re: recent media release

Dear Parents/Guardians, We understand how there are growing concerns due to the recent media release from the OPP regarding a high risk offender moving to the area.

  • We would like to convey to you that we have been in touch with the OPP and they assure us that this is standard protocol after a release.
  • We are confident in the student safety procedures we have in place at the school. Our staff is aware of the situation and we have reviewed these procedures.
  • As parents you may choose to revisit street safety with your children in a age appropriate manner, taking into consideration your own particular situation (walking routes to/from school, safe people to go to for help, etc.).
  • We will continue our communication with the OPP in order to ensure that your children are protected – which is our ultimate aim.
  • Please feel free to contact me at the school if you have any further questions or concerns.

Ruth Lovell, Principal
Sprucedale Public School