June 2019 Newsletter

Principal’s Message

I’ve been an educator for over 20 years and each year the arrival of June surprises me. When folks start the “countdown” to how many days until school is over, I don’t get that happy feeling I did as a child, I get a panicked oh-no-I-have-so-much-left-to-do feeling instead. June is the month to reflect on progress and consider improvements and to look ahead to the coming year.

In June of 2016 our enrolment was projected to be 505 students. This year we are sitting at 620 students. We’ve grown by over 100 students in 3 years! This is great news in that it means our community is growing and thriving. It also means that as a school we have many new faces to make feel welcome not only in our school, but also in North Perth. I believe that our Kindness Project, house teams, extra-curricular activities, math night, teams, grade 8 leaders and the amazing staff and volunteers that work so hard on behalf of “our kids” goes a long way to do just that.

Our work this year on Zones of Regulation is the starting point of our work on helping students with social-emotional regulation strategies. We’ve been working on building common language and understanding in this regard across the school. If your child is “having a moment,” and not looking so good ask them what they need to do to get back to the “green zone.” You might be surprised at the strategies they come up with.

On behalf of the Warriors staff we wish you a wonderful summer with your families. We thank you for your efforts and support this year, and we look forward to working together in the fall.


Class Sizes

Many of our classes are at or very close to their maximum size. It may be necessary in the first few weeks of school to rearrange some of the classes. Although we realize this can be difficult for families, please rest assured that if this happens you will be informed before it occurs and that much thought will go into the changes and many variables will be considered in the process.

Summer Contact

The best way to reach Mrs. Boyd or Mr. McCutcheon through the summer is by email. We can be reached at kathryn.boyd@ed.amdsb.ca or james.mccutcheon@ed.amdsb.ca.
The office will be open the first week of July (except July 1) and the last week of August. You can call ahead to make sure we’re here at 519-291-6147.

First Day of School in September

On the first day of school students will enter the school at the 9:15 bell and go to their last year’s classroom. For example, if your child was in Grade 1 with Mrs. Pinkse this year he/she would go back to Mrs. Pinkse’s room and then would be escorted to the new Gr. 2 room. The exception will be our new grade 7 students from Eastdale will meet in the gym and new Grade 1s will go to the library.

Class lists will not be available before the first day.

School Council

The next meeting will be Tuesday, June 4 at 6:30pm in the multi-purpose room. New members are always welcome and childcare is provided.

Look for Books

Please check your homes for any books belonging to our Westfield Library. All books are due back into the library on June 14. Lost or damaged books will have to be paid for or replaced.

Track and Field Volunteers

Our Intermediate track and field day is June 4 (raindate 6) if you are able to volunteer please email raymond.petrie@ed.amdsb.ca

Community Closet

Our Community Closet is now filled with formal wear for graduation, prom, or weddings. We are accepting donations of quality used dresses, pants, shirts, ties, jackets and dress shoes.

As always this is open to anyone in our community needing the clothing – simply help yourself.


Loyalty Funding

Please consider supporting Westfield by purchasing gift cards. Here is more information about this program.

Nut Free

Your child’s school is “nut-safe” for a very important reason. Even tiny amounts of nut residue on desks or books can cause someone with a nut allergy to have a strong reaction. “Nut-Safe” schools can only be achieved when everyone is committed. That’s why your help and cooperation are very important. The most important thing you can do is avoid sending any foods from home that may contain even traces of nuts or peanut products.

Thank You

A huge thank you to everyone who donated bikes, trikes, plasma cars and scooters to the kindergarten students! The students are really enjoying them.

School Supplies

It is helpful if students have these supplies to begin the school year.

Primary Students:

  • Pencils
  • Erasers
  • Pencil Crayons
  • Markers—optional
  • Glue Sticks
  • Pencil Case
  • Closed pencil sharpener
  • Headphones, in a labeled plastic bag (if not already at the school, dollarstore variety works well)
  • Indoor Running shoes (which meet OPHEA guidelines) “Appropriate athletic footwear must be a minimum uniform requirement. Appropriate athletic footwear is defined as a running shoe with a flat rubber treaded sole that is secured to the foot. Running shoes with higher heels, wheels, rubber, plastic or metal cleats, open toes, open heels are not appropriate.”
  • Waterbottle, labelled–optional
  • Backpack
  • Whiteboard markersPlease do NOT bring to school
  • Binders
  • Compass/protractor sets
  • Liquid paper/white out
  • Duotangs

Junior Students

Added to the list above:

  • Calculator (not Scientific)

Intermediate Students

  •  Pencils
  • Erasers
  • Pencil Crayons
  • Ruler
  • Pencil Case
  • Highlighters (at least two different colours)
  • Glue Sticks
  • Headphones in a labeled plastic bag -Can be dollar store variety.
  • Indoor Running Shoes (see description to left)
  • Lock for Locker
  • Calculator (scientific)
  • Backpack
  • Binders-2 that are 2” clean basic binders, don’t need to be fancy
  • Three ring lined paper
  • Dividers
  • Gym clothes—shorts and T– Shirt

Please don’t bring :

  • Correction fluid (Liquid Paper, Whiteout, etc)
  • Large zippered and/or velcro binders
  • Pencil sharpeners
  • Miniature staplers

General classroom donations always welcome

  • Box of Kleenex for Classroom
  • Crayola Markers
  • Large ‘Ziploc’ Freezer Bag
  • Glue Sticks
  • White Board Markers

Students with Medical Conditions

Avon Maitland DSB schools are committed to supporting students with prevalent medical conditions such as asthma, anaphylaxis, diabetes and epilepsy to fully access school in a safe, accepting, and healthy learning environment. We want you to be active participants in supporting your child’s medical condition at school. Prior to the beginning of the new school year, please inform us about your child’s medical condition and help us create, review and/or update their Individual Medical Management Plan of Care.

Busing Information 2019-2020

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