May 2019 Newsletter

Principal’s Message

Dear Stephen Central School Families,

It’s hard to believe it’s May already. Leaves are appearing on the trees, tulips and other spring flowers are blooming; after school I can hear the clink of the bat as baseball and softball players practice. Our local parks are full of action with people walking, biking, and getting out and enjoying the beautiful weather. I want to congratulate all of the students who have continued to work hard and made good choices this school year. However, it remains important for students to continue making their best effort and to remain focused on their school work. Maintaining good study habits, including completing assignments and homework on time, seeking and accepting extra help, coming to school and class prepared and on time and prepared to learn, effectively managing time, and getting a good night’s sleep, remains important. Parents can help with all of these activities and by continuing to monitor your child’s progress and communicating with teachers when a concern arises.

Our QSP fundraiser continues this week. Please help us by supporting this extremely important fundraiser for our school. Please help us by participating in our QSP cookie dough and magazine fundraiser. This fundraiser helps us to make sure our students have opportunities such as sports excursions, bus & school trip subsidies, author visits, school-based fun days and special events. We can’t continue these special activities without your help and support. The QSP fundraiser deadline is this Friday, May 3, 2019. If you need additional paper order forms, please contact the office @ 529-234-6302 or go to School Cash Online to place your cookie dough orders.

Each year the month of May also brings with it the celebration of Education Week in the province of Ontario. Education Week and Children’s Mental Health Week will be May 5-11, 2019. With one in five children and youth facing various mental health concerns, these celebrations provide an opportunity for schools to promote positive mental health and wellness as a foundation for student learning. AMDSB works to create positive and inclusive learning environments that promote Mentally Healthy Schools and maximize learning outcomes.

We are also continuing to create a positive and inclusive learning environment at Stephen through living out the “The Bucket fill-osophy”. We all have an invisible bucket. People can be bucket fillers or bucket dippers. When someone compliments you or helps you, they are bucket fillers. Little drops of kindness fill your bucket and you feel great! When someone hurts you or puts you down, they are bucket dippers. The drops spill out of your bucket and you feel hurt or sad. At Stephen Central we are working very hard to be bucket fillers.

The Law of the Lid – Keep Your Lid On

Our buckets have lids. People that are hurting inside will often say things that are mean and can hurt others. Keeping your own lid on means learning not to listen or to believe the hurtful things that are said to us. If you believed all the people who called you names or made fun of you, your bucket would always be empty. When you think about people with empty buckets, it’s not too hard to feel sorry for them. Just don’t let anyone empty yours. Keep your lid on and trudge on.

Facts of Living:
Protecting the positive thoughts and feelings in your bucket is not always easy. There are some disappointments that happen to everyone at some time in their lives. There are some things we just have to accept and expect:

1. Some people will be your good friends and some will not.
2. Sometimes even good friends and family will let you down. Sometimes, you will let them down, also. (Everyone makes mistakes.)
3. Sometimes you’ll make the team and sometimes you won’t.
4. Sometimes you’ll win, and sometimes you’ll lose.
5. Some people you like won’t like you back.
6. Sometimes you’ll work hard and get a good grade, and sometimes you’ll work hard and not get a good grade.
7. Some people will judge you even before they get to know you.
8. Some people will say or do things that hurt you very much.
9. Some things in life are just not fair.
10. No one gets to choose the body or the talents they are born with, only what they do with them.

Thank you for your continued support.
Sincerely, Donna Gregus

School Council

With the warmer weather coming, many of us are already thinking about the end of the school year. I hope the improvement in the weather renews your involvement of activity both inside and outside. Parent Council is working on our year end activities so it’s not too late to join. Our next meeting will be held on Monday, May 6 at 6:30 p.m. in the library come out and see what it’s all about.

Tammy Wharram, Chair

Thank You To

  • the Foundation for Education Perth Huron. When donations are received through the Foundation, the Foundation is able to provide a number of learning enhancements for our students. We wish to thank the Foundation and those who donate to the Foundation for your support.
  • a huge thank you to those who donated to our “Feed the Tigers” envelope campaign. Your donations toward our snack program are sincerely appreciated.
  • South Huron District High School Junior and Senior Band members, Mrs. Haines and Mrs. Regier for their gift of music to our school. They unpacked their gear, tuned their musical instruments and performed many songs for the staff and students at Stephen Central to sit back and enjoy. Actually there were many toes stomping, swaying to the music and even singing to the songs. A great time was had by all!

Character Corner

The character attribute of focus for May is ‘Fairness’ – treating everyone in a just and accepting manner. Fairness makes the world go around. Being fair is one of the most important ingredients of being a good person. It is also key to making the world a peaceful place. What does fairness mean to you? Fairness is:

• sharing and taking turns
• playing fair and by the rules
• being honest
• caring and including others
• is open-minded and listens to others
• does not take advantage of others or look to blame others
• knows how to share
• treats others fairly and does not discriminate
• making decisions in a fair way
• admitting when you are wrong

Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority Visit

Thank you Nina, from the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority, for teaching our Grade 4, 5, and 6 students about flooded habitats and important safety tips.

The Grade 5 and Grade 6 classes are fortunate to have been chosen for a Watershed Champion Grant from the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority. This grant provided the funding needed for a two-part workshop series on local watershed concerns and the issue of plastics in the Great Lakes, with an in-class session and a field trip to Lake Huron happening in May. Thank you ABCA!

Smile for Pictures

On Friday, May 17 – Adanac will be here to take team and club photos. So bring your smiles to school!

Foundation for Education Workshops for Grade 4

When donations are received through The Foundation for Education Perth Huron, the Foundation is able to provide a number of learning enhancements for our students. On Friday, April 26, Ms. Robinson’s class enjoyed their Watercolor Workshop with Catherine Weber. We wish to thank the Foundation and those who donate to the Foundation for your support.


Our Stephen Central Public School Yearbook is in its final stages of production! Orders are being taken now. Cost per book is $12.00 and can be ordered online at schoolcashonline (cheque or cash accepted if necessary – made payable to Stephen Central Public School). What a terrific way to keep the memories alive! Order forms have gone home. Please return the order form to the school by Wednesday, May 8, 2019 to reserve your copy. The company we have contracted to produce our yearbook will only be printing enough copies for orders received by this date.

Q.S.P. Fundraising Campaign

Again, this year we are running our annual QSP magazine and cookie dough campaign to raise funds to provide support and extra-curricular activities for our students. Our kick-off assembly was Monday, April 15.. Your child should have brought home 2 different order forms for this fundraiser (cookie dough order form and magazine order form). Pick up for the cookie dough is Wednesday, May 29th – time to be announced at a later date. There are 3 ways to purchase items:

1. QSP,

2. School Cash Online, or

3. paper order forms and cheques, payable to “Stephen Central Public School”.

Deadline to order is Friday, May 3, 2019. Any questions/concerns please call the school. Our school will receive approximately 30% of sales. In advance, thank you for your support! Happy reading, baking and planting!

Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) for Grades 3 & 6

This month our EQAO testing begins Wednesday, May 22 and continues to Friday, May 31, 2019. Teachers and students of both grades have been preparing for these assessments by working on practice reading, writing and mathematics tests. As parents, you could help your child(ren) in the following ways:


Avoid scheduling medical appointments during the testing sessions. Access many informative materials found on the EQAO website. Plan to discuss the assessments with your child to help reduce any anxieties and encourage them to try their best.


When the testing begins, ensure that children are rested and well-nourished each day. Try to avoid attendance interruptions and please have them here on time. Check the letter that will be arriving home to see when the scheduled days are and understand that some children will need additional time to complete the assessments. Support your child(ren) by discussing the daily assessment activities. Finally, always keep in mind that this is only one form of assessment that gives us a provincial snap shot of what your child has learned and is able to demonstrate on those days.

In closing, we certainly hope that our children are well prepared to write the spring EQAO assessments in reading, writing and mathematics and are able to demonstrate their learning in this form as well as they do during regular classroom assessments.

Sports and Extra-Curricular Activities

The Ball Hockey Team played several amazing games at the Zurich arena on Thursday, April 18. Great job, amazing sportsmanship and memories to last a lifetime! Thanks to all the students who represented our school. Thanks to Mrs. Hagan, Mrs. Kints and Mrs. Powell for coaching and being there for the team.

Blue Spruce and Silver Birch Students Have Spoken!

Our Silver Birch students read a total of 39 Fiction books, 63 Nonfiction Books, and 179 Express books.

Congratulations to all our voting students! Great job Charlotte, Sara and Maverick in Grade 6, and Eden in grade 5, who qualified to vote in all three categories. Way to go Hayden, Alyssa, Tayton, and Avery, who qualified to vote in two categories. Wow! Eric and Eden read all ten books in the Express and the Fiction categories, respectively. High Five! Awesome show of perseverance by all the voting students!

Thank you to Connor, Dustin and Ryan for all of their hard work assisting with the voting.

The results of our votes are as follows:
Silver Birch Express
1st Place Meet Viola Desmond

There is a two way tie for second place:
2nd Place A Bear’s Life
2nd Place Tank & Fizz: The Case of Firebane’s Folly

Silver Birch Nonfiction
There is a three way tie for first place:

1st Place Cary Price: How a First Nations Kid Became a Superstar Goaltender
1st Place New Hands, New Life Robots, Protheses and Innovation
1st Place Rising Seas: Flooding Climate Change and Our New World

Silver Birch Fiction
1st Place Ebb and Flow

The results for our Blue Spruce voting are:
1st Place Sun Dog
2nd Place Barnaby Never Forgets
3rd Place Where Oliver Fits

The Silver Birch votes and the Blue Spruce votes were sent to the OLA in Toronto. Out students’ votes will be included in the Ontario wide voting for Silver Birch and Blue Spruce.

Thank you to all the students, who participated in the Blue Spruce and Silver Birch programs. In celebration of our Silver Birch voters, we are planning a party on Monday, April 29, 2019.The Blue Spruce and Silver Birch books are now available for all students to check them out. Please watch your June newsletter to view a list of Blue Spruce and Silver Birch Ontario winners.

Dance Showcase

Our school dance team is excited to be participating in the Dance Showcase on Wednesday, May 29 at 6:30 p.m. This event will take place at Central Huron Secondary School and students from all ages are invited to join and attend the performance that evening.

Community News

Progressive Agriculture Safety Day – Friday, June 7, 2019 at the Seaforth Agriplex. This Safety Day includes lunch, snacks, a t-shirt, and a take-home “goody” bag. Kids ages 5 – 12 years of age will learn about common hazards relating to farming and recreation. The day will be a hands-on, interactive learning opportunity that is fun for kids and teaches them needed safety skills. For more information and/or if you or your child(ren) want to participate or volunteer to watch children, please contact Susanne Claussen at 519-525-6985 or email Please register your child(ren) as soon as possible as space is limited.

Free Soccer Program! Wednesday nightsat 7:00 p.m. from July 3 to August 14, 2019. Teams for kindergarten to Grade 8. Join us for a fun night of soccer at Centralia Faith Tabernacle, 140 Victoria Drive, Centralia. Register on our website:

Register by May 17 to get a free team t-shirt in just the right size graciously donated by some of our local businesses. Call Centralia Faith Tabernacle @ 519-228-6500 for more information.

Bike Rodeo

Optimist Club of Kirkton Woodham is having their Bike Rodeo at the Kirkton-Woodham Community Centre on Saturday, May 11, 2019 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. for ages 14 and under. Bring your bike and helmet! Must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. Win a bike – total value $225.00 from Exeter Canadian Tire.

Upcoming Events

– Wednesday, May 1 to Wednesday, May 15 – order Milk & Meals for June
– Friday, May 3 – Deadline for QSP Spring Fundraiser orders
– Sunday, May 5 to Saturday, May 11 – Education Week & Children’s Mental Health Week
– Monday, May 6 – Wear green for Children’s Mental Health awareness
– Monday, May 6 – Parent Council Meeting @ 6:30 in the library
– Wednesday, May 8 – Yearbook orders are due today
– Friday, May 10 – Spirit Day – Jersey Day
– Sunday, May 12 – Mother’s Day
– Friday, May 17 – Adanac team pictures am
– Monday, May 20 – Victoria Day – no school
– Wednesday, May 22 to Friday, May 31 – EQAO
– Wednesday, May 29 – Cookie dough delivery (time to be announced closer to date)
– Wednesday, May 29 – Dance Showcase @ Central Huron Secondary School – pm
– Thursday, June 6 – Spirit Day – Hat Day
– Thursday, June 6 – Parent Council Drive-in Movie Night
– Friday, June 7 – P.A. Day – no school for students

Congratulations to: Brielle, Eden and family who were the winners of the April newsletter draw. They received a free pizza coupon from Godfather’s Pizza, Exeter.
May Newsletter – If you received and read this newsletter, please return this tear-off section for a draw. The students from the winning family will receive a free prize.

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