June 2019 Newsletter

Mr. Rauser’s Message

As we approach the end of another busy school year, I want to take this opportunity to say what a pleasure it has been to work with all of the students, staff and families of Sprucedale Public School. There is a great sense of pride in this building and community. I very much appreciate how supportive parents have been whenever the school has called. Great education is only possible when educators and parents work together. I would encourage all of you to contact me when you have any questions or concerns. Please remember that information found online often is not accurate or only part of the story.

I also want to let you know that you have a great team of educators working for your children. I have worked in many different schools across the province and this group is second to none. Teachers teach because they love working with children but they also teach because they love to learn. Our staff is continually improving their teaching practice. We go to professional development regularly and are always looking for the right learning activities and strategies to match with various children. This year our primary team learned very specifically the steps children go through as they learn to add and subtract and how to help them if they are struggling. It is extremely helpful when we meet with parents to talk specifically about how your child learns. We encourage you to contact your child’s teacher or Mr. Rauser in the office at any time if you have questions about learning.

We are still awaiting confirmation of our tentative school organization for next year. A school’s organization can change as students come and go out of a building. Schools sometimes reorganize in September based on changes in the number of students over the summer. Students and families will learn their class placement on September 3, 2019. We will begin our first day back by having an assembly in the gym.
A very tentative organization for 2019/2020 has eight classes organized in this way.


If you have any questions about anything that happens at Sprucedale PS, please do not hesitate to give me a call or to pop in and see me.

Mr. Rauser

Still Learning to Do (1/10th of our school year) – Please Send Them Rested and Ready

Routine and rest are great friend for children. Regular routine (i.e. a set time we do homework, a set bedtime) let children know what to expect and that is reassuring for children and adults. Routine also reduces the number of squabbles as children argue less when they realize this is the way it is, this is what we do in our home. Children (and adults) who come to school well rested seem to get a whole lot more accomplished and have fewer disagreements. Although we are happy the days are getting longer, please send them to school “rested and ready”. We have a lot of important learning left to do, please help us help your children learn.

Planning for Next Year – Written requests only please

In early June, the principal, in consultation with the staff, considers the most effective groupings of students (class placements) for instruction, for all students, for the upcoming school year. Principals and staff consider a range of factors, including, but not limited to, the academic, emotional and potential social benefits or concerns when placing a child in a given class. Please send written requests for class placements to Don Rauser in the office. Requests will be considered but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate all wishes. We do not share who is teaching what class until the fall as staffing will sometimes change over the summer.

In my experience, children are very flexible and learn different things from each teacher with their individual approach.

School Council

A special thank you to all of the members of the Sprucedale School council for their work this year. We have a wonderfully fun group of parents who have served our students and parents well. They provide input on school matters at meetings and make suggestions for improving our school. I encourage other parents to join the School Council – it is a great way to get involved in your school. Watch for details of our first meeting in September 2019.

Members of our school council include:

Heather Johnston – Chair and Treasurer April Ische
Deanna Jacobs Kim Leis
Jen McKone Heather Peters – Secretary
Anna Vassiliou – Staff Representative Erin Roth
Erin Schlegel Angela Schyff
Tracey Segeren Amy Simons
Amy Taylor Cailin Vince – Secretary
Maureen Missio Tara Rochejocquelein

Last Day of School & First Day of School

Thursday June 27th is the students’ last day of school for the 2018-2019 school year.
Tuesday September 3rd is the first day back for students in grade 1 to 8. Senior Kindergarten students’ first day is Wednesday, September 4th. JK’s will be staggered in three groups Wednesday-Friday. Kindergarten parents will be notified by email/letter by the end of June of their child’s specific entry date.

Report Cards

Report Cards will be going home on Tuesday June 25th. Please sign and return page 3 for us prior to the last day of school If you have any questions about your child’s report card, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Swimming – Keeping our Students Safe at the Pool

On Thursday June 20th we are looking forward to a year end swim at the Lions Pool in Stratford with all of the students KB/1A to Grade 8. Thank you to School Council for providing this special day for our students. The City of Stratford and the Avon Maitland District School Board have very specific safety guidelines to ensure all students stay safe. We will be following all of the guidelines with no exceptions.

  • Schools must ensure that there is 1 responsible adult in the water for every 8 swimmers in Kindergarten to Grade 3, 1:12 for grades 4 to 6, 1:15 for grades 7 and 8.
  • Supervisors (i.e. volunteers and staff counted in the supervision numbers) need to be in bathing suits (cover ups or t-shirts over top are fine) and ready to be in the water. We would like parents in the water helping to supervise. Parents on the deck in street clothes are not helpful because if a parent in street clothing jumps in the pool to help a child the lifeguard often has to rescue the child and the person in street clothes.
  •  All kindergarten and grade one students will wear lifejackets and will remain in the splash pad.
  • Children in grades 2 to 4 will remain in the shallow pool.
  • Only children in grades 5 and up are permitted in the deep end however if they are not strong swimmers they will be asked to remain in the shallow pool at the discretion of the lifeguard.

No exceptions will be made in order to maintain the safety of all patrons.

Goodbyes and Hellos

It is with regret that I share that Kristin Maddock and David Stevenson will be leaving Sprucedale Public School. Both will be moving to schools a little bit closer to home. Kristin will be joining the Little Falls Team. Dave will be joining the Central Perth Team. Thank you both for your work with our students and we wish you all the best as you enjoy this next chapter of your career.

I am very happy to share that both Janice Larder and Jeff McEwin are able to remain at Sprucedale Public School next year. Janice and Jeff have done a great job in the East Wing and I am very pleased that we were able to offer both of these fine teachers positions for the 2019/2020 school year.

I am also very pleased to welcome two other highly recommended educators to Sprucedale PS. Kim Boon and Jodi Eicher will be joining the Sprucedale PS team, coming to us from Romeo Public School. Welcome to Sprucedale Kim and welcome back to Sprucedale Jodi!

Lost and Found

We have a lot of sweaters and hoodies in our Lost and Found box that will be given to charity at the end of June if not claimed. Boxes of mittens, hats and winter wear will be donated to charity or used for extra options for our students next year. Please visit the school and take a final check to see if there is anything you’d like to claim back before it’s gone.

New Orleans Pizza Fundraiser

Thank you to New Orleans and all of our families who supported New Orleans Pizza night. This was a successful event for Sprucedale again this year.

72nd Annual Field Day & Fish Fry

Theme this year is: Field of Dreams
Saturday June 8th at SCAA Park and Optimist Hall
Tickets and information available at: Your Neighbourhood Credit Union, Shakespeare ESSO and
Akins-Brewer Lumber
Proceeds this year to support lighting and park upgrades.

Milk & Food Days/Snack Program

A huge thank you to Tara Witzel, Tessa Trachsel, Melissa Hodgson, Heather Peters, Heather Johnston and Ms. Darling for their work with food days and milk this year. Food days give kids and staff something to look forward to each week. Tara, Melissa and Tessa have been in the kitchen preparing and serving food while Heather, Heather and Ms. Darling have helped out with counting money and organizing orders.

We would also like to thank Melissa Hodgson, Gary West and Ms. Darling for their work with the snack program. Offering students healthy food options and being encouraged to try fruit and veggies with peers has been a huge hit. Melissa Hodgson has been a great shopper for our Snack Program. The kids have loved the delicious and healthy treats presented. Our thanks also go out to Gary West and the local Egg producers for providing our snack program with healthy hard boiled eggs. These are an excellent source of nutrition and are enjoyed by the students.

A big thanks also goes to Saputo for their donation of cheese for our Grilled Cheese days. We would also like to thank the Shakespeare Men’s Club for donating cheese and Nacho Chips for our snack program. Finally our thanks goes out to Ms. Darling who as an extra to an already full workload has been kind enough to organize snacks and student volunteers each and every day. Ms. Darling takes care of the reporting to the Ontario Student Nutrition program (a program administered by the VON) for the snack program.

2019/2020 Milk and Food Dates

All months will be available online to purchase as you wish (by the due date) all at once or again by the due date, effective September 6th. Our first month will be October for Food and Milk. All due dates will be by paper on the 10th of the month that they are due and online orders will be available until the 15th of the month they are due. The only exception is April 9th paper copies are due, due to Good Friday being April 10th.

Shakespeare Vacation Bible Camp

August 19-23
9am – 3:30 p.m.
Shakespeare Optimist Hall
Grades JK-5
Grade 7/8 Student Volunteers are needed.
To register, volunteer or for more information: contact Diane Danen 519-655-3517

A Beautiful Butterfly Garden Is Budding!

The students have been working with Mrs. Green and Mr. Near, to fix up the Memorial Garden for Clare Baechler located on the playground. Mrs. Green was able to apply and received a Grant in September to use towards the garden from “The Foundation For Enriching Education”. The garden is coming along nicely with a number of students volunteering their own time to weed, plant seeds, and making lovely items such as butterfly houses for the garden. Wood chips will be coming – donated by Tim’s Tree Care. The “Standing Garden Box” has been delivered for accessibility and students with special needs -Thanks Dean and Betty! Clare’s nephew Jim Baechler is helping to locate beams to fix the garden fence. Plants have been donated by Cozyn’s Garden House, Klomps and our Butterfly Garden Friends at Avon Public School. Mrs. Green is hoping to have a fun unveiling of the garden, with the students, later in June. Stay tuned and thank you to all the students for their excitement and help.

School Year Calendar 2019/2020

The school year calendar has been prepared for the 2019/2020 School Year.

Dates to Remember

June 4 – Regional Track and Field – Stratford Central
June 4 – Primary Trip (JK/K; K/1; 1/2 and 2/3) African Lion Safari
June 6 – Jump Rope for Heart @ Sprucedale – 2:05 p.m.
June 7 – PA Day
June 7 – Farm Safety – Progressive Agriculture Safety Day – Seaforth 830 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.
June 8 – Field Day and Fish Fry – SCAA and Optimist Hall
June 14 – JK/SK – Wilmot Recreation Centre
June 17 – Mrs. Maddock 1/2’s – Pen Pal Visit to South Perth Centennial
June 17 – Mrs. Larder 3/4’s – Hidden Acres
June 18 – District Track and Field – Goderich – A Sprucedale Staff member will attend
June 18 – Mrs.Antonio 4/5 and Mr.McEwin 5/6 – Camp Bimini
June 20 – School Trip – K/1 to Grade 8 – Lion’s Pool and Jen & Larry’s
June 27 – Last day of School
June 28 – PA Day

Aug 19-23 – Shakespeare Vacation Bible Camp

2018/19 PA Days

June 7/19
June 28/19

2019/2020 PA Days

September 13/19
November 8/19
December 23-January 3 – Winter Break
January 31/20
March 16-20 – Spring Break
May 1/20
June 8/20
June 26/20

2019/2020 Milk and Food Orders will be available September 3rd.
October orders are due September 10th for paper and the 15th for online.
Mark your calendars so you don’t miss the deadlines.

Have a super safe and happy summer!