8th – April 17th!

Easter Egg Hunt

The Grade 1/2 and 3/4 classes are planning an Easter Egg Hunt for our final fundraising efforts for the United Way on Thursday April 18th. Everyone in the school will participate, donations are greatly appreciated.


Note time change: the rehearsals for Operetta on April 23, 24, 25 will be full cast and all stage crew and will go until 4:30 p.m.

School Council Update

It’s going to be a busy spring for the students at South Perth and on behalf of School Council, I would like to thank all of the volunteers that will make the upcoming events and activities a success!

Thank you to the organizers and volunteers for last week’s Elective Day. We hope your children enjoyed their selected activities and learning something along the way. We are always looking for new ideas for electives day activities, so please do not hesitate to share your thoughts. Planning for 2020 can start now!

A reminder that Wednesday April 3rd from 3 – 5:30 p.m. is the pick up date for Little Caesar’s pizza kits and Jerry Rader meat pies. Thank you to all those who supported this fundraiser. All items will be delivered frozen, can sit out for the duration of the pick up time, but must be picked up that night, as there is no extra freezer room available at the school to store overnight!

April 23rd, at 6:30 p.m. we welcome all families to an evening workshop, led by Melissa McIntosh from Mindful Kids Stratford. Melissa will lead us through techniques and strategies to bring awareness to ours, and our children’s mental wellness and will arm up with ways to re-balance and restore our mindful well-being. This evening is funded by a Parent’s Reaching Out grant and snacks and refreshments will be provided. Hope you can make it.

We remind all families about the upcoming Operetta performance on April 30th and encourage everyone to buy tickets. School Council was pleased to support this initiative and we thank all of the staff, students and volunteers for your many hours of hard work that have and will continue to go into making it a memorable show!
Spring also means gardens will soon be blooming. This includes our vegetable gardens, as well as the flower gardens all around the school. If you are able to help rejuvenate these gardens after a long winter, or can help maintain them throughout the season, please let Katharine Found know. A green thumb is not needed – just know the difference between a hosta and a thistle and you’ll be a perfect fit!

Letters have gone home regarding this year’s Funfest, on May 16th. We are still looking for volunteers to help out, in preparation as well as the night of the event. Even if you can spare only 30 minutes that evening, every little effort helps to pull of this awesome event. We are also in need of donations for the bake sale, the silent auction and the children’s auction. If you have items to donate, please let Lisa Sheldon know, or send them into the office. Most importantly, save the date, spread the word, recruit your friends and neighbours and help to make this the most successful FunFest yet!

Our next Parent Council Meeting is Monday May 6th at 7:00 p.m. in the library. We are always looking for new ideas and we welcome all new faces! Hope to see you there!

Katharine Found
School Council Chair