March 2018 Newsletter

Vice- Principal’s Message

Happy March Westfield! As I write this, it seems that we are having some early, spring-like weather. It’s great to see everyone getting outside and enjoying the outdoors at this time. It’s also nice to get a taste of what it will be like without snowsuits, gloves, hats, and boots, even if it’s only temporary.

Although I am only about a week into my new job as VP at Westfield, it has been a great start. Being able to start in my new role at a school that I know and love is of huge benefit. The fact that I already know the staff, (most of) the students, and the school in general has made the transition much easier. Next on the to-do list is to learn about 200 more names!

A little background about myself: I started my career in 2000 at Wingham Public School. After five years of teaching grades 5 and 7 in Wingham, I transferred to Wallace Public School, where I spent the next 11 years as the SERT and as the classroom teacher in grade 7. A short stint on the board’s Student Support Team followed in 2016, and then I made the transfer to Westfield with everyone else where I re-visited the role of SERT, before ending up in my current position.

I look forward to the new learning and challenges that are sure to come. Please drop by the office to say “Hello” or to introduce yourself if you haven’t met me already. Thanks for a great start, Westfield!

Mr. McCutcheon

Lost and Found

Our lost and found bin is overflowing with winter gear. Come in and check out the bin under the central stairs so that your items can find their way home.

School Council

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, March 6, at 6:30 p.m. in the multipurpose room.  Childcare is provided.

Drop off

Thank you to parents and families who are using the Drop Off area or “Kiss and Ride”. For safety, please avoid making a U-turn on Binning Street at pick up or drop off time to ease traffic flow and ensure safety. Instead continue down Binning, or use the turn around on the school access road.

7B’s Once in a Lifetime Chance!

Our class entered a contest through Parks Canada for a chance to win an educational trip of our lifetime! Grades 7 to 9s all around Canada made photo essays of a stewardship project of their choice. The project we completed was a science museum about restoring the reputation of Halloween animals; they aren’t that scary and they help out our environment way more than you may think. Grades 4-6 at Westfield visited the museum in late October. The kids learned facts and more about bats, coyotes, owls, spiders, frogs, snakes and wolves than they have ever known before.

To make this trip happen, we need your help! Please vote for 7B at from March 5-21. You can vote everyday. Please tell friends, family, coworkers and peers to vote to help 7B have a chance to win this trip. #help7Bwin Thank you for all your support!
Leah and Maddy on behalf of 7B at Westfield

On the Buses

This is a reminder of the safe and respectful conduct that is expected when students ride the school bus. In order for everyone to be safe on the bus, the driver must be able to attend to the road. Students are expected to:

  • Remain seated at all times according to the seating plan
  • Sit facing forward without blocking the centre aisle
  • Keep hands and feet to yourself
  • Refrain from eating or using technology while on the bus

Failure to comply with these expectations endangers the safety of all riders. As outlined on the AMDSB policy, progressive discipline procedures will be applied. For details, go to the AMDSB transportation site:

Community Closet

We are always in need of warm winter mitts and gloves as the cold weather continues: the sort that repel water are the best! Thank you for your ongoing donations of snow pants, coats, boots, and skates.

The Community Closet is just inside the front door, so just help yourself to any items that you can use. For more info contact Sandra at :


Most information will be posted on the school website,¬†facebook page at North Perth Westfield Elementary School and through our Twitter account @NPWestfield. Newsletters will be sent in electronic format (by email) but we are happy to provide a paper copy if you wish. Many teachers use blogs, email, and websites to enhance home-school communication as well. Check with your child’s teacher.

School Cash Online

For those who have not registered, you can do so anytime at:

If you have any questions about schoolcash online, please ask Kara by calling the school or by email

Allergy Alert

Please remember our school is a nut free zone at all times.

Weather Days

On weather days notification of bus changes, closures and cancellations can be found:

  • On the North Perth Westfield Elementary School Facebook page
  • through the Twitter feed
  • on the school website (see right side where the Twitter feed pops up)
  • on the radio
  • on the board run transportation site

In general the goal is to have the posting out by 6:30 a.m., but depending on conditions they may be subject to change, please check back or listen for radio updates. We are also using the new School Messenger system to send out texts and emails to everyone who subscribed.

Please read the following to know how each weather situation will affect you and your family.

  • Buses Canceled, School is open:
    All bus students will automatically be marked out for weather, so no phone call needs to be made for their absence. Bus students are still welcome to attend school if parents wish to drive them. Parents/guardians who choose to keep their walking students home, must call the school by 9:15 for safe arrival.
  • Buses Canceled, School is closed:
    The school will be locked and no students can attend.
  • Out-of-Town Buses canceled, in-town buses running:
    All bus students outside of the town limits will be automatically marked out for weather, no phone call needs to be made for safe arrival. Out-of-town bus students may attend school if parents wish to drive them. In-town buses will run at their regularly scheduled times. In town bus students and walking students are expected to attend, if you choose to keep them home a phone call needs to be made to the school by 9:15 a.m. for safe arrival. “In town buses” are for any students who usually catch the bus at a stop in town.
  • 2 Hour Fog Delay:
    The school schedule will not be changed. Listen/read the delay notice carefully to know if this will affect all bus students or only out-of -town bus students. Any bus students affected should adjust their pick-up times by 2 hours.

Music Notes

Save the Date! The Junior Division will be presenting a musical on Tuesday, April 10 at 7 p.m.¬† “Get in the Game” is a musical all about different sports. Hear and see songs about hockey, baseball, soccer, bowling and even skateboarding. Stay tuned for more information in the April newsletter, and in notes home from various classes.

Fun Night

Save the Date! Westfield’s 2nd Annual Fun Night will be Friday, April 13.

Upcoming Food Orders

  • April Milk Order due Friday, March 23
  • Pizza Order #5 due Friday, March 23
  • Pita Pit #4 due Thursday, March 29