November 2017 Newsletter

Principal’s Message

Math in 2017 Last year in November I wrote that one of the most important parts of learning is actually believing that with time, good teaching and practice you can learn anything. Yes, that means math too. No, you are not rotten at math, you simply haven’t learned it YET. Learning is hard work and requires persistence. When we teach children that making mistakes is a normal part of learning and we provide the good quality instruction with support at home, children will learn mathematics – or anything else for that matter.

In today’s math classes we try to root learning in problems that have some meaning and relevance to children. In real life there are often many ways to solve a conundrum you come across. Math is no different. Most often there are multiple methods of solving a problem and at times there are multiple answers to a single question.

Do we still teach basics? Yes we do. Children still need to know their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts. Next to reading nightly, helping children learn their math facts is probably the biggest way parents can support their children in school. Facility with number helps children see the patterns and relationships between numbers and this helps with problem solving. Try doing math facts with your children on the road to hockey, soccer, basketball, dance or wherever else your family might venture.

Math Night is on Thursday November 2nd from 4 until 7 pm – it is combined with our Student/Parent/Teacher night. There will be pizza by donation for the entire family in the portable so you can make an evening of it at Sprucedale without having to worry about supper before or after arriving. This School Council event will be lots of fun. In the gym we will have math games, prizes and great resources to help parents understand math in 2017. The math night will be “Come and Go Format” so you can drop in before interviews, in between interviews or after interviews. Looking forward to a great evening of games, learning and prizes.

Don Rauser

Remembrance Day Assembly

On Tuesday November 7, 2017 we will be having a Remembrance Day Assembly to honour our veterans and teach the children about Remembrance Day. The assembly will be approximately 11:40 12:15 p.m. We will be hosting Veteran, Art Boon as our Special Guest. Parents and grandparents are welcome to join us if they are able to do so.


We are still looking for support to help with our Hot Food Lunches.
We have one parent that works very hard and volunteers many hours to ensure the entire school continues to enjoy the privilege of having Hot Food Wednesdays.

Could you please consider helping on a schedule or even just one Wednesday this school year?  If you are or you know a family relative that would be interested in helping, please contact us as soon as possible.


Thank you so much to Saputo. They have generously donated the cheese for our Grilled Cheese Wednesdays for this school year. This is so appreciated!

Ontario Student Nutrition Program Donations – can now be made online using School Cash Online.  Each donation supports the purchase of our Nutrition Break snacks that are provided each day at second Nutrition Break. Thank you for all past and future donations. These are extremely considerate and thoughtful.

Homework Help Online for Grades 7 to 10

We often hear from parents of older students that it is more difficult to support them at home with their math homework because it becomes increasingly complex. If your child is having difficulty, the first course of action is always to ask for help from the classroom teacher. Another option for those evenings and weekends when Mr. Hernden or Mrs Knechtel are not available is to visit Homework Help online.

This is a free service that all of our grade seven and eight students are able to register with. They have access to one on one math help with Ontario Teachers. It is available 24/7 at no charge. There are also lots of math resources to review any concept. More info at To register, students will need their OEN (Ontario Education Number). This number is on your child’s Report Card or canbe accessed by contacting Ms.Darling.

Kindergarten Registration for September 2018

Kindergarten registration for September 2018 will be held at Sprucedale during the morning of Tuesday, November 28. Children born in 2014 are eligible for Junior Kindergarten during the 2018/2019 school year and children born in 2013 are eligible for Senior Kindergarten during the 2018/2019 school year.

Registration packages are in the office. Please phone the school or drop into the office to register for an appointment and receive your package.

Food and Milk Orders

We will not be distributing paper copies for each child for Milk and Food Orders. If you wish to have paper copies instead of using the online system, please contact the office or send your teacher a note. We will get you on a paper copy list. If you have not signed up online and wish to do so and need some help, please let Ms.Darling know and she can walk you through this process.

Parent Teacher Interviews and Math Night!

See you on Thursday p.m. or Friday a.m.  We are hoping to see all of you on the evening of Thursday November 2nd or the morning of Friday, November 3rd for our Parent Teacher Interviews. Education always works best when school and home work together. Good communication is an integral part of that partnership. At any time, please do not
hesitate to contact the school if we can help with learning, either academic or social. If you are unsure of your interview time, please do not hesitate to contact the school at 519 625-8722.

We are excited to hosting our Math Night on November 2nd as well. Be sure to leave some time before or after your interviews to take part in lots of fun activities to celebrate and learn math skills. A reminder we are serving pizza by donation for you and your family to enable you to attend with your family over the dinner hours without a worry of missing dinner.

Scholastic Book Fair

The Scholastic Book Fair will run December 4-7th during every recess, and will also be open on Wednesday, December 6th after school until 6:00 p.m. for any parents that may be interested in Christmas shopping. Any profit generated from the fair goes directly to purchasing books for our school library. We hope to see you there!
Ms. Christian

Halloween Food Drive – The Shakespeare Men’s Club

The Shakespeare Men’s Club is hosting a great event for all ages on Tuesday October 31st. Visit them at 2204 Thompson Street in Shakespeare from 6 p.m – 10 p.m. Please bring a food donation with you. Some donations collected will be donated to our School Nutrition Program. Thank you for participating in this event!

Thank you to The Shakespeare Men’s Club for their kind donations and support of our school community.